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Family Album USA - Episode 9 - It's Up to You


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 9 - It's Up to You
This is the 9th  episode of Family Album USA called:
It's Up to You

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Family Album USA - Episode 9 - It's Up to You

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Family Album USA: Episode 9 - It's Up to You

Act I

In the first act, Robbie is writing a story for the Riverdale high school newspaper. Robbie will have to make some decisions. What does he want to do after graduation? Philip would like Robbie to go to the University of Michigan. So he schedules an interview for Robbie with the Dean of Admissions. But Robbie may not want to go to the same school that his father and grandfather attended. 

What does Robbie want to do?

RobbieWho is it?
RobbieCome on in, Dad.
PhilipI thought you might be hungry. I brought you a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk.
RobbieI am hungry. Thanks, Dad. What time is it, anyway?
PhilipTen 0'clock. What are you working on?
RobbieI'm writing a story for the high-school paper.
PhilipCan't you finish it tomorrow?
RobbieNo, I have to turn it in in the morning.
PhilipWhat's it about?
RobbieI'm writing an article on the feelings abuot graduation.
PhilipAnd...how do you feel?
RobbieMe? A little scared. And exceted, too.
PhilipI felt the same way.
RobbieThe scary part's leaving home and moving to college.
PhilipOh, leaving home is part of growing up. Well, don't workall night.
RobbieI don't mind. I enjoy writing.
PhilipWell, maybe you should think about becoming a writer.
RobbieMaybe I should.
PhilipYou have lots of time to decide.
RobbieThat's the worst part-making decisions.
PhilipYou'll be OK. Good night, Son.
RobbieGood night, Dad. Grangpa&
Philip"Hail to the victors valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, Hail, Hail to Michigan, The champions of the West!"
PhilipAh, good morning Robbie.
RobbieGood morning, Dad.
GrandpaHow's my grandson?
RobbieFine, Grandpa. Fine! What's all the cheering about? Did the University of Michigan win another football game?
GrandpaBetter than that. Tell him Philip.
PhilipI just spoke with Charley Rafer.
RobbieWho's Charley Rafer?
PhilipHe's the Dean of Admission for the University of Michigan.
GrandpaAnd it turns out he's a classmate of Philip's.
PhilipWe were both on the tennis team.
PhilipIt is great. He's going to be in New York tomorrow to interview applicants for admission.
GrandpaAnd he's agreed to fit you into his schedule.
RobbieBut I may not want to go to Michigan.
PhilipIt's one of the best schools in the country, Robbie. I studied medicine there. Your grandfather went to the Englieering School there.
RobbieI know that, but...
GrandpaYou said you wanted to be a doctor like your father.
RobbieNot exactly.
GrandpaYou couldn't pick a finer medical school than Michigan.
RobbieYes, I know that.
PhilipLet's meet with Charley at the university club. Ten 0'clock tomorrow morning. It doesn't mean you're going Michigan.
GrandpaIt doesn't mean you have to be a doctor. But the inteview will be good experience for you.
RobbieIn that case, it's OK. Dad, growing up means making my own decisions, doesn't it?
PhilipYou're right, Robbie. But, like your Grandpa suggested, have the interview.
GrandpaAnd then make your own decision.
RobbieThat sounds fine.
PhilipI know it's sudden, Robbie, but this is an important opportunity. We'll head down there first thing tomorrow morning. OK?
RobbieSure, Dad.
PhilipI want you to know something, Son. I'm...very proud of you.
RobbieThanks, Dad.
PhilipWell, I've got an appointment at the hospital. I'll see you all at dinner time.
RobbieBye, Dad.
GrandpaIs something still wrong, Robbie?
RobbieI'll be OK.
GrandpaGoing away to college for the first time always makes one a little nervous.
RobbieI guess so. I'll be OK. I just need time to think.

Act II

Coming up in the second act, Robbie has an interview with Dean Rafer. Dean Rafer asks Robbie about his activities in high school. As they talk, the dean sees that Robbie is uncertain about going to the University of Michigan. 

What will Dean Rafer say to Robbie?

PhilipSorry, Robbie. Sorry to be late this morning, but, well, we've sitll got some time for a cup of coffee. I can't wait to see my old pal Charley Rafer.
RobbieNeither can I.
PhilipSo you thought about it, huh?
RobbieYes, I have, Dad.
PhilipWell, I'm glad. I knew you'd realize that this interview could be an important experience for you.
RobbieI came to tha conclusion.
PhilipThat's very wise, Robbie. Very wise. Now let's head off for the city and the university club.
RobbieThanks, Dad.
PhilipThanks...for what?
RobbieThanks for hearing me out. And...
RobbieAnd thanks for being such an understanding father.
PhilipWell, thank you, Robbie. Thank you.
DeanPhilip Stewart! It's great to see you!
PhilipCharley Rafer-you look as young as ever.
DeanYou must be Robbie.
PhilipYes, this is my youngest son Robbie. Robbie, I want you to meet one of the best tennis players on the Michigan team-Charley Rafer.
RobbieNice to meet you, Dean Rafer.
DeanWell, are you as good a tennis player as your dad?
RobbieNo, I'm not very good at it.
PhilipFrankly, neither was I. Charley was the star of the team.
DeanYeah.Thanks. Well, how've you been, Philip?
PhilipOh, working too hard.
DeanDoesn't show. How's Ellen?
PhilipFine, thank you. And how's Marge?
DeanShe's still giving the toughest English history exams in the school and loving every minute of it. And speaking of minutes, I have interviews until noon, so why don't we get right to work?
PhilipCan you have lunch with us later?
DeanI'd love to , Philip, but I'm afraid I can't. I'm only here two days, and I have interviews with twenty-six applicants.
PhilipI understand. Well, thanks. I'll walt outside. Good luck, Son.
DeanDid you bring your transcript from high school?
RobbieYes, sir. Right here.
DeanThank you. Please sit down.
DeanI see under "activities" that you've been writing for the school paper.
RobbieYes, sir.
DeanWhat kinds of artcles have you written?
RobbieAll kinds-sports, editorals, theater reviews. You name it, I've written it.
DeanHmmm. Well, have you ever thought of becoming a journalist?
RobbieA profesional writer? Not until recently.
DeanMichigan has a fine School of Joumalism.
RobbieYes, I know that.
DeanYou seem to have some reservations.
RobbieI'm a little uncertain.
DeanIt's been very nice talking to you.
RobbieNice talking to you, sir.
DeanOne piece of advice. The most important thing is for you to decided your own future.
RobbieYes, sir. Good-bye. Dean Rafer.
DeanGood-bye. Robbie. Good luck.


In the third act, Robbie's friend Mike tells Robbie about his interview. And Robbie tells Mike that he likes to study journalism. Later, Robbie talks to his father about his decision. 

How would Philip feel about Robbie's decision?

MikeI had an interview today, too. I had a great interview with Admissions at Columbia University.
RobbieReally? What did they say? Will you get into the school?
MIkeWell, they didn't say anything for sure.But I figure that with my grades and with my personality, I'll have no problem.
RobbieColumbia's a terrific school. What are you going to do?
MikeDo? I don't know. I also applied to NYU.
RobbieYou sound excited about Columbia. What's your problem, Mike?
MikeIndecision. Indecision.It's not easy, and this is an important decision we have to make. What about you? How as your interview with Michigan?
RobbieThe interview was fine.
MikeIt's a great college.
RobbieIt is. My father would like me to go there. He and my Grandpa both went there.
MikeGreat medical school, too.
RobbieI know.
MikeYou can follow in your father's footsteps.
RobbieAh! I'd like to follow in my own footsteps, Mike.
MikeWhat do you want to study?
RobbieI've been thinking. I think I want to study journalism to be a reporter-a newspaperman.
MikeYou do a pretty good job on the Riverdale High School paper.
RobbieAnd I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
MikeHave you discussed it with your parents?
RobbieNo. But I have to.
MikeOK. Let's talk.
PhilipHi, Dad. Everything's fine. I was just waiting for your to get home so we could talk.
PhilipAnything special you want to talk about?
RobbieThere is, Dad.
PhilipI'm listening.
RobbieWell, I know you and Mom have given up a lot to save money for my college tuition.
PhilipWe want you to go to college, Robbie.
RobbieI know. I do.
RobbieWell, I've Thought a lot about which college, and one of them is Columbia.
PhilipColumbia? Why Columbia?
RobbieFirst, they hav an excellent School of Journalism.
PhilipThey do. And your friends are planning to go to Columbia?
RobbieThat's only part of it. It's complicated. I'll try to explain. Mike and I had a hamburger this afternoon, and we talked.
RobbieWell, we talked about a lot of thing .He applied to Colurnbia, and his interview was very successful. He thinks he'll be accepted, and he relly wants to go there.
PhilipDean Rafer called me today. He told me he was very impressed with you.
RobbieHe's a nice man. He was very kind.
PhiliopHe told me you had some doubts about wanting to go to Michigan.
RobbieYes. I do. I'm just not sure about what I want to do.
PhilipThat's OK.
RobbieYou understand?
PhilipLet me tell you something, Robbie. Something that might be surprising to you.
RobbieWhat? Tell me.
PhilipWell, Grandpa wanted me to study engineering, like him. Well, I wasn't clear about my future, but I knew engineering was not for me.
RobbieWhat did you tell Grandpa?
PhilipThe truth.
RobbieThen you're not upset about my not wantin to go into medicine?
PhilipI'm not upset at all. I'm just happy that we're able to talk about it.
RobbieI am too, Dad.
PhilipI suppose you want to apply to Columbia.
RobbieYes, but I also wanted to apply to several other colleges.
PhilipI thought you wanted to go to Colurnbia.
RobbieWell, I might want to go to Columbia. But I might not. I just want to be able to make my own decision.
PhilipYou're a real Stewart!
RobbieAnd if I think about it long enough, you never know...
PhilipNever know what?
RobbieIf I make my own decision, I might choose Michigan.
PhilipRobbie, you're something! You know, when I was your age, said exactly the same thing to Grandpa.

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