Family Album USA - Episode 19 - I Do


Family Album USA - Episode 19 - I Do

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Family Album USA: Episode 19 - I Do

Act I

Today Susan Stewart and Harry Bennett are getting married. Coming up at Act One, Harry gets ready. Philip tries to help Harry with his bow tie. Harry is very nervous and Grandpa tries to calm him down. Later, Harry worries that he has lost something important. Will Harry find the wedding rings?

HarryIt looks wrong.
PhilipHmmm. It is wrong.
RichardAre they always that difficult to make?
PhilipThe truth is...yes. I'll try again.
RobbieAt this rate, the wedding will take place tomorow.
PhilipNot to wory. OK.Here we go.
HarryI'm worried, Philip. What if we can't tie the tie?
RichardIf we can't tie the tie, then there can't be a wedding.
RobbieYou'd better not make Harry any more nervous than he is. Don't worry.We'll figure a way.
GrandpaHow're you doing, fellas?
HarryNot so good, Grandpa. We can't get this bow tie tied. Nobody dnows how to do it.Do you?
GrandpaNo. I never could, either.
PhilipWell, you have your own tuxedo. How do you tie your bow tie?
RobbieYeah, Grandpa, I've seen you in it. You look great.How do you tie it?
GrandpaI don't.
RichardYou don't?
HarryWhat do you mean?
GrandpaI never could tie one of those...things...bow ties. I have always worn a clip-on bow tie.
HarryA clip-on?
PhilipOf course. Now I remomber.
GrandpaYes, it's so easy. All you do is clip it around under your collar.
RichardWe all need one of those.
RobbieThe tuxedo rental store. Do you think they're open?
PhilipShould be. Sunday's their big day.
RichardI'll call and find out.
GrandpaWell, if they're not, I'll lend you mine, Harry. You're the only one who really needs to be wearing a tuxedo, anyway.
HarryThanks, Grandpa.
PhilipI'm the father of the bride. I'm supposed to be worried about my daughter, and here I am with the man that's marrying my daughter-worrying about him.
GrandpaPoor Harry. I know the feeling. Wedding-day litters.
RobbieAre they open?
RichardWe're in luck. They're open. And they have lots of clip-on bow ties.
RobbieI'll bicycle down to the village and get them.
HarryYou'd better hurry, Robbie.
GrandpaThere's lots of time. A little over two hours.
HarryIn two hours and fifteen minutes I'll be married to Susan.
PhilipAnd be a true member of the Stewart family.
GrandpaOh, you're a lucky guy, Harry. Susan is one of the best women you'll ever find. She's just like her grandma.
RichardNow, once you put the ring on Susan's finger, you are one of us, Harry. And don't ever forget it.
HarryRing? Ring? Oh my! What did I do with the rings? I put them in the pocket of my sports jacket.
RichardNo, I think you put them in your tuxedo jacket pocket. Remember?
HarryRight. What did I do with the rings?
PhilipDidn't you give them to Richard? He's your best man. I remember. You gave them to Richard.
RichardOh, yeah. I remember now. You handed them to me. What did I do with them?
HarryI hope they aren't lost.
GrandpaOh, don't worry, Harry. They have to be here.
RichardI remember. I gave them to Robbie to hold so I wouldn't lose them.
HarryOh, I forget. What time is it?
GrandpaIt's still a little over two hours, Harry. Just relax.
HarryWhat about the rings?
RichardI'm sure Robbie has them.
HarryNo, NO, Robbie doesn't have them. He gave them to me to hold on to them because he didn't want the responsibility of holding them. I put them in my tuxedo but in the lapel pocket. That's a relet. I was really worried.
RichardI'll hold on to them for you. The best man always keeps the rings.
HarryYou're right. You're right. You hold on to them so there won't be problem later.
PhilipWell, now, I think we'd better get dressed, fellas.
GrandpaAll right!
RichardRobbie will bring the ties back.
HarryHey, leaving me?
GrandpaYou'll be fine.
PhilipTry to take it easy. It'll all be over in two hours.
GrandpaThe wedding ceremony will be over. You'll be husband and wife.
HarryI guess you're right. Two hours from now.Two hours from now.

Act II

In the next act, Susan gets ready for the wedding. Susan's mother, Ellen, gives her a special gift. And Marilyn helps Susan with her veil. Later, Susan looks serious. What is Susan thinking?

MarilynAnd now for...something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.
SusanOK. Let's see. Something borrowed. That's this dress.Borrowed from Marilyn.
EllenSomething blue. My wristband. I wore it when I married your father.
SusanOh, Mother. I forgot you still had it. It's just so lovely.
EllenI bought it in an antique shop when I was about eighteen years old. I saved it for my wedding day.
SusanAnd you saved it for me, didn't you, Mother?
EllenYes, honey I did. Are we ever going to finish?
EllenAll right. OK. Something borrowed.
MarilynThe wedding dress. And something blue.
SusanThe wristband. Something old?
EllenSomething old. Right. What's old?
SusanOf course! Something old. I had planned to wear them.
EllenGrandma's pearls! Oh, Grandpa will be so pleased that you're wearing them. I'm sure he misses Grandma on a day like this.
SusanHelp me with them, Marilyn. I've never worn them before. I've been saving them for today.
EllenSaving them for today? Oh, you're a real Stewart!Marilyn: Oh, there you go. Lovely!
MarilynSomething borrowed, something blue. Something old... and now for something new.
SusanThe veil. Oh, it's so beautiful, Marilyn!
EllenYou really are a fabulous designer, Marilyn.
MarilynDoesn't it look jst right on Susan?
MarilynAnd when you both say, "I do," Harry will lift this veil over your head and kiss the bride.
EllenOh, I'm so excited!
SusanWhen you said, "I do, " Marilyn, it suddenly became real.
MarilynThat's all right, Susan. You've got the wedding-day jitters! In less than two hours, you will be Mrs.Harry Bennett.
EllenOh, that reminds me. If we don't get dressed, we won't be there to see Susan become Mrs. Harry Bennett.
SusanBefore you leave-do I look all right?
EllenYou never looked better.
MarilynShe's right. And that's dear litte Max. Got to go and feed him.
SusanWhat am I Supposed to do?
MarilynTake off the veil, kick off your shoes, and sit down.
EllenWe'll come upstairs and get you in a little while.
MarilynRichard's going to take some wedding pictures before the ceremony. So just relax.
SusanAre you kidding? Relax?
SusanSusan Stewart... you are about to become Susan Bennett - Mrs.Harry Bennett.


In the final act, the Stewart family and friends gather for the wedding and the judge begins. Harry walks across the patio. He is ready. But when the judge asks for the rings. Does Harry have the rings?

PhilipAh, Judge.
JudgeHow are you? How are you?
JudgeI think it's time for the wedding to begin.
JudgeAll right, ladies and gentlemen. Please take your places.The wedding ceremony is about to begin.
JudgeOK, Jane. Start the music.
JudgeDearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Do either of you have any reason why you should not legally be joined in marriage? Is there anyone present who can show any just cause why these two people should not be legally joined in marriage? Then, Harry Bennett, do you take Susan Stewart to be your lawful, wedded wife?
HarryI do.
JudgeAnd you, Susan Stewart, do you take Harry Bennett to be your lawful, wedded husband?
SusanI do
JudgeThe rings, please.
RichardI have them, Harry.
JudgeBy the power vested in me by the laws of the State of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now, Harry.

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