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Family Album USA - Episode 7 - Man's Best Friend


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 7 - Man's Best Friend
This is the 7th  episode of Family Album USA called:
Man's Best Friend,

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Family Album USA - Episode 7 - Man's Best Friend

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Family Album USA: Episode 7 - Man's Best Friend

Act I

In Act I, Robbie notices that Alexandra is unhappy about something. Alexandra is lonely. She misses her family in Greece. A little later, they hear a strange sound

AlexandraRobbie, this new Walkman is absolutely wonderful.
RobbieRichard and Marilyn bought it for me for my birthday.
AlexandraThey're so thoughtful. You are very lucky, Robbie, To have such a nice family.
RobbieIs something wrong, Alexandra?
AlexandraNo, nothing.
RobbieYes, there is. I can tell. What's the matter? Come on, you can tell me .What's up?
AlexandraI don't know. Something's wrong.
RobbieOK, let's talk.
AlexandraI received a letter from my partents this morning.
RobbieDid they write some bad news?
RobbieWell, then why are you so sad?
AlexandraI miss them. I miss them very much.
RobbieI'm sorry. Alexandra. But I understand.
AlexandraThe Mollnas treat me so nicely, and I love being with you family so much... but when I received the letter with photographs of my family, I cried. I cried because I miss them all.
RobbieYou really miss your family, don't you?
AlexandraYes.I know I must seem silly. It's not like I have nobody. I Like the Molinas very much, and they're so kind to me.
RobbieHey, why don't we go out for a cheeseburger and French mes? That'll cheer you up. And you can use my Walkman.
AlexandraThat's a good idea. But if we go out, please don't complain about your math teacher or your math homework. I want to have fun.
RobbieSo do I.
RobbieI have to turn off the lights, or else my father will get really angry. He says I never turn them out when I leave. If they come home and they're on...
RobbieDo you hear something?
AlexandraYes. What was that?
RobbieIt sounded like a dog barking.
AlexandraIt sounded like a dog barking right here.
AlexandraA dog!
RobbieA sprinel! Come on in! Make yourself at home.
AlexandraOh,you poor little thing. Come here.
RobbieCome on.
AlexandraPoor baby.
RobbieWhere did you come from?
AlexandraHer name's Gemma, and she belongs to Mr.and Mrs.Levinson. There's a phone number-five five five...eight four four eight. Robbie, maybe you should call them and tell the Levinsons we have their cute little spaniel.
RobbieI've always wanted a springer spaniel.She's so cute.
OperatorThe number you ae calling-555-8448-is no longer in service.
RobbieThe number's no longer in sevice.
AlexandraOh, you poor, poor baby. You've lost your family.
RobbieWe'll find them. Don't worry, Alexandra.

Act II

In Act II, Robbie and Alexandra take care of Gemma. They want to find the dog's owners so Robbie calls the ASPCA, the American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Later on, Robbie and Alexandra go to ASPCA for help but they might not be able to find the owners. What can Robbie and Alexandra do?

RobbieDon't worry, Alexandra. We'll find the owner.
AlexandraHow, Robbie?
RobbieLet me think.
AlexandraGemma, sit. Good Gemma.Give me your paw.Good Gemma.This dog is well trained.
RobbieWith a little help from the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They're the ones.We once found a cat. She was caught in the branches of our tree.And Dad called the ASPCA.They came and solved the problem.
AlexandraRobbie, let's call them.
RobbieLet me see-ASPCA....Here it is.ASPCA Animal Shelter. 555-7700.
LindaHello, ASPCA.
RobbieHello,my name is Robbie Stewart. I have a lost dog I'd like to bring to you. How late are you open?
LindaWe're open till nine P.M.
RobbieThank you. I'll bring the dog over by nine.
LindaThanks. Bye.
RobbieThanks. Good-bye.
AlexandraThey're still open?
RobbieThey're open until nine 0'clock. We have two and a half hours. Let's take Gemma by there now. They'll find the owner.
AlexandraI hope so. I'm so sad to see this little dog without her family.
RobbieI'm sure they'll find the owner . But if they don't, I'll adopt her. She's so cute. Look at those eyes. She's hard to resist. Don't you just love her?
AlexandraI'd like to keep her, too. But I'll be going home to Greece at the end of the semester. She just wants love and affection.Come on, Robbie. Let's get her to the animal shelter, so they can find her owners quickly. Don't worry, Gemma. We'll get you home. It's not easy being away from home.
RobbieCome on, Poochie. Atta girl! Let's go .We're off to the animal shelter.
LindaYour name?
RobbieRobbie Stewart. And this is Alexandra Pappas.
LindaYour name will do, Mr.Stewart. Your address?
Robbie46 Linden Street, Riverdale.
LindaWhere did you find the dog?
AlexandraShe found us.
LindaYou tried calling the number on the collar?
RobbieYes, but the number's no longer in service.
LindaAnd there's no address on the dog tag?
AlexandraThere's no other information.
LindaNo ID number. Without that, it's hard.
AlexandraYou will try to find the dog's owner.
LindaOh, we'll try, believe me.
RobbieAnd if you don't?
RobbieIf you don't... can I...can I adopt the dog?
LindaWhy, yes. If the owners don't claim the dog in forty-eight hours, then you can apply for adoption.
RobbieHow do I do that?
AlexandraYou really want to ?
RobbieYes. I'm serious. If no one comes to claim Gemma, I'd like to adopt her.
LindaIt's not difficult.


In Act III, Robbie finds out how to adopt a dog. Both Robbie and Alexandra would like to have a pet. Later on, Linda has news for Robbie. Will Linda find the owners? Will Robbie adopt Gemma?

LindaOK. If you want to adopt an animal, first we need to know some references.
RobbieReferences? People we know?
LindaFriends, teachers... We need to talk to some people about you. We want to be sure that you're responsible and that you can take good care of an animal. Then you have to till out this form about your family background.
RobbieIs that it?
LindaNo, there's more. We need to know about your history with animals. Have you ever owned an animal?
RobbieYes. We had a cat when I was eight years old. I love cats.
LindaDo you have any animals now?
RobbieUnfortunately, no.
AlexcandraAnything else?
LindaWe also lide to know your reasons for wanting an animal.
AlexcandraJust to hold it and cuddle with it. Just to have as a pet I love animals.
RobbieTo have a friend-a pal. You know, man's best friend is his dog.
LindaAnd one thing more. If you're under twenty-one years of age.
RobbieThat's me.
LindaThen an adult must sign for you.
RobbieNo problem. My parents will think it's a good idea. I'll be back with them.
AlexandraIf the real owners don't come to claim Gemma...
LindaAfter forty-eight huors. But please call first.
RobbieThanks for your information and for being so helpful.
LindaIt's my pleasure. Nice talking to both of you.
RobbieThanks again. Bye.
AlexandraMaybe the real owners will come to claim her.
RobbleHer eyes look so sad. She must really miss them.
LindaI see you're both animal lovers.
RobbieWe are.
AlexandraGood-bye, Miss Aborn. We'll call in a couple of days.
LindaGood-bye, and thanks for bringing Gemma in.
AlexandraI keep thinking about the dog-about Gemma, alone in the animal shelter.
RobbieI know. But I promse you, Alexandra, the dog is just fine.They're very kind to the animals.
AlexandraI know they are. I mean about her being alone. Even if they are kind to Gemma, she's still alone, without her family
WaiterReady, folks?
RobbieAre you ready, Alexandra?
AlexandraYes, I'm ready. I'll have the chefs salad, please.
RobbieI will have a cheeseburger, medium rare, with raw onion, and French fries, please.
WaiterAnything to drink?
AlexandraA diet cola, please.
RobbieGinger ale with lots of ice for me, thank you.
WaiterI've got it. Thanks.
RobbieAren't you surprised that the animal shelter is so careful about finding homes for the animals?
AlexandraNo, I'm not.
WaiterAnd a cheeseburger, medium rare, with onion and French fries. And a ginger ale with lots of ice. Salad dressing?
RobbieHey, I wanted you to hear my new sound system when the dog scratched on the front door.Let's finish eating, and then we'll go back to my house. I want you to hear my new tapes. I've got some areat new dance music.
RobbieHell.Stewart residence.
LindaHello. Is Robbie Stewart there?
RobbieThis is he. Who's this?
LindaThis is Linda Aborn from the animal shelter.
RobbieIt's Linda from the animal shetter. Yes, Linda. Hi.
LindaWe have good news and bad news, Robbie.
LindaThe good news is that the Levinsons have come by to pick up the dog. The bad news is, you won't be able to adopt the dog.
RobbieThat's OK.
LindaCome by one day and look at some of the other dogs. I'm suer there's one for you. Thanks, Robbie. And the Levinsons thank you for bringing their dog to us.
RobbieThanks, Linda. Bye.
AlexandraThe owners claimed Gemma?
RobbieThat's right.
AlexandraI'm glad for the dog.
RobbieI guess I am, too. She said if I come by, She'll help me fine another dog.
AlexandraCome on. Let's dance.

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