Learn English with New Headway for Pre-Intermediate

New Headway Video 4 in 1 DVD - Part 3: Pre-Intermediate

Learn English with New Headway for Pre-Intermediate
Learn English with New Headway for Pre-Intermediate

This the third part of New Headway video 4 in 1 series. This part is for Pre-Intermediate learner. The video content is designed to consolidate grammatical, functional and lexical areas covered in Real-world speaking skills - Everyday English, Spoken English, Music of English (Beginner to Intermediate), and to develop listening comprehension skills.

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Learn English with New Headway for Pre-Intermediate

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Learn English with New Headway for Pre-Intermediate:

The world's most trusted adult English course - a perfectly balanced syllabus and proven methodology, now with a new generation of digital support.

Learn English with New Headway for Beginner

Learn English with New Headway for Beginner
Learn English with New Headway for Beginner

This is one of the good resources to help in learning real English. This video show us to use English the way native speaker use. This video is the basic easy English for the beginner. There are subtitles all the way to the end of the video. There are some incorrect in the subtitle, though.

Remember to be good in English, learn it from the natural real English. So, when it is the time to use it in real situation, you will be able to bring it to use right away, and the right way.

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Learn English with New Headway for Beginner

Download - Learn English with New Headway for Beginner


Learn English with New Headway for Beginner:

How to Learn English Rule # 7

Rule #7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat

Most English CDs use “listen and repeat”. The speaker says something in English, and you repeat exactly what they said. This method is a failure.

How to Learn English Rule # 6

Rule # 6: Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials

There is something to think about today: You have studied English for many years, but why you still have difficulty time understanding native speakers.

There is nothing wrong with this, everybody faces the same in many region

If you want to understand native speakers, you must stop learning English from textbook.

You need to learn English from real English, the English that people use everyday.

I have heard that there was one guy who is very good in English, he could remember many words from the dictionary. When he talked with his friend, the one who has English as his first language, his friend said - please don't talk like a book.

To learn real English, you must listen to English that native speakers listen to. You must watch what they watch.

You must read what they read.

Listen only to real English

How do you learn Real English?

It’s easy. Stop using textbooks. Instead, listen only to real English movies, TV shows, audio books, audio articles, stories, and talk radio shows. Use real English materials.

How to Learn English Rule # 5

Rule #5: Use Point Of View Mini-Stories

With Rule 2,  never study grammar rules. But, of course, you want to use correct English grammar.
Maybe you are thinking, “How can I learn English grammar if I don’t study English grammar rules?”
Well, this is the way of learning grammar naturally. Use this method and your grammar will improve automatically.  

You will never think of the grammar rule you have to use, you will be very surprised that you just use it.

How to Learn English Rule # 4

Rule #4 Slow, Deep English Learning Is Best


The secret to speaking easily is to learn every word & phrase DEEPLY.

Its not enough to know a definition.
Its not enough to remember for a test.
You must put the word deep into your brain.

To speak English easily, you must repeat each lesson many times. You must learn English deeply. Learn deeply, speak easily. Learn deeply, speak easily. How do you learn deeply?

Easy– just repeat all lessons or listening many times. For example, if you have an audio book, listen to the first chapter 30 times before you go to the second chapter. .

How to Learn English Rule # 3

Rule # 3 For Excellent English Speaking: Learn With Your ears, Not Your Eyes

What is the main characteristic of this rule? Simple. The rule is listening.
Listening, listening, listening.

You must listen to real English EVERYDAY.

Don't read textbooks. Listen to English.
Its simple. That is the key to your English success.

Stop reading textbooks. Start listening everyday.

Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

In most schools, you learn English with your eyes. You read textbooks.
You study grammar rules.

Effortless English is a listening system. You learn English with your ears, not your eyes. You listen 1-3 hours every day.

Your speaking improves quickly.

Spend most of your study time listening- that is the key to great

How to learn English Rule # 2

Rule # 2 For Excellent English Speaking: Do Not Study Grammar Rules

Right now. Stop. Put away your grammar books and textbooks.
Grammar rules teach you to think about English, you want to speak
automatically-- without thinking!

With this method, you learn English without grammar study. Your
speaking will improve quickly. You succeed. You speak English naturally.

Below is  the testimonial from from Angelina when she followed this rule, the rule of not studying grammar. Here is what she had said:

"My name is Angelina and I'm a student from Paraguay. When I started
learning with A.J., I couldn't speak any English. I had studied English
grammar many years, but I couldn't speak.
The first day with A.J.'s Effortless English I thought I would study
grammar. However, he surprised me because he never taught grammar
Instead, he told a story. He told it many times, in a strange way. He
constantly asked questions, and I answered the questions. The questions
were super-easy.
Honestly, I was a little confused. I thought he was kind of a crazy teacher
:) I thought I needed to learn more grammar.
I continued with Effortless English and then, after only two weeks,
something amazing happened. My speaking improved! My friends asked
me, 'How are you improving so quickly?'
I realized that A.J. was quite clever, and the stories and questions and
articles were teaching me to speak English, without studying grammar
rules. Wow!"
Angelina is a great student. She learned extra fast because she listened
to Effortless English 5 hours a day. However, you can improve with just
one hour a day.

You can get the same results... but you must follow Rule # 2.

How to learn English Rule # 1

Rule # 1 For Excellent English Speaking: Study Phrases, Not Individual Words


Video Transcription

Rule 1

Hi. How are you doing today? I'm writing because you asked for my 7-
Day email course and you want to improve your English. You will get 8
emails from me-- one every day for 8 days.
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My name is A.J. Hoge. I live in San Francisco, USA. I am an English
teacher. I have a Masters degree in Teaching English. I enjoy travel,
SCUBA diving, motorcycle riding, movies, and learning Spanish.
I will teach you a new method for learning. I will teach
you how to study-- to speak English faster and more easily.

Your First Suggestion

Imagine speaking English automatically... without thinking. The words
come out of your mouth easily, and fast. You understand instantly.
To do this, you must change the way you study English. Your first action
is to stop studying English words. What?
Stop studying English words.
That's right, do not memorize words. Native speakers do not learn
English by remembering single words. Native speakers learn phrases.
Phrases are GROUPS of words that naturally go together.

Learn 4 time Faster

Research by Dr. James Asher proves that learning with phrases is 4-5
times faster than studying individual words. 4-5 Times Faster.
Also, students who learn phrases have much better grammar.

RULE 1: Always Study and Review Phrases, Not Individual Words
Never study a single, individual word. Never.
When you find a new word, always write down The Phrase it is in. Always.
When you review, always review all of the phrase,.. not the word.
Collect phrases. Your speaking and grammar will improve 4-5 times
faster. Never again study a single word. Never write a single word in
your notebook, always write the complete phrase.
Learn Phrases Only.

Your Next Tip Comes Tomorrow
During this week, I will teach you 7 rules for learning English. I will send
you a new rule each day, for 7 days.
I look forward to helping you improve your English!
Have a great day :)