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Situational Dialogues - 39. Complaining


Situational Dialogues - 39. Complaining
Situational Dialogues - 39. Complaining
English Lessons with Adam the vdo seriese that teach real English vocabulary Adamis is the founder of www.engvid.com.

Situational Dialogues were designed with variety of 44 everyday English usage situations. This is designed for Intermediate level and above. Each situation is represented by four successive dialogues.

44 topics 4 Dialogues of 2-3 pairs of questions and answers for each. Dialogs are made up so that one phrase of a dialogue can be easily inserted into the other.

This is the easy, entertaining English guide. Something like a tourist voiced phrase. The phrases are spoken in a real, fast pace and are accompanied by sound effects on the situation.

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Situational Dialogues - 39. Complaining

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Situational Dialogues - 39. Complaining:

This is the 39th episode of Situational Dialogues and this is the common dialogues that you can use when complaining. Listen to the conversation and the transcript can be found below.

Dialogues 1

1st PersonI wish you wouldn't have your TV so loud.
2nd PersonSorry! Were you trying to sleep?
1st PersonYes, and while I think of it, please ask when you borrow the iron.
2nd PersonI really ought to have known better. Sorry!

Dialogues 2

1st PersonDo you think you could keep the noise down bit?
2nd PersonSorry! Have I been keeping you awake?
1st PersonYes, and another thing, would you mind not using my toothpaste?
2nd PersonI'm sorry. I thought you didn't mind.

Dialogues 3
1st PersonThat radio's terribly loud. Could you turn it down fraction?
2nd PersonSorry! Is it disturbing you?.
1st PersonYes, and something else, wouldn't it be an ideto buy your own soap?
2nd PersonSorry! I didn't realise you felt so strongly about it.

Dialogues 4
1st PersonDo you have to have that music on quite so loud?
2nd PersonSorry! Is it bothering you?
1st PersonYes, and while I'm about it, please don't use the phone without asking.
2nd PersonSo sorry! I meant to ask you, but you were out.

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