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Family Album USA - Episode 12 - You're Tops


Family Album USA - Episode 12 - You're Tops

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Family Album USA: Episode 12 - You're Tops

Act I

In the first act, Grandpa is restless. He is waiting for Susan to come over for dinner. Since Grandpa retired, he has too much free time. What does Grandpa want to do?

GrandpaIs that you, Susan?
SusanIt's me, Grandpa.
GrandpaAm I glad to see you!
SusanAnd am I glad to see you! I am also glad to be here.
GrandpaHow are things?
SusanI have been talking to a group of salesmen since ten this morning, and I'm real exhausted.
GrandpaWell, you look good. What's Harry doing tonight?
SusanHe and Michelle are visiting relatives in New Jersey today.
GrandpaThe rest of our family went to the movies. So it's just you and me, Susan.
SusanIt's nice to be alone with you, Grandpa. We don't get to see enough of each other.
GrandpaOh, I feel the same way, Susan. I miss seeing you. But to tell the truth, next time I'd like to go into the city and meet you there, instead of you coming here.
SusanYou don't need to do that, Grandpa.
GrandpaYeah, I do. I need to get out more. Well, I mean there's a lot to do around the house, and I love being here with the family, you know, but I'm restless. Since I retired, I've got extra time on my hands.
SusanI understand, Grandpa.
GrandpaI think you do. Frankly, I'd like to use my brain a little more.
SusanGrandpa, you have so much energy and so many years of experience. There are probably a lot of places for you to work. Particularly in the construction field.
GrandpaBut at my age, I'm not looking for a full-time job. I'm retired. But I'm bored.
SusanWell, there must be something. Maybe I can help.
GrandpaLet's go into the kitchen, and maybe can help me set the table.
SusanSounds good to me. What are we having?
GrandpaI prepared lamb chops, mashed potatoes, and a tossed green salad to begin with.
SusanGrandpa, you are a terrific guy!
SusanYou're still thinking about something to do, aren't you? A job of some kind.
GrandpaThat's right. I've been thinking about it for weeks now .There must be some way to put my mind to good use.
SusanWe'll find a solution. A positive solution to your finding a way to use that wounderful mind of yours.

Act II

In the second act, Susan talks with Sam, her assistant, about her Grandfather's problem. Susan thinks her boss John Marchetta may be able to help. So she meets with Mr. Marchetta and explains the problem. Maybe Mr. Marchetta can help.

SusanSam, would you come in, please?
SamYou sound like something's brothering you, Susan. The sketches for the cover of the new doll book?
SusanThat's not it. Please sit down.
SusanI need your advice on a personal matter, but it's not about me.
SamYou need my advice on a personal matter, and it's not about. OK.
SusanIt's about my grandfather.
SamWhat's the probem?
SusanIt won't sound like a big deal, but it is. I had dinner with him Saturday, and he's very unhappy about not working.
SamI thought he was retired and pleased to be living with the family.
SusanHe is, but there's so much energy and talent in the man ,and he doesn't get to use it.
SamBut what can I do?What kind of advice are you looking for?
SusanSimply this. John Marchetta runs this company.
SamHe founded this company.
SusanRight. John Marchetta Gave me my start here six years ago, when I first graduated from college. He gave me the chance to use my talents and made me feel more confident.
SamRight. Maybe he can do the same thing for your grandfather.
SusanOr at least give him some advice.
SamRight. Then I've solved your problem.
SusanI can always depend on you, Sam.
SamI'm glad to help. Shall I call Mr. Marchetta for you?
SusanNo, no. I'll do that. Thanks.
SamNow, how's the Stewart family?
SusanFine, thank you, Mr. Marchetta. Except for my grandfather.
SamWhat's wrong, Susan?What's wrong with him?
SusanHe needs to work. In fact, that is the reason why I'm here to see you. I know you're building a new factory, and I thought...may be...my grandfather is so experienced in the construction trade, he could be so valuable.
SamTell him to come and see me at ten 0'clock tomorrow morning. I have an idea that may solve the probem for him and help a lot of other people.
SusanReally, Mr.Marchetta? Can I tell him that?
MarchettaSure can. Ten o'clock in the morning. Here.
SusanOh, thank you!


In the third act, Grandpa meets with John Marchetta. And Grandpa tells Mr. Marchetta about his experience in the construction business. And he explains his problem. So John Marchetta tells Grandpa about an organization called TOPS. How can TOPS help?

GrandpaHi. I'm Malcolm Stewart.
MarchettaJohn Marchetta.Sit down, sit down.
GrandpaSusan has told me a great deal about you.She says you're quite a man.
MarchettaShe says a lot of wonderful things about you too, Mr.Stewart.
GrandpaThat's always nice to hear, Mr.Marchetta.
MarchettaCall me John. May I call you Malcolm?
MarchettaLet's talk business.
GrandpaThat's music to my ears.
MarchettaI understand you used to be in the construction business.
GrandpaYup. Forty-three years. Here's a brief description of forty three years of on-the-job training.
MarchettaThat is some history! You're a valuable asset, Malcolm.Very valuable.
GrandpaThank you. Yup. Forty-three years. Half that time in my own construction company. Big jobs-factories, shopping malls.That kind of thing.
MarchettaThen you retired.
GrandpaYes. After my wife died, and I felt I should spend more time with my children and grandchildren. I live in Florida, and they lived in New York.
MarchettaI understand.My daughter Cami lives in NewYork. I like being near her.
GrandpaWhen I came here, I planned to take a few months off. Relax with the family and then look for some work. Put my experience on the line...but, unfortunately, there isn't any work for a retired person my age.
MarchettaSometimes there is, and sometimes there isn't. Well, I'm mvolved with an organization, and we're trying to resolve that problem.
GrandpaWhat's that?
MarchettaTOPS.T -O-P-S- means Talented Older People's Society.
GrandpaI'd like to be a member. How much are the dues?
MarchettaThere are no dues...The organization serves major men and women like you. Experienced, talented, retired.But our members want to go out there and use their talents.They want to work.
GrandpaThat fantastic, John!
MarchettaI've got and idea for you, Malcolm. Just fill out this form for me. It'll only take a few minutes. Sit right here, and do it while I talk to my secretary. When I get back, we'll talk about my new factory. My company is a membe of TOPS. So I try hard to find opportunities for people like it. Well, I can use your brainpower on the job right now. Have you got time this morning to go over to the construction site with me? I'd like to have you meet my foreman-get some background on the job.
GrandpaI've got plenty of time.
MarchettaI'll be right back. We'll go over to the job site together.
DannyMalcolm, you worked on the Spaceport project?
GrandpaMy company was the contractor. I built the theater there with my own two hands, practically.
DannyI understand.
MarchrttaWell, I'm glad to see you two guys geeting along so well because Danny, Malcolm is on the TOPS team.He's going to be working with you for a while. His experience will be valuable to both of us.
DannyWelcome aboard, Malcolm!
MarchettaI'm going back to my office. Give me a call later, Malcolm. I'll tell you the time and date of the next TOPS meeting. I'd like you to meet the group.
GrandpaI will, John. And again-thanks.
MarchettaNo...thank you. And thank Susan.
GrandpaHe's quite a man.
DannyA real inspiration for me.
GrandpaOK, Danny. I know you didn't expect to have me around, but I think I can be of some help to you.
DannyLet me tell you something, Malcolm. With your background and experience, I can learn something...and I do need some advice on a difficult problem.Let me show you this.
GrandpaI don't want to give you a final opinion without studying these building plans more carefully. But a simple solution might be to move the air-conditioning units instead of redesigning the entire system. It might be simpler and less expensive.
DannyYou just earned your weight in gold, Malcolm. Welcome aboard!
GrandpaIt all happended so quickly! I can't believe it!
SusanI'm glad Mr. Marchetta was so helpful.
GrandpaHe was more than helpful. He actually took me to meet his foreman.
SusanI'm thrilled for you, Grandpa.
GrandpaI don't know how to thank you, Susan.You're a wonderful granddaughter.
SusanIt's good to see you so happy.
GrandpaI'll be at the construction site tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow night?
SusanI'm not doing anything. Why?
GrandpaHow about a date with your grandfather? I owe you a good steak dinner.
SusanI'll accept. Tomorrow night. You and me. Dinner. What time?
GrandpaI'll pick you up here at seven. Is that OK?
SusanI can't wait! And you can tell me all about your first full day back on the job.
GrandpaIt's a deal!

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