Property Virgins

Of all house hunters, first time buyers - property virgins – are the most in need of help. For first time buyers the emotional investment in the search for that first home is greatest. Property Virgins, a unique new factual entertainment series, examines the intense world of first time house hunting through the eyes of virgin buyers.

Entertaining, dramatic and informative, Property Virgins is set apart from other real-estate programs because it follows first time buyers on their quest to find the perfect first home. Focusing on the intense, roller-coaster journey of property virgins’ first foray into the real estate market, the series offers unique stories combined with the best of property programming and practical take home advice.

The program’s “tell it like it is” host Sandra Rinomato helps buyers find their ultimate home, while also making their money go further by achieving the ultimate deal. Part realtor, part therapist, friend, and financial advisor, Sandra helps our buyers see the difference between their hopes of acquiring the out of reach dream home and the cold-hard reality of what it takes to find the right property.

The series features property virgins from a variety of backgrounds, all with unique stories. In Property Virgins we meet young couples searching for their first home together, single parent families, adult children buying homes with their parents, and singles that want to invest in real estate.

In each episode Sandra guides a different first time buyer through the minefield of buying a home; from choosing a location, viewing properties, negotiating the loan and the home inspection, to the tense moments of putting in an offer and, finally, purchasing their first house. Through each buyer’s story Sandra offers critical information and tips on how to best negotiate one’s way through the tricky and emotionally draining process of house hunting.


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