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Family Album USA - Episode 11 - A Place of Our Own


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 11 - A Place of Our Own
This is the 11th  episode of Family Album USA called:
A Place of Our Own

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Family Album USA - Episode 11 - A Place of Our Own

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Family Album USA: Episode 11 - A Place of Our Own

Act I

In Act One, Marilyn asks Ellen for advice about buying a house. They talk about seeing a real-estate agent, someone who sells houses, and they talk about getting a mortgage, a bank loan to buy a house. Does Ellen want Richard and Marilyn to buy a house? How does Ellen feel?

MarilynEllen, I'd like your opinion
EllenAbout what?
MarilynWell, Richard and I feel that with a baby coming we need to have our own place to live.
MarilynWell, what do you think about Richard and me looking for a small house or an apartmnt at this point in our lives?
EllenWe love having you here, and there is room, and...and when the baby comes, the baby can stay in your room for a while.
MarilynRichard feels we need to find a small house.
EllenI remember when I was pregnant with Richard.Philip and I were living with Grandma and Grandpa. Philip was a young doctor, and he kept talking about having a house of our own. It's natural.
MarilynWhat did you do ?
EllenWe looked at a lot of houses.
MarilynDid you find one?
EllenOh, not at first. We couldn't afford it.Grandpa wanted to led us the money to buy one, but philip is too independent. He didn't want to borrow any money.
MarilynSounds like Richard.
EllenThey're all alike. Richard is a real Stewart. He's independent, and sometimes just stubbom.
MarilynWhen did you buy a house?
EllenAfter Richard was born. I was teaching music,and Philip was opening his first meical office.
MarilynWhere was the house?
EllenRight here in Riverdate. Of course, it was a small house, but just right for us.
MarilynIt's funny. History repeats itself. Now Richard and I are having a baby, and we prbably won't be able to afford a house right away, either.
EllenWhy don't you look at some houses, Marilyn?
MarilynGood idea.
EllenLook in the real-estate section of Sunday's Times. You'll learn a lot.
MarilynMaybe we should speak to a real-estate agent about a house.
EllenAnd a bank about a mortgage.
MarilynI'll talk to Richard about it. I think it's a good idea, Ellen. We can learn a lot by asking.
EllenAnd if I can be of any help, let me know. As a matter of fact, my friend Virginia Martinelli is a real-estate agent.
EllenYou won't believe this, but she sold us our first house and this one.
MarilynWell, I'll tell Richard, and we'll go to see her. Do you think the skirt length is right, Ellen? Do you think it's too long?
EllenI think the skirt is just right. Are you planning to attach a train to it?
MarilynNo. No train. Just the dress. But I am going to make a headpiece of lace.
EllenThat dress is gorgeous.
MarilynThanks, Ellen. And thanks for the advice about the house. I'll talk to Richard about it the minute the comes home.
EllenAnd remember, we love having you here. There's no need to rush.

Act II

In Act Two, Marilyn and Richard speak with Mrs. Martinelli, a real-estate agent. Mrs. Martinelli offers to help. But she explains that Marilyn and Richard cannot afford a house in Riverdale. Will Marilyn and Richard find a house?

VirginiaI remember your parents' first house very well. It was on Spring Avenue, near the park.
RichardI grew up in that house.
VirginiaYes, and you were such a cute baby.
Marilyn I've seen pictures of him. He had blond hair.
VirginiaI've been friendly with the Stewart family for a long time, so It's my pleasure to help you find a house now.
RichardWell, we're not sure we can afford one.
MarilynBut we'd like to find ut about the possibileties.
VirginiaThat's a good idea. I love your house on Linden Street. I sold your father that house seventeen years ago.
RichardYes, Mom was pregnant with Robbie then, and they needed the extra room.
VirginiaI hear you're expecting a baby, Mrs.Stewart.
MarilynMmm-hmm. So we will be needing more room.
VirginiaOh, so you don't need something immediately?
RichardNo. But in five or six months...
MarilynAnd time passes so quickly.
VirginiaYes, it does. Well, when you called, you gave me enough information about your salaries and your savings. So I have a good idea about your financial situation. Let me show your some pictures of houses.
MarilynWith two bedrooms?
VirginiaYes, I think I can show you some. Of course, they won't be in Riverdale. The cost of housing's too high for you here.
RichardI haven't thought about living anywhere else. We've always lived in this area.
MarilynWhere should we look for a house, Mrs.Martinelli?
VirginiaWell, we have an office in Mount Kisco. It's a lovely area, and it's only about an hour's rive from here. Here. I have a book with photos of some homes in that area. Now, let's see. Here. This is a lovely two-bedroom house in your price range.
MarilynIt's pretty, but I prefer a two-story home.
RichardI do, too. I don't care for a ranch type.
VirginiaOK. Oh, this is a wonderful house. I know it well. I sold it to the present owners.
RichardIt looks wonderful.
VirginiaThis is a two-bedroom, two-bath house. It has a full basement, and it is on a half- acre lot. You can probably afford this one.
MarilynI like this house.
RichardSo do I.
VirginiaAnd the price is right. Would you like to go see it?
RichardYes. We're planning to talk to someone at the bank next week. Perhaps we could see the house this weekend.
VirginiaIf some one doesn't buy it before then. But let's keep looking. Just to get an idea of some other possibillties.
RichardThis is very helpful, Mrs. Martinelli.
VirginiaHere. This is a wounderful example of Spanish-style architecture.
RichardOh, I love the roof tiles on a Spanish-style house.
MarilynIt looks like the houses in Hollywood.
VirginiaIt's interesting. A house like this in Riverdale costs double the price. Oh my! Here's a real buy. It's a bargain. This house just came on the market.
MarilynIt's quite lovely. Is it a two-bedroom house?
VirginiaNo. It has three bedrooms and three baths. I know the house. It has a brand new kitchen. And a living room with a twelve-foot ceiling. And there's a two-car garage.
RichardThen why don't we go look at this house, too?
VirginiaIt's a good investment.
RichardThank you, Mrs. Martinelli.
MarilynThanks so much.
VirginiaMy pleasure. Give my best to your parents.
VirginiaYour father's a wonderful doctor, Richard. He took care of my daughter when she was a child. He's the best pediatrician in Westchester.
RichardThanks, Mrs. Martinelli, I'll give them your regards.
MarilynWe really appreciate your advice.
VirginiaI do think you should go see the houses and talk to the bank. Here. Let me give you some information sheets abo the houses. They're both very good buys.
RichardWell, thanks so much for your help and your time, Mrs. Martinelli. We've got a lot to talk about.
MarilynMmm-hmm. Thanks.


In Act Three, Marilyn and Richard go to a bank, they need a mortgage — a bank loan to buy a house. The bank officer Mr. Riley needs to find out if they can afford to pay back the loan. So he asks about their jobs. Will Marilyn and Richard get a mortgage?

Mr.RileyHow do you do?
Mr.RileyI'm Ralph Riley.
RichardI'm Richard Stewart, and this is my wife, Marilyn.
Mr.RileyPleased to meet you.
MarilynLikewise, Mr.Riley.
MR.RileyPlease, sit down. What can I do for you?
RichardWe'd like to discuss a mortgage.
MarilynFor a house.
Mr.RileyFine. Are you buying a house or are you reinancing your present home?
RichardWe're planning to buy a house.
MarilynAnd we'd like to find out about a mortgage.
RichardWe are customers of the bank. As a matter of fact, my whole Family banks here.
Mr.RileyI have some questions to ask. Do you own your house or do you rent?
RichardNeither. We live with my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Philip Stewart.
Mr.RileyAnd how old are you?
MarilynI'm twenty-nine.
RichardI'm thirty.
Mr.RileyAnd, Mr. Stewat, what is your occupation?
RIchardI'm a freelance photographer.
Mr.RileyAnd, Mrs. Stewart, are you working?
MarilynYes.I'm a designer, and I work in a boutique.
Mr.RileyDid you bring any savings or salary information? Last year's tax forms?
RichardYes. Here they are.
Mr.RileyOK.What...what kind of house did you have in mind?
RichardWe're talking about buying a two-bedroom house in Mount Kisco.Here are the financial details on the house.
Mr.RileyThank you. Are you prepared to make a ten-percent down payment?
RichardYes, we are.
Mr.RileyPayments over thirty years?
MarilynDo you think we can get a loan?
Mr.RileyWell, it depends. Do you own any other property? Any stocks or bonds?
Mr.RileyI see. Then you don't have any collateral. Perhaps you could get a guarantor- someone to sign for the loan for you.
RichardWhy is that necessary?
Mr.RileySince you don't have enough income, and you don't already own any property, the bank needs to be sure you can pay the mortgage every month. A gauarntor is responsible for the loan if you can't make the payments.
RichardI see. Well, the idea of buying a house is exciting.
MarilynThank you, Mr.Riley. We'll read this over carefully.
Mr.RileyThank you.
RichardGood-bye. Thanks.
Mr.RileyGodd-bye.And hope to see you soon.
RichardI hope so, too.
Mr.RileyTake care.
RichardIt all sounded so easy until they mentioned needing collateral or a guarantor.
MarilynWe have no collateral.
RichardAnd I don't think it's a good idea to ask Dad to sign as a guarantor. I don't feel right about it.
MarilynI understand your feelings about it, Richard.
EllenNow, tell me, what's the problem?
MarilynWe can get a loan from the bank if we can put up some collateral.
RichardAnd we don't own anything to use as collateral.
MarilynOr someone can sign with us as a guarantor.
EllenWhy don't you speak to Dad?
RichardNo. If we buy a house, I want to be able to handle it alone.
EllenEverybody needs help sometimes, Richard.
MarilynI understand Richard's feelings about it, Ellen.
RichardIn two or three months, I'll have an advance on my book and be able to put more money down.
MarilynWhat about the house in Mount Kisco? Somebody else'll buy it by then.
RichardThen there'll be other houses, Marilyn.
EllenRichard has a point. You're just beginning to look.
MarilynWe're in no great rush. It's true.
RichardThis has been a great learning experienc for us, Marilyn.Talking to the real-estate agent. Looking at the houses.Talking to the loan officer at the bank.
MarilynIt has been a learning experience. That's true.
EllenI think you're doing the right thing. Taking your time.Looking around.Especially with a purchase of this kind.You're talking about a lot of money.
MarilynWe'll call Mrs. Martinelli and tell her to keep looking for us.
RichardAnd I'll call Mr.Riley at the bank and tell him we'll see him in a couple of months.
EllenAnd if you ever need Dad or me to help you...
MarilynWe know.
EllenYou know we'll be there for you.
RichardIt's a Stewart tradition. We're a family.

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