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Family Album USA - Episode 8 - You're Going to Be Fine


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 8 - You're Going to Be Fine
This is the 8th  episode of Family Album USA called:
You're Going to Be Fine.

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Family Album USA - Episode 8 - You're Going to Be Fine

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Family Album USA: Episode 8 - You're Going to Be Fine

Act I

In the first act, Dr. Stewart wants to schedule an operation for a boy named Carl Herrera. Carl needs an operation soon. He's been very sick. But, Carl doesn't want to have the operation. Why doesn't Carl want to be in the hospital now?

PhilipMolly, I need your special talent for handing special maters.
MollyLike what special matters?
PhilipWell, I have a scheduling problem.
PhilipI have three tonsillectornies set for Friday with Dr.Earl.
PhilipI need to fit a fouth operation into his schedule. And...I know you can do it.
MollyWho's the patient?
PhilipCarl Herrera. The boy has infected tonsils, and we should remove them as soon as possible.
MollyWell, I'll try to arrange th schedule, Dr. Stewart. But it's not going to be easy.
PhilipI know you'll be able to take care of it.
PhilipWell, Mrs Herrera, Carl will be perfectly fine after we remove his tonsils.
MotherThank you for your reassurance, Dr. Stewart. He's had so many colds and sore throats recently.
PhilipWell, It's a very easy operation, Carl. You won't feel a thing.
CarlBut when do they do it?
PhilipThis Friday.
CarlBut Saturday's my birthday.
PhilipWell, we could reschedule the operation, Mrs. Herera, but I don't want to put it off too long.
MotherNo, I think it's important to do it now. We can have a birthday party for you, Carl, when you come out of the hospital.
PhilipNurse Baker, would you come in, please?
MollyCome with me, Carl. You and I will talk this over.
MotherShe has a special way with kids.
PhilipShe sure does.
MollyCarl, does your throat hurt?
MollyOK. Do you want to get better?
MollyOK. We want you to get better, too.You'll have your tonsils out tomorrow, and you won't get so many colds anymore.
CarlBut if I have my tonsils out tomorrow, I'll miss my birthday party on Saturday.
MollyI know. It's a problem, isn't it? Let me try to work something out.
MollyI have to think about it.
CarlYou're fooling me .
MollyOh, I'm not, Carl. Give me a chance to think about it, and I'll come up with something.
CarlA surprise?
MollyMaybe. But you just put on your pajamas and robe, and I'll think of a surprise.
CarlWill it hurt?
MollyNo. There are other boys and girls here, and they're having their tonsils out. You'll meet them.
CarlI don't want to.
MollyChange your clothes, Carl. Everything will be just fine.

Act II

In the second act, the nurse, Molly Baker, plays a game with the children at the hospital. The name of the game is charades. But, Carl Herrera won't play the game. Dr. Tewart tries to help. Carl is upset because he wants something else. What does Carls want?

MollyOK. Do you know how to play charades?
MollyFrank, you've never played charades?
MollyCarl, you're sure you've never played? OK, Betty, Tim, and Frank. We're going to play charades. Frank, you can learm as we go. And, Carl, you join in at anytime. OK, let me think. OK, I've got one .All right.
BettyA movie! A movie!
MollyRingt. A movie. OK.
TimSix words. It has six words.
FrankThat's easy. I can play.
MollyGood. OK. We've got a movie. The title.
BettySix words.
MollyRight. First word...
BettySounds like.
TimSounds like...
MollyYou got that part right. Yes.
BettySounds like...
TimeSounds like what?
FrankSounds like no.
MollyAbsolutely right, Frank. Sounds like no. OK. We've got a movie. Six words. The first word sounds like no.
FrankRow. Row.
TimShow. That's It-show.
MollyAbsolutely right, Betty. Sounds like no-snow. OK, a movie. Six words. The first word is snow.
FrankThis is fun.
MollyOh, OK.
BettyThe fifth word.
MollyRight, fifth word.
MollyAbsolutely right. Very good. The fifthe word is seven. OK, we've got a movie. The first word is snow. Fifth word, seven.
BettyI got it! I got it!
FrankSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
BettyI got it!
FrankI got it!
MollyCarl, now you know charades. Why don't join us?
CarlI don't like charades. It's for babies.
MollyOh, I like it
CarlWell, they're babies.
BettyYou're a sore loser.
MollyNo arguing. Save your voices. Between now and tomorrow you're all going to have your tonsils out. And you won't be able to speak for a while. So save your voices till then.
PhilipHi, gang. Hi, everybody. Well, what's going on?
MollyI sure I am glad to see you, Dr. Stewart. This is a rough group.
CarlI didn't want to play charades, so they're angry at me.
PhilipWhy don't you want to play?
CarlBecause I don't want to be here. I don't want my tonsils out.
PhilipWhy not?
CarlBecause my birthday is tomorrow. My mother promised me a birthday party with a clown.
MollyBut you can have on when you go home, Carl.
CarlBut my birthday is tomorrow.
PhilipI'm sorry, Carl.
MollyCarl, you'll have your party when you go home.
CarlBut it won't be on my birthday! And you promised me a surprise.


Coming up in the third act, the children have already had their tonsils out. They have sore throats. Carl's throat hurts too. Carl still want a surprise. The next day, someone comes to visit the children. Who comes to visit?

MollyIt hurts, doesn't it?
MollyYou'll feel better tomorrow, Betty, believe me. Only one day, and it won't hurt as much. Do you feel like eating? Having some dinner? Oh, don't look so sad. Let me tell you about your dinner. It's ice cream
MollyIce cream. All kinds of flavrs. Chccolate.
MollyVanilla, too?
MollyI see you're feeling better already, Betty. So you will have dinner?
MollyOK, honey, we'll see to it that you have strawberry and vanilla ice cream. Just rest now. You need some rest to help you get better auickly. Hi Frank. How you doing?
MollyOh, come on now. You're a big boy. It doesn't hurt that much, does it? Oh, I'm sorry it hurts so much, and won't be able to have dinner. You're just going to have to have ice cream.Yes, Ice cream. Lots of flavors. Want to hear them?
MollyThen chocolate it is. One scoop or two?
MollyThree scoops?
MollyThen three it will be.
MollyYou want three scoops also?
MollyChocolate, too?
MollyWell, I see you're feeling better.
MollyWell, at least you're acting like you feel better. Three scoops of chocolate ice cream for Tim coming up. Hi, Carl. How you doing?
MollyI know it hurts. But it'll be better tomorrow. In the meantime, what would you like?
MollyA surprise? I promised you a surprise, didn't I? And it wasn't just ice cream, was it?
MollyYour birthday is tomorrow, isn't it?
MollyWell, maybe, just maybe, there will be a surprise. But first you have to smile. I just want to see one smile frome you.
MollyNo smile, no surprise . That's the deal. No smile, no surprise. If you want a surprise, then you've got to smile first.
MollyHow you all doing? Well, I'm glad you're feeling better because we have a little surprise for you today. It's Carl's birthday, and we have Popo the Clown to entertain you. And here he is -Popo the Clown.
PhilipHappy birthday, Carl. Happy birthday. All right everybody. OK, Carl. It's your birthday. What's your wish? What would you like?
MollyYou want to play charades?

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