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Family Album USA - Episode 10 - Smell The Flowers


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 10 - Smell The Flowers
This is the 10th  episode of Family Album USA called:
Smell The Flowers

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Family Album USA - Episode 10 - Smell The Flowers

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Family Album USA: Episode 10 - Smell The Flowers

Act I

In act one, Susan goes over her schedule. She has a very busy day.She has calls to make. And she has meetings to attend. But Susan thinks she forgot something. What did Susan forget?

SamGood morning, Susan.
SusanGood morning, Sam . What's the chedule today?
SamTen 0'clock, telephone FAO Schwarz about the new twin baby dolls.
SamTelephone Mrs. Zaskey at the advertising agency.
SusanI did that. Go on.
SamEleven 0'clock, approve the sketches for the toy spaceship.
SusanWhere are they?
SamRight here.
SusanDid you look at them?
SamYes, I did.
SusanWhat do you think of the spaceship?
SamI think the kids'll love it.
SusanWould you show me the drawings, please?
SusanNow, what else is on the schedule today?
SamWell, at one o'clock you have a lunch appointment with Mr.Levine, the client from the Toytown Stores.
SamAt Rossano's.
SusanHmm. Anything else?
SamAt four o'clock, you have a meeting with the production staff in the conference room.
SusanMake sure everybody is at that meeting.
SamWill do. At six you're meeting Mr.Ozawa.
SusanOh, yes. Are his models here?
SamThey're in my office.
SusanI'd like to see them.
SusanWhat else?
SusanCome on, Sam...
SamYou work hard, Susan. When was your last day off?
SusanHmm. I can't remember.
SamYou really ought to take some time off.
SusanWhat for?
SamTo enjoy the simple things in life...
SusanI know, Sam. Maybe soon.
SamTo smell the flowers.
SusanOh, wait a minute.What's today' date?
SamToday is the twelfth. Why?
SusanIt seems to me I scheduled something else.
SamThere's nothing else in the appointment book.
SusanI'm sure I did. Oh, well, I'll probably remember it later.
SamI hope it isn't important.
SusanHmm. It's probably nothing. OK, let's get started. Would you call Priscilla Smith at FAO Schwarz, please?
SamThese are the models from the Japanese film maker.
SusanThank you. Just put them on my desk.
SamAnd the new drawings for the toy spaceship.
SusanWonderful. That was fast.
SamWe have a new artist. She's very talented.
SusanWhat time is it, anyway? My watch stopped.
SamIt's evelen thirty.
SusanWhat time is my lunch date with Bill Levine.
SamOne 0'clock.
SusanRemind me to leave at twelve forty-five.
SamDid you remember your other appointment for today?
SusanNo, but I have a feeling it's going to be too late when I do remember.
SusanYes, Sam?
SamI just solved the mystery.
SusanWhat did I forget?
SamYou have some guests in the reception room.
SusanWhat? Who?
SamMr. Harry Bennett and his daughter.
SusanI remember! Oh... Harry! I made a lunch date with him and his daughter weeks ago.
SamIs he a client?
SusanHe's a friend.
SamWell, He's here with his daughter to have lunch.
SusanI met her at Thankgiving, and I promised to have lunch with both of them today.
SamYes, indeed. What are you going to do about your appointment with Mr.Levine?
SusanAny suggestions? Oh!

Act II

Coming up in Act Two, Susan greets Harry and Michelle. But Michelle may not want to have lunch. Later on, they go out. And Susan tries to talk to Michelle. What's on Michelle's mind?

SusanHi, Michelle. Hello, Harry. It's nice to see you again.
HarryHi, Susan. We have both been excited about seeing you and having lunch with you today. Michelle picked these flowers out for you.
MichelleDaddy, can we go soon?
HarryWe're going to go to lunch in a few minutes, honey.
MichelleBut I'm thirsty.
HarryOK. You go out and get a drink of water at the fountain.
SusanThe fountain is over there, Michelle.Near the Exit sign.
MichelleThank you.
HarryMichelle is a little shy.
SusanI used to be that way when I was her age. Harry, if Michells doesn't want to go, we don't have to.
HarryShe'll be fine. Remember, I haven't dated anyone else since her mother died. This is a little difficult for her. Are you ready to go?
SusanYes. But could you wait one minute? I have a call to make. Would you excuse me?
SusanSam, get Mr. Levine a Toytown Stores on the telephone for me, please.
SamRight. Hello. Susan Stewart calling Mr. Levine please. He's on the phone
SusanMr. Levine, Susan Stewart. I find myself in an barrassing situation. I made another lunch date for today and forgot to enter it in my appointment book. Can you and I meet for drinks tomorrow? I'd really appreciate it... Yes...Thank you...Tomorrow at five o'clock at the Biltrnore. I'll see you then. Thank you, Mr.Levine.
WaiterWelcome to the South Street Restaurant, folks. What'll it be?
HarryWhat do you recommend?
WaiterWell, the crab salad's always a big hit.
HarrySusan, would you like the crab salad?
SusanI'd love the crab salad.
HarryMichelle, would you like to try the crab salad, too?
MichelleOK, Daddy.
HarryWe'll have threecrab salads and a pitcher of lemonade.
WaiterHelp yourself to celery and carrots and other vegetables.
HarryWe used to catch crabs.
SusanWhere was that?
HarryWe had a summer house on Fire lsland. Do you remember, Michelle?
MichelleSure. You and Mommy used to take me on the ferryboat.
HarrySometimes, at night, we would go down to the beach and catch crabs, remember?
MichelleWith a piece of meat on a string!
HarryRight. Well, I think I'm going to go get us all some vegetables.
WaiterThere you go.
SusanThank you.
WaiterAnd some ice-cold lemonade.
SusanThank you.
WaiterEnjoy it.
SusanMichelle, can I help you with the lemonade?
MichelleNo, thank you, I'll wait for my father.
SusanMichelle, can we have a talk?
SusanI know you miss your mother.
MichelleYou do?Susan: Yes. And I'm not trying to take her place.
MichelleThen why are you and Daddy spending so much time together?
SusanBecaue we like each other. And right now, he needs a friend.
MichelleI'm his friend.
SusanI know you are.
MichelleSometimes he's very sad.
SusanAnd so are you, I think.
SusanI'd like to be your friend, too. Will you let me be your friend, Michelle?
HarrySo, what were you two talking about?
MichelleJust girl talk, daddy. It's too hard to explain.
HarryYou're probably right. Well, let's get started.


In Act Three, Susan, Harry and Michelle have a lot of fun together. But Susan has work to do. Harry is disappointed. Michelle is disappointed, too. What will Susan do?

SusanOh, it's a quarter to four, and I have a production meeting at four.
HarryI planned to take you for a ride in Central Park in a horse and carriage.
SusanHarry, I'd love to , but I have work to do.
HarryOK. We'll walk back to your office with you. It's so nice out. I decided to forget about my accounting problems and just enjoy this beautiful spring day. Take the time, Susan.
SusanI know I should, but... well, there are too many things to do.
HarryI understand. I'll go for a ride with Michelle.
SusanRight. Well, I had a really nice time.
HarrySo did I.
MichelleSo did I. I'm sorry you can't come with us, Susan.
SusanSo am I.
SusanHarry! Michelle! Can you wait till I make a phone call?
SamSusan Stewart's office.
SusanSam, this is Susan.
SamHi. How was lunch?
SamYou're late. The production department's waiting in the conference room.
SusanI know. Ask Paul Smith to fill in for me. He knows everything about the production schedule, and he can answer any questions.
SusanDon't tell anyone, but I'm taking a little time to smell the flowers.
SamGood for you. It'll be our sceret.
SusanBut schedule another production meeting for tomorrow. I'll be back for my six o'clock appointment with Mr. Ozawa.
SamOK, Susan. And have a nice afternoon.
HarryShe likes you.
SusanI know. I like her.
HarryHow'd you do it?
SusanWe had a talk.
HarryAbout what?
HarryAnd what did you decide?
SusanThat's a secret...between us women.

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