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How to Learn English Rule # 6


Rule # 6: Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials

There is something to think about today: You have studied English for many years, but why you still have difficulty time understanding native speakers.

There is nothing wrong with this, everybody faces the same in many region

If you want to understand native speakers, you must stop learning English from textbook.

You need to learn English from real English, the English that people use everyday.

I have heard that there was one guy who is very good in English, he could remember many words from the dictionary. When he talked with his friend, the one who has English as his first language, his friend said - please don't talk like a book.

To learn real English, you must listen to English that native speakers listen to. You must watch what they watch.

You must read what they read.

Listen only to real English

How do you learn Real English?

It’s easy. Stop using textbooks. Instead, listen only to real English movies, TV shows, audio books, audio articles, stories, and talk radio shows. Use real English materials.

Written by : Learn from real English Team

We always believe that the best way to learn English is learning English from real English the way the native speaker use. This is the natural way of learning English. You will be surprised how much your English has improved when you expose yourself to real English environment.

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