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Family Album USA - Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Day


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Day

This is the 4th episode of Family Album USA called
Thanksgiving Day.

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Family Album USA - Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Day

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Family Album USA : Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Day

Family Album USA : Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Day

Family Album USA: Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Day


Today is Thanksgiving day an important to American holiday. In the first act Philip prepares an apple pie for the Steward family. He uses lot of ingredient but one ingredient is very special. Later, Robbie goes out for a while but something happens and Robbie is upset. Why is Robbie upset?

EllenOK, Philip. This is your third cup of coffee. We should get to work, or we won't be finished by dinner time.
PhilipI guess we must.
EllenWe must.
PhilipOK.The beginning of my famous Thanksgiving apple pie.One apple. Two apples. Three apples. Four apples
EllenCome on, Philip! Get busy with your famous apple pie. There's much more to be done.
PhilipNow, the ingredients.
PhilipWhat goes into my apple pie besides apples? Ah, yes. Flour, sugar, butter.Butter, nice and cold and hard. OK, here are the walnuts. Last but not least, the reason my apple pie is famous-cinnamon. Cinnamon...Ellen, where's the cinnamon?
EllenIf there is any cinnamon,it's in the cabinet with the salt and pepper.
PhilipSalt, pepper, dill weed, garlic powder,cinnamon. Ellen?
PhilipIs it possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon?
EllenYes,it is possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon.
PhilipWell, how can I make my famous apple pie without cinnamon?
RobbieGood morning.
EllenOh, hi, Robbie.Good morning.
PhilipGood morning. Robbie. Can you do me a favour?
RobbieSure, Dad.What?
PhilipRemember my apple pie on Thanksgiving? What do you love about it?
RobbieThe apples?
PhilipNo. The sssss...
PhilipRight.We don't have any cinnamon.
RobbieI'll go down to Henry's grocery. He's always open. I'll get some for you.
PhilipThat's my boy!
EllenOh, put your heavy jacket on, Robbie. It's cold outside.
RobbieAlexandra might call. Tell her I'll call her right back.
PhilipThanks, Son.
EllenUh, why does he always have to slam the door?
EllenHello...Hello, Alexandra. How are you?... Fine. Robbie just went to the store. He'll be back soon. He said he'll call you... Oh, oh, I see... Oh... certainly. Well, do you have the phone number there?...Oh... I see...Please, I know he wants to talk to you...Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too. Try to come by later for dessert... Bye. That was Alexandra. She and the Molinas are going to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins. She doesn't have the phone number.
PhilipOh, Robbie will be disappointed.
EllenHe'll be grouchy. Maybe she'll call back. She promised.
RobbieHere's your cinnamon, Pop. It was a dollar and sixty cents.You forgot to ask me for the change.
PhilipOr did you forget to give it to me?
PhilipThanks, Son.
EllenAlexandra called.
RobbieI'll call her back.
EllenShe said she'll call you later. She's not at home.
PhilipYou should have your breakfast, Son. Make you feel better. Protein, vitamins.
RobbieShe said she'll call back?
EllenYes, she did.
GrandpaGood morning, everyone! Happy Turkey Day? What's wrong?
RobbieNothing. Absolutely nothing.
GrandpaWhat's gotten into him?
EllenHe missed a phone call.
PhilipYes, Alexandra.
GrandpaIt's nice to see young love... Oh, to be young again! Where's the coffee?


Grandpa is trying to cheer up Robbie. Phillip is excited, he wants to watch the football game. And the telephone rings. Is it Alexandra?

GrandpaI love parades. The Thanksgiving Day parade is always such great fun. Look at that Superman balloon! Wowee! Just floating along high above Central Park West. Don't you just love it? Oh, and the bands and the music. John Philip Sousa. I love his music. Da dadas da da dada da da da da da dada. Oh,look at that float, Robbie.Look at those funny-looking clowns.
RobbieIt's for kids.
GrandpaMaybe so, but parades always make me feel like a kid.Remember when you and your dad and I went to the Thanksgiving Day parade? You were Four or five years old ,I think.
RobbieHello, hello... Oh, hi, Susan. How are you?... Here's Mom.
EllenHello, Susan. Yes, I know, but he'll get over it . Good. Then you'll be here about five? Oh, fine. I look forward to seeing you and Harry and Michelle. Drive carefully. Good-bye.
PhilipTaste Ellen's turkey dressing. It's delicious.
GrandpaI'm not surprised. It's Grandma's recipe.
RobbieIt's my favourite part of the meal.
PhilipWhat about my famous apple pie?
RobbieDad,your apple pie is my favourite dessert.
PhilipHow's the parade?
RobbieMom! Is it for me?
EllenNo, Robbie.
PhilipWho was it?
EllenWrong number. Philip, would you join me in the kitchen, please? It's getting late. We have vegetables to prepare.
RobbieCan I help with anything?
EllenNo, honey. You just relax with Grandpa. I'll get you to help serve later.
GrandpaEllen reminds me so much of Grandma.
PhilipWhat time does the Michigan football game come on?
PhilipI'll be back to see the game.
RobbieGrandpa,when did Dad graduate from Michigan?
GrandpaLet me think. He graduated from medical school in 1960 and from the University of Michigan in 1956.
Robbiedid you go to Michigan, too,Grandpa?
GrandpaYup. I graduated in 1937.
RobbieI've got to start thinking about college soon.


In act three, the Stewart family and their friends get ready to eat their Thanksgiving dinner. And they give thanks. And Robbie gives thanks in his own way. Later after dinner Philip forgets something. What does Philip forget?

PhilipOK, everybody. I want to welcome Harry and his daughter Michelle to Thanksgiving with us.
HarryThank you, Dr.Stewart.
PhilipCall me Philip.
PhilipBut first, I think we should take a moment and remember the meaning of Thanksgiving.
HarryPhilip, I took Michelle to a school play about the first Thanksgiving.
PhilipWell, why don't you tell us about that, Michelle?
MichelleThanksgiving was about the Pilgrims, the first settlers in America. They shared the first harvest with the Indians and gave thanks.
PhilipAll right. Then in that spirit let each of us give thanks. Each in his own way. Who wants to begin?
GrandpaI will. I give thanks for being here with my family and for being well, so I can enjoy you all.
RobbieAll right! We love you, Grandpa.
SusanI'd like to give thanks for a healthy year, a good job, and for meeting Harry and Michelle.
HarryWe'd like to give thanks for meeting Susan and the Stewart family.
MichelleI love you, Daddy.
SusanThanks, Harry. That was very kind of you.
RobbieI'd like to give thanks for Grandpa coming to live with us. And I'd also like to thank my math teacher for giving me a passing grade. And call me, Alexandra.
GrandpaShe'll call.
RichardYou go first, Marilyn.
MarilynI'm thinking. You go first.
RichardWell, you all know I'm working on my photo album. It's not finished yet. And I'd like to thank Marilyn for being so patient.
MarilynThanks, Richard. I should thank you for encouraging me to keep working on my fashion designs I'm lucky to have a husband with an artistic eye.
EllenOh, we have a lot to be thankful for. For the food on this table. Just like the Pilgrims.
PhilipI'll go along with that, Ellen.
EllenWell, help me serve, Robbie.
HarryIt was a wonderful meal, Mrs. Stewart. Thank you.
RichardAnd now to see the end of the football game.
EllenWhere are you going, Philip?
PhilipRemember, the Michigan football game? And Michigan needs a touchdown.
EllenDid you forget something?
RobbieDad, your famous apple pie.
PhilipJust let me see the score, Ellen.
MarilynGo ahead, Philip.We should all take a little break before dessert.
EllenOh, who could that be? Oh, it must be Alexandra. I invited her to come by for dessert.
RobbieYou did?
GrandpaI like Ellen.
RobbieYou know everyone, Alexandra.
EllenNo, she doesn't know Harry Bennett and his daughter Michelle.
AlexandraNice to meet you.
Harry & MichelleHi.
Marilyn & MichelleHello, Alexandra.
AlexandraHi, Marilyn.Hi, Susa... Happy Thanksgiving.
EllenAnd Alexandra brought us a pumpkin pie.
RobbiePlease sit down, Alexandra. Dad, Richard-Alexandra's here.
RichardMichigan needs a touchdown. Three minutes to play. Hi, Alexandra. Welcome.
PhilipHello, Alexandra, Yes, Michigan needs a touchdown. One tiny little touchdown, with just three minutes to play.
AlexandraYou want Michigan to win.
PhilipHow'd you guess?
EllenWhat happened?
PhilipWe forgot to turn the oven on .
EllenWe did? Philip, why don't you go watch the last three minutes of the game.I will serve coffee and pumpkin pie.
PhilipOK. I'll be back in a few minutes.
EllenRobbie, would you bring the dessert plates. And, Marilyn, would you pour coffee, please.
MarilynSure, Ellen.
GrandpaHow was your Thanksgiving dinner, Alexandra?
AlexandraJust wonderful, Mr. Stewart. The Molinas are a large family. I love being with them.
RobbieI'm glad you came by, Alexandra.
AlexandraI am, too.
PhilipTouchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!
GrandpaGreat Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for. Michigan scored a touchdown. Alexandra came by. And nobody misses Philip's famous apple pie.
EllenOh, Grandpa!

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