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Family Album USA - Episode 5 - The Right Magic


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 5 - The Right Magic

In the 4th episode of Family Album USA called "The Right Magic".

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Family Album USA - Episode 5 - The Right Magic

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Family Album USA:  Episode 5 - The Right Magic


As this act begins, Philip is very busy, too busy to spend time with Robbie. So, Grandpa has an idea that Philip and he could take Robbie to go fishing with them. But Robbie knows Philip proablby can't go. So Grandpa talks to Philip about this. What does Philip decide to do?

RobbieHi, Grandpa.
GrandpaHi, Robbie.
RobbieCan I help?
GrandpaYes, indeed. Hand me two eggs from the refrigerator, and I'll make you two fried eggs.
RobbieHow about some bacon?
GrandpaI made enough for an army. You going to the baseball game today? It's a perfect day for it-a little cloudy but nice and warm.
RobbieDad and I were planning to go to the game, but he has to work today, and my friends don't want to go . It's not an important game, anyway.
GrandpaDo you have any other plans for the day?
RobbieI'll work on my computer. I have a new math program, and I want to learn how to use it.
GrandpaMaybe you can teach me how to work on a computer someday.
RobbieAnytime.It's really easy, but, like anything, you need to work at it,
GrandpaThis bacon is great. I love crispy bacon.
GrandpaOh, what are you doing tomorrow?
RobbieNothing much.
GrandpaWell,maybe your dad and I could take you fishing with us.
RobbieI'd like that, but...
GrandpaBut what?
RobbieBut Dad is always so busy.
GrandpaWell,can you come fishing with me tomorrow?
RobbieSure,I can.
GrandpaRobbie says you can't take him to the game today.
PhilipI really feel bad about it, but they need me at the hospital today, in the children's ward.
GrandpaI understand.
PhilipMaybe we can spend some time together next weekend.
GrandpaDefinitely.We should. You and Robbie and me. Remember our first fishing trip?
PhilipI sure do...Well, I've got to run, Dad. See you later.
PhilipGoing fishing?
GrandpaI'm thinking about it...So,how's work?
PhilipOh,the usual problems.
GrandpaYou're working pretty hard these days.
PhilipI guess I am.
GrandpaWhen did you last go fishing with Robbie?
PhilipI remember exactly. It was on his birthday, June second,two years ago. We didn't catch anything.
GrandpaRemember our fishing trips?
PhilipYes.I loved them.
GrandpaRemember catching your first fish?
PhilipHow can I forget? I fell out of the boat! we had some good times together.
GrandpaYes,we did. Maybe we should do it again.
PhilipHow about tomorrow?
GrandpaDon't you have to work?
PhilipMy paper work will wait.
GrandpaOh, Robbie will be thrilled. I am, too, Son.
PhilipI want to spend more time with Robbie.
GrandpaTomorrow.It'll be like old times for you and me. And Robbie will love it.
PhilipWell, what's the weather going to be like?
GrandpaRadio says sunny and mild.
PhilipWell, I'll tell Robbie. And thanks, Dad.
GrandpaDon't thank me . I'm just being a grandfather.

A lake in upstate New York.

Coming up in act two, Grandpa, Philip and Robbie go fishing. A young boy named Albert is fishing too but he's alone. Grandpa teaches Robbie his fisherman's magic. And Robbie gets luck. But later, there's trouble. What could the trouble be?

RobbieThis is really neat! When do we eat?
PhilipFirst, we have to catch some fish. In order to catch fish, you have to do this. Here we go. that's it. Then drop it into the water. All of this comes before eating. OK?
RobbieHow do you know so much about fishing?
PhilipGrandpa taught me. We spent a lot of time fishing together. Now, the important thing is to get the book close to the fish. All right? Like this.
RobbieI think I see some fish right under us, Dad.
PhilipOh, not a chance!
RobbieI just saw a big one!
GrandpaHi, there!
GrandpaWhat's your name?
GrandpaAre you all alone?
GrandpaHow old are you , Albert?
AlbertI'm ten.
PhilipWhere's your father?
AlbertHe's up there at the lodge.
PhilipDoes he know you're here?
AlbertYes, sir.
PhilipOK, Robbie, maybe you should watch him. The water's pretty deep here.
RobbieI'll watch him, Dad.
RobbieWhat time is it?
GrandpaIt's almost lunchtime, and no fish yet.
RobbieI can go up to the lodge for some hot dogs and drinks.
PhilipNo way! We're here to catch our lunch.
GrandpaTo catch fish, you need the right magic.
PhilipThat's right. I forgot! The right magic. Do it for Robbie,Dad.
GrandpaYou remember?
PhilipSure. Come on.
GrandpaWell,first, you have to turn your hat around like this. Then you close your eyes and say the magic words. Fish, fish, send me a fish.
RobbieFish, fish, send me a fish...I got one!
GrandpaSee, it works!
RobbieIt's a big one!
PhilipWell, it always worked for me, too.
RobbieGrandpa, get the net ,please!
RobbieDad, you got one, too!
PhilipYou bet I have!
GrandpaEasy, Philip, easy.
PhilipWell, one more and I've got a pair of boots.
RobbieYou didn't say the magic words.
GrandpaRobbie's right.
PhilipYes,but you did, and we've got our lunch. Let's build a fire and cook it! Come on ,Albert, you can help us!
AlbertI want to stay here and fish.
GrandpaAll right, but be careful.
RobbieIs it finished yet?
PhilipI think so. I hope you like,your fish well done.
GrandpaBurned, you mean.
PhilipHey, I'm a doctor, not a chef.
AlbertHelp! Help! I can't swim.
RobbieDad! Grandpa! He fell in.
PhilipEasy does it ,Robbie.That a boy. That's it.
GrandpaHe's not breathing, Philip!
PhilipRobbie, run to the car.Bring a blanket and my medical bag.
PhilipNow, come on, son. Come on, son.
GrandpaBreathe, Albert!

A few minutes later.

In the final act, Philip, Robbie and Grandpa try to help Albert. Later, Grandpa makes a suggestion to get back to their fishing. But, Philip gets a call from work and the fishing trip ends early. How will Robbie feel?

RobbieHere's the bag. Will he be OK, Dad?
PhilipI hope so. That's it. That's the way. That's it. There. Oh, it's going to be all right. That's it. Wrap him in the blanket. Dad! That's it. That's it. It's all right, Albert. You're going to be OK.
AlbertI want my daddy!
PhilipWe'll take you to him. Easy now. Easy does it. That's it.
GrandpaYour dad is quite a guy.
RobbieI know, Grandpa.
GrandpaHow is he ,Philip?
PhilipHe's asleep. He's going to be fine.
FatherHow can I thank all of you?
PhilipThank my son Robbie. He pulled him out of the water.
FatherI'm very grateful, Robbie.
RobbieDad saved him, not me.
FatherI'm so thankful to all of you.
PhilipSo long.
GrandpaHe's a lucky boy.Well, what do you say we get back to our fishing?
PhilipThat's great idea. Uh-oh. It's probably the hospital. I have to get to a phone. It probably means we can't stay.
RobbieThat's OK.
PhilipOne of my patients has a high fever, and I have to go to the hospital. I'm sorry, Robbie. I guess I ruined your day.
RobbieYou didn't ruin my day, Dad. I understand. I really do.
EllenWhy are you back so early?
GrandpaPhilip had to go back to the hospital.
RobbieHe had an emergency.
EllenOh, that's too bad, Robbie. Did it spoil your fun?
RobbieNo, Mom. We had a great time.
EllenWell, did you do any fishing?
RobbieYeah, we caught lots of them. Look! They had a special on frozen fish down at the supermarket.
EllenOh, you really had a bad day.
GrandpaWe had a good day. Robbie pulled a boy out of the water.
RobbieAnd Dad saved his life. He's a terrific doctor,Mom.
EllenI know.
PhilipHi, Pop. Hi, Son.
PhilipWhat a day!
GrandpaHow about a cup of coffee ,Son?
PhilipI'd love a cup of coffee..
RobbieHow was the patient?
PhilipShe'll be fine.
RobbieWas it serious?
RobbieUntil today, I was never really interested in medicine.
PhilipWell, it's hard work.
RobbieNow I know.
PhilipI had a good time today, Robbie.
PhilipCan we? When?
PhilipHow about next Saturday?
RobbieWon't you be busy?
PhilipI'm changing my schedule. Well, do we have a date?
RobbieWe sure do, Dad. Grandpa, can you come?
GrandpaI have other plans, Robbie. But I think you two can have a good time together without me.
PhilipNo, Dad, and certainly not without the right magic.

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