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Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk

In the third episode of Family Album USA called "Grandpa's Trunk". In the  first act, the Stewart are excited on Grandpa's arrival from Florida and they prepare thing for his arrival.

In the second act, Grandpa travels to New York City on the train and meet the woman name Elsa Tobin.

And in the last act, Grandpa arrives in New York and the night is full of surprises presents for Grandpa.

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Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk

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Family Album USA: Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk


The Stewart are excited. In this act they prepare for Grandpa's arrival from Florida. Ellen and  Marilyn  prepare Grandpa's room and notice his old Trunk. What's inside the trunk?

EllenMarilyn, you want coffee or tea?
MarilynCoffee, please.
EllenI am so excited! At this time tomorrow morning, Grandpa will be sitting in the kitchen with us.
MarilynWhen does he arrive?
EllenAt six 0'clock this evening.
MarilynBy plane?
EllenNo, by train.
MarilynAre we picking him up at the station?
EllenNot Grandpa. He doesn't want anybody picking him up. He likes to be independent.
EllenOh, let's go upstairs and prepare Grandpa's room.
MarilynGreat! Let's do it!
RichardGood morning, Mom.
EllenWell, hi,fellas.
RichardHi, honey.
RobbieMorning, Marilyn.
MarilynWe're going upstairs to set up Grandpa's room. There's coffee ready.
RobbieI'm really excited about seeing Grandpa.
RichardMe, too. Milk, please.
RobbieHe's so funny. He always makes me laugh. I hope Grandpa's going to like living with us.
RichardI think he will. It just takes time to fell comfortable in a new place.
RobbieWon't he miss being in Florida?
RichardWill, he will. But I think he'll like being here with the family.
RobbieAre you sure about that? It's crazy here most of the time.
RichardBut it's fun.
RobbieThat's for sure.
RichardYou know, maybe I'll put together some photos of Grandpa as a "welcome" present.
RobbieThat's a neat idea. What can I do ? I've got it! I have a picture of Grandpa and Dad and me in my wallet. It's from the Father's and Son's Breakfast at my junior high school graduation.
RichardOh, I remember this picture.
RobbieI'd really like to pick up Grandpa at the railroad station.
RichardRailroad stations or airports-Grandpa always tells us he'll get here by himself.
RobbieHe's something!
MarilynIs this all Grandpa's stuff?
EllenThat's it. But I'm sure he has a few bags with him on the train.
MarilynWhat's inside?
EllenI don't know. It's locked.
EllenOh, hi, darling.
MarilynMorning, Philip.
PhilipI want to put some of my good hangers in Grandpa's closet. You know I'm very excited about his arrival.
EllenWe are, too.Susan called early this morning. She's unhappy and can't leave till tonight. She wants to be here for Grandpa.
PhilipWell, Grandpa will be disappointed, too. He loves Susan.She always reminds him of Grandma. Well,how's everything here?
MarilynFine.We were just wondering about this trunk.
EllenIt's locked.
PhilipOh. I have the key. Grandpa sent it to me.

On a train from Florida to New York.

In the second two, Grandpa travels to New York City on the train and meet the woman name Elsa Tobin. The enjoy talking to each other. Grandpa is looking forward to seeing his family. But does he wants to stay with them permanently? Does he want to stay?

ElsaExcuse me .Is this seat taken?
GrandpaNo, it's not taken.
ElsaOh, thank you.
GrandpaOh, let me help you with this.
ElsaOh, thank you.
GrandpaDo you want to sit by the window?
ElsaNo, no,no. I like the aisle seat better. Please, you sit by the window.
GrandpaMy name is Stewart...Malcolm Stewart.Pleased to meet you.
ElsaI'm Elsa Tobin. How do you do?
GrandpaDo you live in New York?
ElsaNo,no.I'm from Florida.
GrandpaI am, too. But didn't you just get on?
ElsaNo,no.I just changed my seat. A man next to me was smoking, and smoke really bothers me .Where are you from in Florida?
GrandpaTitusville.It's near Orlando.
ElsaSmall world. I'm from Titusville,too.
GrandpaReally? What part?
ElsaMy husband and I live near Spaceport.
GrandpaI know that area. My house is only a few miles from Spaceport. Do you still live there?
ElsaOh yes, yes.My husband's there now. He couldn't take time off to come to New York with me. Do you still live there?
GrandpaNo.I sold the house and the furniture, put a few personal things in an old trunk, and shipped it to my children in New York. That's my destination.
ElsaAre you married?
GrandpaMy wife died four years ago.She was a wonderful woman. A real friend.
ElsaI'm sorry.Really, I'm sorry.
GrandpaLots of wonderful memories. We were married almost fifty years.Well, forty-seven, to be exact.
ElsaJohn and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary next month.
GrandpaOh, congratulation! That's nice. What does John do?
ElsaHe's an aerospace engineer and works for Orlando Aircraft Corporation.He started with them almost forty years ago. What do you do?
GrandpaI just retired. Had my own company. A construction company. Roads, bridges, big stuff. But I just sold it and retired.
ConductorExcuse me, ma'am. Ticket,please.
ElsaWould you kindly hold these keys, please? I have a ticket, I know. I was in the smoking section.
ConductorIt's OK, lady. Take your time.
GrandpaI'm sure it's in your purse, Mrs.Tobin.
ElsaOh,here it is.
GrandpaAnd here are your keys.
ElsaThank you.
GrandpaDo you have family in New York?
ElsaNo, no.But do have very close friends in New York City. We like to go to the theatre together. You said you have family in New York.
GrandpaYes,indeed. A son and his wife and their three children-my grandchildren.
ElsaYou must be excited.
GrandpaI can't wait, to see them!
ElsaAre you going to live with them?
GrandpaWell...they want me to, but it's too early to know for sure. I'm pretty independent. I tried to teach my kids the importance of independence, but I'm not sure I want to be alone. Some people don't mind being alone.I do.
ElsaI understand. But tell me. Why did you stop working?
GrandpaI retired because... I wanted to be with my family. I didn't want to be alone anymore!


Arriving in New York City

In the third act Grandpa arrives in New York and the night is full of surprises presents for Grandpa. 
And Grandpa opens the trunk. What's inside the trunk?

VoiceLadies and gentlemen, Amtrak is happy to announce our arrival in New York City. The train will be stopping in five Minutes. Please check to be sure you have your belongings. And have a good stay in the Big Apple. Thank you.
ElsaWell, here we are .It was so nice meeting you, Mr.Stewart.
GrandpaAnd nice meeting you,too.Mrs.Tobin. Please look us up. We're in the phone book. Dr.Philip Stewart, in Riverdale.
ElsaYour son?
GrandpaThat's right. And have a good time in New York.
ElsaAnd don't be so independent. You're very lucky to have a caring family.
RobbieWhen can we go fishing?
GrandpaRobbie, we'll go fishing soon, and we'll take your dad with us.
PhilipI'm ready, Grandpa.You name the day.
EllenThat's a great idea, Grandpa! Philip needs a day off.
RobbieGood idea.
GrandpaPresents-for me?
RichardFrom me and Marilyn.
RobbieAnd this one's from me. I looked all over the house to find it.
GrandpaRichard, these are terrific pictures. This one really brings back memories. You remember that day, Robbie?
RobbieI sure do. It was fun.
GrandpaOh, I'm sorry Susan isn't here. I miss her very much.
EllenShe feels bad, too, Grandpa. She called to say the plane was delayed. You know airports.
GrandpaI can't wait to see her. She looks just like Grandma at that age. I'd better unpack.I started traveling twenty-four hours ago. I'm not so young anymore.
EllenDon't you want something to eat?
GrandpaNo, thanks.After a good night's sleep, I'll enjoy breakfast even more.
PhilipWell, come on, Dad. Ellen and I'll take you to your room.
RobbieI'm sure glad you're here, Grandpa.
RichardGood night, Grandpa.
MarilynPleasant dreams.
GrandpaPhilip, do you have the key to the trunk?
PhilipI have the key, but it doesn't work.
GrandpaI sent the wrong key. I have something for you. I made it my self. I think you'll enjoy it. I researched it for over a year.It's our family tree.
EllenOh, Grandpa! How exciting!
PhilipFabulous! Why, I didn't know that your grandfather was born in Germany.
GrandpaLots of interesting information about our family.A gift from me.
EllenThank you so much.
SusanGrandpa! Grandpa! Oh, Grandpa, I'm so happy to see you!
GrandpaOh, you look so beautiful, Susan. My granddaughter. Like I always said, you look just like Grandma.
PhilipI think you're going to be very happy here with us.
EllenI know you will.
GrandpaI don't feel alone anymore.

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