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Family Album USA - Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street


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Family Album USA - Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street
In this very first episode of Family Album USA called "46 Linden Street", Richard Stewart is a Photographer and he takes a picture of New York City on a Staten Island Ferry.

Richard meets Alexandra Pappas who is from Greece and she is an exchange student. Richard shows Alexandra some pictures for Family Album, U.S.A.

Later, Richard leaves quickly and he forgets something. Let's find out what Richard forgets and how he will get it back in this episode - 46 Linden Street.

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Family Album USA - Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street

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Family Album USA: Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street

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Richard Stewart is a Photographer. In act I he takes a picture of New York City on a Staten Island Ferry. Richard meets Alexandra Pappas. Alexandra is from Greece and she is an exchange student. Richard shows Alexandra some pictures for Family Album, U.S.A.
Later, Richard leaves quickly and he forgets something. Let's find out what Richard forgets from Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street.

RichardExcuse me. My name is Richard Stewart. I'm a photographer. May take a picture of you and your little boy?
Mrs.VannWhat's it for?
RichardIt's for a book.
Mrs.VannYou're writing a book?
RichardIt's a book of pictures. I call it Family Album, U.S.A.
Mrs.VannOh, that's a nice idea.Well,it's fine if you take our picture. I'm Martha Vann.
RichardThank you. I appreciate your help. I'm Richard. What's your name?
RichardHow old are you, Gerald?
RichardAnd where do you live?
Mrs.VannWe live in California.
RichardWell, welcome to New York. OK, just a second. I'm almost ready here.
AlexandraCan I help you?
RichardOh, please. Hold Gerald's hand, please. Great! Now point to the buildings. Terrific! Give Mommy a kiss, Gerald. Nice! Thank you, Gerald. And thank you, Mrs Vann.
Mrs.VannOh, my pleasure. We'll be looking for your book.
RichardThank you. Good-bye. Bye, Gerald. Thanks again.
AlexandraOh, you're welcome.
RichardHey, let me take your picture!
AlexandraWonderful. Please.
RichardAre you from New York?
AlexandraNo, I'm from Greece. I'm an exchange student.
RichardWhen did you come here?
AlexandraThree months ago.
RichardYour English is very good.
AlexandraThanks. I studied English in school.
RichardWould you like some coffee?
AlexandraNo, thank you. Tell me about your book.
RichardOh, it's not finished yet, but I have some of the pictures. Would you like to see them?
AlexandraYes, I'd like that.
RichardHere they are. Family Album, U.S.A. It's an album of pictures of the United States:the cities, the special places, and the people. And these are pictures of people working:steelworkers, bankers, police, street vendors, ambulance drivers, doctors...Oh, this is my father. He's a doctor. This is my mother.
AlexandraWhat's her name?
RichardEllen. My younger brother, Robbie. He goes to high school. This is my sister Susan. She works for a toy company.Here's my grandfather. He lives in Florida. And this is my wife Marilyn.
AlexandraOh, she's very pretty.
RichardThanks. And what about your family?
AlexandraThey're in Thessaloniki. That's a large city in northern Greece. But now I'm living in the Bronx.
RichardWith a Greek-American family?
AlexandraNo. Hispanic.
RichardOh no! It's thirty.Will you excuse me? I have to meet my wife.
AlexandraIt was nice meeting you.
RichardIt was a pleasure meeting you, too.Thanks for your help.And good luck! I've got to go. By the way. I'm Richard. What's your name?
RichardBye-bye, Alexandra.Thanks.
AlexandraBye-bye. Richard! Richard! You left your bag.


Alexandra tries to find Richard. He wants to return his camera bag. Ricard's wife, Marilyn, is waiting for Richard. Later, Richard arrives but he is late.
Marilyn tried to find Richard's bag. Let's find out if Marilyn is going to find Richard's bag.

AlexandraExcuse me, officer.Can you help me?
AlexandraCan you tell me how to get to Linden Street, in Riverdale?
Policeman"Richard Stewart, 46 Linden Street, Riverdale, New York." You should take the number 1 subway.
AlexandraIs there a station near here?
PolicemanYes. The station's that way. You should take the number 1 train to Van Cortlandt Park.
AlexandraNumber 1 train to Van Cortlandt park. Thank you.
PolicemanAnytime. Good luck. Remember, the number 1 train. The uptown platform.
AlexandraThank you.
PolicemanYou're welcome.
CustomerIs this pink too bright for me?
MarilynMmm-hmm. It is a very bright pink. Try this. It's size eight.
CustomerBut I wear size ten.
MarilynHow about green? It's size ten.
CustomerLet me try it on.
CustomerI'm taking too much of your time.
MarilynIt's six 0'clock. Where's my husband? I was expecting him here at five forty-five.
CustomerDon't worry. The traffic is very heavy at this hour..
MarilynI know. But we're going to be late for dinner.
CustomerI'll take this green sweater. I like the color on me, don't you?
MarilynI think it looks terrific on you.
RichardI'm sorry I'm so late. I had a really bad day.
MarilynIt's ten after six. We're late. Robbie's cooking tonight,and dinner's at six thirty.
RichardI know. I know.I'm really sorry. I left my bag of film on the ferry. I went back for it , but the ferry was gone. I lost a whole day's work.
MarilynI'll call the Staten lsland Ferry lost-and-found office.
RichardI didn't think of that. Thanks.
MarilynHello, Yes. The number, please, of the Staten lsland Ferry lost-and-found office. Five five five...zero eight zero eight. Thank you.
RichardI really appreciate it, Marilyn.
MarilynHello. Did anyone find a camera bag this afternoon, a small canvas bag, on the J.F.Kennedy Ferry?...No? Maybe someone will find it. The name is Stewart, Richard Stewart. And the telephone number is five five five...three oh nine oh. Thank you.Sorry, Richard. They don't have it.
RichardThanks, anyway. There was a girl on the ferry. Now maybe...
MarilynTell me about it on the way home.


The Steward has dinner together. Richard is upset about losing his camera bag and his mother, Ellen, tries to help. Then the door bell rings. Let's find out who is at the door.

PhilipAnd give her a teaspoon of the medicine after every meal.Don't worry. She'll be fine. You're welcome. Good-bye.
EllenHow are you?
PhilipI'm tired and hungry.
EllenWell, Marilyn and Richard called. They'll be here soon, and then we'll eat.
PhilipAll right. Is...is Susan coming?
EllenWell, she'll be here later. She has to work late tonight.
PhilipAnd what's Robbie cooking for dinner?
EllenIt's a surprise.
PhilipI hope it's pasta.
PhilipRobbie, the dinner was terrific.
SusanYes, it was delicious.
MarilynWhat's for dessert?
RobbieOh, I forgot dessert.
EllenDon't worry. We've got lots of ice cream.
RichardOh, I'd love some ice cream.
EllenWell, there's chocolate and coffee and a little vanilla.
RobbieI'll have vanilla. Is that all right with everyone?
PhilipI'll have chocolate.
MarllynMe, too.
RichardUh, one scoop of coffee and one scoop of chocolate for me.
EllenRobbie, will you help me serve?
RichardI keep thinking about that bag of film. Eight rolls. a whole day's work. And good stuff,too.
EllenI'll get it. Hello.
AlexandraHello. Does Richard Stewart live here?
RobbieYes,he's my brother. I'm Robbie...Robbie Stewart.
AlexandraI'm Alexandra Pappas. How do you do? Your brother left his bag of film on the ferryboat. I found it.
RobbieI'm really glad to see you. I mean...my brother'll be really glad to see you!
EllenRobbie! Who is it?
RobbieIt's Richard's film! I mean, Alexandra Pappas. Come in, please.
AlexandraHello, Richard. I found your bag!
RichardOh, thank you! Thank you! Um...Alexandra, let me introduce you. This is my wife Marilyn.
AlexandraRichard showed me your photo. How do you do ?
MarilynOh yes. Richard told us all about you. It's nice to meet you.
RichardAnd this is my mother, Ellen Stewart.
AlexandraHow do you do?
RichardAnd my father, Dr.Philip Stewart.
PhilipNice to meet you, Alexandra.
RichardAnd...ah...you met Robbie
AlexandraYes. And you must be Susan.Hi.
RichardI'm so glad you found the bag and took the time and trouble to return it.
AlexandraOh,it was no trouble. I just took the wrong train.
EllenWould you like something to eat?
AlexandraThank you, no.I'm late for dinner at my house. I really have to go.
RichardWould you like to call home?
AlexandraI'd appreciate that.
EllenPlease,use the phone.
AlexandraThanks. Excuse me.
RichardAlexandra's a high-school exchange student from Greece.
RobbieWhere does she live?
RichardWith a family in the Bronx.
RobbieOh, that's not too far from here!
RichardTake it easy, Robbie.
AlexandraThank you. I can only stay a few minutes.
EllenHave some iced tea.
AlexandraThanks, Mrs. Stewart.
RobbiePlease sit down, Alexandra.
PhilipSo, you're an exchange student. Where do you go to school?
AlexandraAt the Bronx High School of Science.
PhilipOh, that's a very good school. What are your favorite subjects?
AlexandraBiology and mathematics. Richard tells me you're a doctor.
PhilipYes, a pediatrician.And what does your father do?
AlexandraHe's a lawyer, in Thessaloniki.
RobbieWould you like some pasta? I made it myself. It might be a little cold.
AlexandraThanks, no. I do have to go. It was nice meeting you all.
MarilynWell, maybe you'll come for lunch some Sunday, so we can really thank you for bringing Richard's bag back.
EllenYou're welcome anytime.
RichardCan I drive you home?
AlexandraNo,thanks. The train is just up the street. It won't take me long at all.
RichardWell, you really saved the day for me, Alexandra.
EllenGood night.
PhilipShe's a smart young lady, and very nice.
RobbieVery! Hey, she forgot her bag!
EllenI guess we'll be seeing Alexandra again, Right, Robbie?

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