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Family Album USA - Episode 13 - A Real Stewart


Family Album USA - Episode 13 - A Real Stewart

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Family Album USA: Episode 13 - A Real Stewart

Act I

In Act One, Ellen and Susan are preparing for the arrival of Marilyn and Richard's new baby — Max. Grandpa is excited. Max is his great-grandson. Susan has a gift for Marilyn and Richard. It's a baby album. A little later, Marilyn and Richard arrive with their new baby.

EllenThere's nothing more joyous than the arrival of a new baby.
SusanI am so excited, Mother! Just imagine-Marilyn and Richard must be thrilled! Oh, a new baby!
EllenMax...Max...Max. Oh, it's a sweet-sounding name for a sweet little boy. My first grandchild.
SusanAnd my first nephew.Isn't he just adorable? He looks a lot like you, Mom. He does.
EllenDo you think so? Well, I guess. He does look a lot like Richard, and I guess he looks a lot like me. Oh, he's got Richard's eyes, though.
SusanI really want Harry and Michelle to see Max.
EllenWhen are they coming?
SusanTomorrow. Harry has an account to work on today. Yes, he does have Richard's eyes. Big blue eyes. The baby even looks at you like Richard does.
EllenWell, chilren usually resernble their parents.
SusanIt's true Michelle is a lot like Harry in so many ways. And she's shy with new people, just like he is.
EllenYou really like Michelle, don't you?
SusanYes. I'm very fond of her.
EllenAnd Harry,too?
EllenUh, it's four-thirty. Oh, my! Marilyn and Richard will be home from the hospital any minute, and we must prepare this room.
SusanWhere will we put all the presents?
EllenWell, let's take everything to the living room,.Marilyn and Richard and the baby need the space. It's crowded in here.
GrandpaThe welcome sign is up: "Welcome home, Max."
EllenIsn't it exciting, Grandpa?
SusanYour first great-grandchild.
GrandpaYes.Yes, sir. A great-grandchild. A great-grandson. Another generation to carry on the Stewart name.
SusanI love you, Grandpa. You make me feel so proud to be part of our family.
GrandpaOne day, You'll have your own family, and I'll be proud to be part of it.
EllenNow you understand my feelings, Susan. I'm Grandpa's daughter-in-law, but I feel like a Stewart. He's always made me feel like his own daughter.
GrandpaWell, that's because you're so much like us-wounderful!
SusanMom, got it. This will make a nice gift for Marilyn and dates and information about Max's life here. Let's see. Name: Max Stewart. Does he have a middle name?
EllenNo, just Max. I like that. No middle name. No middle initial.
GrandpaLike me. I'm Malcolm Stewart.Just Malcolm Stewart.
SusanAnd Max has your initials, Grandpa:M.S.
EllenUh, it must mean something.
SusanWeight: eight pounds six ounces.
GrandpaEight-six. Big boy! All the Stewart men were big.
EllenWell, Robbie was eight pounds two ounces, and ichard was eight pounds three.
SusanAnd me?
EllenEight pounds six. You were big, just like Max.
SusanEight pounds six, just like me. That's nice. Length. Length?
EllenRichard says Max is twenty-one inches long.
GrandpaTall.All the Stewart men are tall.
EllenWell, Grandpa, you're about five-nine or five-ten. I wouldn't call that tall.
GrandpaI take after my mother's family. They were...they were... they were average.
And lots of pages for Richard's photos of Max.
GrandpaSpeaking of mother and of father-and speaking of Max hear the car. They're here!
EllenOh! Oh, quitckly! Go, go, go!
EllenLet's see. Oh, welcome home. Oh, let her in. Wait with your pictures for a second. Come on, darlings. Sweetheart... Sit down right here.
SusanOh, he's so cute! Oh, Marilyn!
RobbieMax looks just like Grandpa.
GrandpaA real Stewart.
MarilynI'm so happy to be home with my family - and with Max.

Act II

In Act Two, it's late in the evening. Upstairs, Marilyn and Richard watch Max as he sleeps. Marilyn and Richard enjoy looking at Max's gift. And they talk about grandpa's gift. What did Grandpa give Max?

SusanIt's almost ten 0'clock. I've got to go. Tomorrow is Monday, and work begins at eight in the morning for me. Oh, I'm so happy that Max is home.He's the sweetest little thing.
EllenI'll drive you to Grand Grandpa, Robbie, and I can fininsh wrapping all these gifts.
RichardIt's so good to have you home again...and to see Max asleep in his bassinet at home with us.
MarilynTo be with our family and all that Stewart TLC.
RichardTLC-tender loving care. That's our motto.
MarilynDid you see the washcloth and the towels with the teddy bears on them? Alexandra and the Molinas sent them for max.
RichardIt was so kind of them. Now Max has come into everyone's life.
MarilynThe house is so alive with him here. The welcome sign over the door.The boxes of presents. The M-Z-X over his bassinet. Robbie put that there. Susan's teddy bear. So cuddly. The beautiful crib from Mom and Dad.
RichardOh, and Grandpa's baseball glove. You know, it hung over my crib, too. And it hung over Robbie's crib.
MarilynPart of Grandpa's magic?
RichardOh, that's not all. It hung over Susan's crib.
MarilynPart of Grandpa's magic?
RichardOh, that's not all. It hung over Susan's crib.
MarilynThe same baseball glove?
RichardThat's right. Grandpa hangs it there for good luck.He says it alwys brought him good luck on the baseball team. He believes it'll bring good luck to all the Stewart babies.
MarilynAnd then he takes it back when Max is ready to use it?
RichardYes, and replaces it with a new glove so the old one will be ready for a new member of the Stewart family
MarilynGrandpa really loves his family, doesn't he? So do I.
RichardAnd so do I.
RichardAnd so does Max.
MarilynAfter he eats!


In Act Three, Marilyn opens a gift from Harry and Michelle. Susan offers to take Michelle upstairs to see the baby. What will Michelle think of Max?

MarilynThanks, Michelle.
MichelleI hope you like it.
MarilynIsn't this baby outfit adorable? With his name on it "Max."Thanks so much, Harry and Michelle.
RichardWe really appreciate it.
HarryI'm glad you like it. Michelle Picked it out.
MichelleYes. I told Daddy to pick blue ones. Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls.
GrandpaAnd Max is some boy.
RichardHe's a real Stewart.
EllenThat was so thoughtful of you, Michelle. Especially to pick it out in blue.
SusanWould you like to see baby Max, Michelle?
HarryCould she? Could we?
MichelleCould I?
MarilynTake them upstairs, Susan. Harry and Michelle can watch Max sleeping.
SusanLet's go.
HarryCome on, Michelle. Before Max wakes up.
MarilynWill you please take this upstairs, Susan?
MarilynThank you.
PhilipMichelle is very grown up for a ten-year-old, huh?
EllenShe's smart and sensitive for her age.
GrandpaGrowing up without a mother is difficult. You mature auickly.
EllenSusan's like a mother to Michelle. They have a good relationship.Do you think Susan and Harry will get married?
RobbieYeah. You can count on it.
PhilipI think so. Yes. They get along so well.
GrandpaI like him. He's good for Susan.
EllenHe's a little quiet.
RichardIt's hard to do anything but listen in this family.
EllenHow can anybody get a word in around here?
MarilynYou're right, Ellen.
PhilipOh, really?
RichardIt's the way it should be. The Stewarts are the Stewarts!
GrandpaThey always were, and they always will be.
GrandpaThey've always got an opinion. Always got something to say.
MarilynAnd now there's Max Stewart,and if he talks as loudly as he cries, we're all in for brouble.
RobbieHe's quiet now.
MarilynMmm-hmm.That's because he's sleeping.
HarryHe's really cute.
SusanIt's not necessary to whisper, Harry. A baby gets used to voices.
HarryI remember now. We always whispered when Michelle was born.
MichelleAnd I didn't sleep well. Daddy told me. I never slept. And when I did, I woke up when I heard someone speak.
SusanI bet you were cute.
HarryShe sure was.
MichelleNot as cute as Max. He's like a little doll.
MichelleOh, good.Now I can help diaper him.
SusanLet's get Marilyn. What do you do when he cries like that?
HarryYou pick him up.
SusanHe's so little...so new. Let's call Marilyn.
MarilynTime for a feeding and time for a diapering. You're a real Stewart.

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