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Family Album USA - Episode 2 - The Blind Date


Family Album USA - Episode 2 - The Blind Date
In the second episode of Family Album USA called The Blind Date. Susan Stewart and Harry Bennett didn't know each other. They're having a dinner date but Harry was late because he was lost somewhere in New York City.

Would Harry find Susan's apartment and would they have a dinner together? Let find out here in the second episode of Family Album USA - The Blind Date.

Family Album USA - Episode 2 - The Blind Date

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Family Album USA: Episode 2 - The Blind Date


In act one of this story, Susan Stewart and Harry Bennett don't know each other. They have a dinner date tonight. But Harry is late, very late. He is lost somewhere in New York City. Will Harry find Susan's apartment?

HarryExcuse me. Can you help me?
VendorSure, what do you want?
HarryWhere is 83 Wooster Street?
VendorThat's easy. Walk to the comer. Then make a left turn. Then walk two blocks to the traffic light.Make another left to Wooster.
HarryThank you. To the comer and then a left?
VendorYeah. A left. Hot dog? Only seventy-five cents.
HarryNo. Thank you. I have a dinner date.
Harry555-9470...and it's busy....Try again. 555-9470...and it's still busy. Excuse me ,ma'am.I'm looking for 83 Wooster Street.
WomanYes. Wooster Street is two blocks, and 83 is to the right about two houses.
HarryThank you, thank you!
WomanYou're welcome.
SusanWho is it?
HarryHarry Bennett. Is this Susan?
SusanYes, it is. Come up. I'm on the top floor.
HarryNice to meet you, Susan. Sorry I'm late. The traffic. The parking. I was lost.
SusanWhat pretty flowers! Thank you. Oh, please come in. Don't worry about being late. It's fine. Excuse the mess. I just moved here. Oh, I'd like you to meet my sister-in- law Marilyn. Marilyn Stewart, this is Harry Bennett.
HarryPleased to meet you.
MarilynNice to meet you, Harry.
HarryAre we too late for our dinner reservation?
SusanNo,the restaurant will hold our table. I know the owner very well. I eat there a lot.
HarryDo you know the phone number of the restaurant? I'd like to call home and leave the number with the baby-sitter.
SusanSure. The number is... five five five... seventeen twenty.
HarryMay I use the Phone? Five five five...one seven two oh, Hello? Hi, Michelle. It's Daddy. Can I speak to Betty? I want to leave the phone number of the restaurant.... Hi, Betty. I'll be at five five five...seventeen twenty. OK. Thanks. See you later. Well, that's done. Shall we go ?
SusanI'm ready. See you later, Marilyn.
MarilynHave a nice evening.
HarryBye, Marilyn. Hope to see you again.
MarilynMe, too. Have fun!
HarryAfter you.


Coming up in act two, Susan and Harry go to a restaurant in Susan's neighbourhood. Susan knows Somsak the owner (of the restaurant). Somak is from Thailand and serve Thai food in his restaurant. But something is wrong, Harry leaves the restaurant. Why is Harry leaving?

SomsakAh! Miss Stewart! Welcome! How are you?
SusanFive, Somsak.And you?
SomsakFine, thank you.
SumsakThis is my friend Harry Bennett.
HarryPleased to meet you.
SomsakVery nice to meet you. Any friend of Miss Stewart's is welcome at Somsak's. Follow me, please.
HarryI like it here.
SusanI do, too. I come here often.
SomsakA special place for special people.
SusanThank you, Somsak.
HarryWell! Nice restaurant.
SomsakWould you like something to drink?
SusanYes, I'd like a glass of ginger ale with ice. Harry, what would you like?
HarryDo you have a dry white wine?
SomsakHow about a Califomia chabis?
HarryChablis is fine.
SomsakWhat would you like to eat?
SusanI'd like the mee krob. Harry, would you like to see a menu?
HarryNo, it's OK. I"ll have the mee krob also. What is it?
SusanCrispy fried noodles. I love them.
SomsakMay I bring you a salad?
SusanOh yes. What do you recommend today?
SomsakI recommend rose-petal salad. Special for new friends.
SusanRose-petal salad?
HarryWhy not?
SomsakI'll take care of everything.
SusanI hope you're hungry.
HarryWhat? Oh, yes. Starving.Well, I...
SusanWell, I...
HarryWhat do you do at Universe Toy Company?
SusanI'm the vice-president of new toy development.
SusanI know you're a CPA.
HarryThat's true. Harry Bennett, Certfied public accountant. I love numbers. I do some work for Smith and Dale, your company's accounting firm.
SusanAnd so...
HarryHere we are.
HarryI have a daughter.
SusanI know. How old is she?
HarryShe's nine years old.
SusanThat's a nice age. What's her name?
SusanDo you have a picture of her?
SusanShe's very pretty.
HarryThank you.
SomsakRose-petal salad. And there's a phone call for you, Mr.Bennett.
HarryI'll get the rest of the dinner. Excuse me.
HarryPlease forgive me ,Susan, but...I have to leave. I feel terrible, but...
SusanWhat's the matter?
HarryMy daughter isn't feeling well.
SusanOh no! Is it serious?
HarryI don't know.The baby-sitter says she has a stomachache, and she's crying. I'll have to go home. Will you forgive me?
SusanOf course. I'm so sorry for Michelle. And you didn't have a chance to eat.
HarryOh, it's OK. Let me take you home first.
SusanNo,no. Please, go ahead.
HarryIt's our first date.
SusanWe'll make another. Please don't worry.
HarryI'll phone you.
SusanI hope your daughter is all right. Good-bye.


In act three of this story, Susan has dinner with Marilyn, her sister in law. Then, Harry surprises Susan and they talk. Will Susan and Harry see each other again?

MarilynWhat happened?
SusanThe baby-sitter called. His daughter is sick.
MarilynWhat's wrong?
SusanI think she has a stomachache. He's a good father.
MarilynSo...what do you think of him?
SusanHe's very nice. But I think he was nervous tonight. It was his first date in two years.
MarilynWill you see him again?
SusanI hope so.
MarilynThis food is delicious.
SusanHe didn't get a thing to eat.
MarilynYou ordered enough for three or four people, but I'm not complaining. The food delicious.
SusanWho is that?
MarilynDo you think it's...
SusanNo. You won't believe it, Marilyn!
MarilynI believe it. Even without looking.
HarryYour downstairs neighbor let me in.
SusanDid you go home?
HarryI did, but everything is OK, so I decided to come back. To apologize for leaving so early, I brought you a little gift. It's a bonsai tree for your new apartment. Hi, Marilyn. I hope it's not too late.
MarilynOh, not at all. We're still eating.
SusanPlease, come in. Join us. It's our meal form the restaurant.And how is your daughter?
HarryOh, she's fine. It was only a tummy ache.
SusanIt's good that you went back.
HarryYes, I think it's important for me to be there since her mother died.
SusanI agree. Aren't you hungry?
HarryAs a matter of fact...I am hungry.
MarilynThere's lots of food left.
HarryMmm,this is delicious!
MarilynI'm going to excuse myself. I have a lot of work to do to get ready for tomorrow. Good night, Harry. It was nice meeting you.
HarryBye, Marilyn.
MarilynGood night, Susan.
SusanGood night, Marilyn.
SusanShe's going to a fashion show here in the city tomorrow.She is sleeping here so she won't have to travel from Riverdale in the morning.
HarryYou two must be close.
SusanWe are. The whole Stewart family is close.
HarryI like that.
HarryAnd then, two years ago, my wife died.
SusanYou miss her.
HarryI do...yes, but I have Michelle...and with time...
SusanIs there anyone else in your life?
HarryNo, not yet. What about you?
SusanOh, I date occasionally, but my work keeps me busy.
HarryOoh, speaking of keeping busy-I have an early start tomorrow, and the baby-sitter has to get home. Where did the time go? It's midnight. Thank you, Susan.I had a nice evening.
SusanMe, too, Harry. Harry?
SusanI'd like to meet your daughter someday.
HarryDoes that mean that I can see you again?
SusanOf course.
HarryWonderful. I'll call you, and we'll go out to dinner.
SusanPlease do.
HarryI promise I won't leave early.
SusanIt was for a good reason.
HarryYou know something?
HarryI think we're going to be good friends. Good night, Susan.
SusanGood night, Harry. Have a safe trip home. Are you all right?
SusanI never liked that umbrella stand. Good night, Harry.

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