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Family Album USA - Episode 4 - A Piece of Cake


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 4 - A Piece of Cake

In the 4th episode of Family Album USA called "A Piece of Cake". Marilyn come home from her aerobic class, very tired. But her husband, Richard, doesn't agree with her, He thinks that aerobics is easy so they make a bet.

Richard then goes to the aerobics class to proof that he is right about the aerobics class.  Let's find out what happens after that.

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Family Album USA - Episode 4 - A Piece of Cake

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Family-Album-USA-Episode 4 - A Piece of Cake

Family-Album-USA-Episode 4 - A Piece of Cake

Family Album USA: Episode 4 - A Piece of Cake


In act one Marilyn come home from her aerobic class, very tired. But her husband, Richard, doesn't agree with her. He thinks that aerobics is easy. So they make a bet. Richard bets that he can go for an hour in Marilyn class and does not feel a thing. Who's going to win the bet?

MarilynI'm exhausted. My new exercise class is so hard.
RichardYour new exercise class?
MarilynYeah. My new advanced exercise class.
RichardWhy advanced?
MarilynMy instructor thought that the beginner's class was too easy for me.
RichardToo easy for you?
MarilynDon't laugh. In the beginner's class, they give you a chance to rest between exercises.
MarilynThe advanced class is nonstop.
RichardI lift weights every morning for sixty minutes without stopping. No problem.
MarilynListen, Richard, doing aerobics for an hour is a lot different than lifting weights.
RichardYeah.Quite a bit different.I think aerobics. I could work out in your class with no problem.
MarilynYou think so?
RichardOh, without a doubt. When's the next class?
MarilynTomorrow morning at ten 0'clock. Try it.
RichardTomorrow morning after lifting weights, I'll try aerobics. It's a snap. Tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.
MarilynAren't you going to the aerobics class this morning?
RichardOf course. Easy. No sweat.
MarilynYou are not going to be able to move after this and the aerobics class.
RichardAre you kidding me? It's going to be a piece of cake. You want to bet.
MarilynYeah. What's the bet?
RichardI bet I can go one hour in your class this morning and not feel a thing!
MarilynThe bet is-I win, and you cook dinner for the entire family. Or you win, and I cook dinner for the entire family.
RichardIt's a bet.
MarilynOK. Call my instructor, Jack Davis, right now. His number is 555-8842.The advanced class starts at ten 0'clock advanced class starts at ten o’clock.
RichardWell, it's eight twenty now.
MarilynIt only takes eight minutes by bicycle to the aerobics class. Give him a call.
JackDavis Aerobics Centrer for Good Health.
RichardJack Davis, please.
JackThis is Jack Davis.
RichardHello. This is RIchard Stewart. My wife, Marilyn Stewart, is a member of your program. I'd like to come to the ten o'clock advanced class this morning.
JackOh, fine,fine.Be here a few minutes early.You need to complete some forms before the class.
RichardThanks. I'm on my way over.
RichardBye-bye. It's all set. I'm going.
RichardSee you later.
MarilynGood luck.
RichardDon't forget about the bet. Dinner for the entire family. And that includes Susan.
MarilynDon't you forget.


In the second act, Richard goes to the aerobics center and Jack Davis asks him to take some photographs. In return, Jack will give Richards and Marilyn a month of class for free. So, Richard photographs the class. Later, when Richards gets home Marilyn is surprised. So, who's going to win the bet?

JackOK, Richard. That's terrific. Your pressure is 120 over 75, and that's fine. Now stand up,please. Good, it's 122 over 80. You can sit down now. When was your last complete physical?
RichardSix months ago.
JackGood.Do you have any back or knee problems?
RichardNope. I am in perfect health.
JackWhat do you do for a living, Mr.Stewart?
RichardI'm a photographer.
JackInteresting. What do you photograph?
RichardEverything. The American scene. People, places, events.
JackDid you ever think of photographing an aerobics class?
RichardNo...I can't remember taking pictures of people exercising.
JackBut don't you think it'd be a good subject?
JackI need some good photos for my advertising, Mr.Stewart Maybe you can photograph a class, and I can give you and Mrs.Stewart a month of classes-free.
RichardWhen can I photograph a class?
RichardHow about today?
InstructorOh, hi.
JackAre we ready to go?
InstructorYeah. Yeah. Let's get in our lines. We're going to take it slow first. Stretch up...and we're going to go left first...2,3,4...now stretch...OK,hold to the right. Sunrises.Stretch it out. Flat back.Bring it up...and twists...and side...2,3...and left...push...push...turn...hit the floor. Take it side again...OK, and switch. Stretch it out .And we're going to warm down with a tango.Left, Right. Enjoy it.
MarilynRichard, did you go to the Davis Aerobics class today?
RichardYes, I went to the aerobics class today.
MarilynWhat is wrong with you?
RichardNothing. I am in excellent health. I have ideal blood pressure. A perfect heart.In other words, I'm in wonderful condition.
MarilynRichard, did you go to the aerobics class, really?
MarilynAnd your legs don't hurt?
RichardHurt? What do you mean?
MarilynWhat about your arms? Lift your arms up like this. And they don't hurt-not even a little?
MarilynYou are in great condition. I can't believe it!


In the last act, Richard tells the truth that he didn't really exercise. The bet is still on. The one who loses the bet will have to cook dinner for the entire family. Richard goes to the class and Marilyn goes to the class too. Who's going to cook dinner tonight?

MarilynGrandpa, Ellen, Philip, Robbie, you and me .That's six steaks.
RichardDon't forget Susan.
MarilynSeven steaks.Cooking dinner for the entire family is not so easy. The shopping:the salad:tomatoes,lettuce, cucumbers, and onions. The main course steak and potatoes. Richard, how much broccoli do I need for seven people?
RichardMarilyn, I have to tell you something. At today's exercise class...
MarilynYes, Richard.
RichardWell, I didn't really exercise.
MarilynI knew it!
RichardI wanted to, but Jack Davis needed a photographer. I'm sorry, Marilyn.
MarilynI don't understand. Did you exercise or not?
RichardNo.Instead of exercising, I photographed the class.
MarilynAnd you didn't exercise?
MarilynThere's another advanced class today at four 0'clock. We'll go together.
RichardWhat about the bet?
MarilynOh, the bet is still on, but you shop for the groceries.Remember, you win, and I cook dinner for the entire family.
RichardYou win, and I cook dinner for the entire family.
MarilynIncluding Susan. Four 0'clock at the advanced exercise class. With me.
JackDon't forget to breathe.
InstructorSkip, hop, front, Twist...again...OK,Now...scissors.
RichardThis is fun.It's a piece of cake.
MarilynYeah.Just wait.
Instructor5, 6, 7, go right, 1, 2, back, 3, 1, 2, 3, pony, pony...1, 2, 3, kick...1, 2, 3, kick...pony.And twist, twist.
JackOK. Let's pick up the pace.
MarilynHow are you doing, Richard?
RichardI can barely move.
Instructor2,3,4,front.Now we're going to run it off. Front...knees up, knees up.
JackOK, Finish off by jogging in place. OK. Keep those knees up. All right.That's it for today. Thank you, everyone. See you next week.
RichardThank you, Jack, but no thank you.
MarilynThe advanced exercise class is not so easy, huh?
RichardCome on, Richard.Get up. Let's go, you have to cook dinner for the entire family.
RichardMarilyn, I'm exhausted. I can't move.
MarilynOh, you'll do it. It's a piece of cake.
JackExcuse me, Richard,Marilyn.
RichardYou are a terrific instructor, Jack.
JackThanks. But I have a question. Is this your very first advanced aerobics class?
RichardYes,it is.
JackYou are in great shape, Richard. Very few people last in this class for the full hour the very first time.
MarilynIt's true. You are in Great shape.
MarilynI think we'll cook dinner together.

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