Family Album USA

Family Album USA

Family Album, U.S.A. is a 1991 book by George Lefferts that later became a television course teaching English on an example of American everyday life. It was published by MaxwellMacmillan International Publishing Group. The television series was directed by Jo Anne Sedwick and Merrill M. Mazuer and produced by Alvin Cooperman.

The story is about the Stewarts' family life in New York. Richard Stewart is a professional photographer who decided to make a book of pictures about the USA, called "Family Album USA".

The show ran 28 episodes, each preceded by a short summary with an open question over the possible end of the episode and concluded by educational material. Each episode was separated into three acts.

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Richard takes many pictures for his album. He photographs the cities like New York and other special places. He photographs people working: police, ambulance drivers, steel workers, doctors.

Philip Stewart, Richard's father, is a doctor. He's a pediatrician, a children's doctor. And Richard's mother, Ellen Stewart, is a homemaker.
His brother Robbie, is a student at Riverdale high school. He's 17.
Richard has one sister. Her name is Susan. She works for a toy company in New York City.
Malcolm Stewart is Richard's grandfather. He's 72 years old and lives in Florida.
And this is Richard's wife, Marilyn Stewart. She is a fashion designer and a sales clerk in a boutique in New York City.
You'll meet Marilyn Stewart and all of the other Stewarts in Family Album, U.S.A.

Episode Titles:

And here is all 26 Episodes in one Video:

The People in Family Album U.S.A.

Richard Stewart (Steven Culp)
Reichard Stewart is a photograher.

Marilyn Stewart (Amy Van Nostrand)
Marilyn Stewart is Richard's wife. She is a fashion designer and a sale clerk in a Bouticne in New York City.

Malcolm Stewart (Robert Donley)
Malcolm Stewart is Richard's grandfather. He's 72 years old and live in Florida

Dr. Philip Stewart (Ray Dash)
Philip Stewart is Richard's father and he is a pediatrician doctor, a children doctor.

Ellen Stewart (Lucy Martin)
Ellen Stewart is Richard's mother and she is a homemaker

Robbie Stewart (Adam Biesk)
Robbie Stewart is Ricard's brother. He is a high school student. He studies at Riverdale High School. He is 17 years old.

Susan Stewart (Susan Bigelow)
Susan Stewart is Ricard's sister. He is works for a toy company in New York City

Harry Bennet (Mark Zimmerman)
Harry is a certified pubic accountant. Harry has a daughter. She is 9 years old

Michelle Bennet (Jenna von Oÿ)
Michelle is Harry's daughter. She is 9 years old.

Molly Baker (Petronia Paley)

Alexandra Pappas (Kathryn Marcopulos)
Alexandra Pappas is an exchange student from Greece. She is in the same school as Robbie Stewart.

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