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Situational Dialogues - 25. Telephoning


Situational Dialogues - 25. Telephoning
Situational Dialogues - 25. Telephoning

Situational Dialogues were designed with variety of 44 everyday English usage situations. This is designed for Intermediate level and above. Each situation is represented by four successive dialogues.

44 topics 4 Dialogues of 2-3 pairs of questions and answers for each. Dialogs are made up so that one phrase of a dialogue can be easily inserted into the other.

This is the easy, entertaining English guide. Something like a tourist voiced phrase. The phrases are spoken in a real, fast pace and are accompanied by sound effects on the situation.

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Situational Dialogues - 25. Telephoning

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Situational Dialogues - 25. Telephoning:

This is the 25th episode of Situational Dialogues and this is the common dialogues that you could found when making a call. Listen to the conversation and the transcript can be found below.

Dialogues 1
1st PersonNumber please.
2nd PersonI'd like to make an A.D.C, personal call to 014862435, please.
1st PersonWhat is the name of the person you wish to speak to?
2nd PersonMiss Susan Greene. GD double ENE.
1st PersonWhat is your number, please?
2nd PersonBrighton 11865.

Dialogues 2
1st PersonNumber please.
2nd PersonEastbourne 74655, personal with A.D.C., please.
1st PersonWho do you want to speak to?
2nd PersonExtension 214..
1st PersonWhat number are you calling form.
2nd PersonAberdeen 605.

Dialogues 3
1st PersonNumber please.
2nd PersonCould you get me Lutton 12507.
1st PersonMake it personal , please.
2nd PersonThe name of the person you are calling, please?
1st PersonThe Export Manager.
2nd PersonWhere are you calling from?
2nd PersonBelfast 74520

Dialogues 4
1st PersonNumber please .
2nd PersonCan I have a personal call to Bedford 645983, please?
1st PersonWho are you calling?
2nd PersonI'm not sure of the name but it's room 211.
1st PersonYour excchange and number, please.
2nd PersonSwansea 66932.

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