English Today - English Course Part 16


English Today - English Course Part 8
English Today - English Course Part 16

Hi and welcome back to English Today this is DVD 16 and the fourth DVD of upper intermediate level and in this DVD we'll begin with another two episodes of our story That's Life and followed by our special TV programmes where music expert will be talking about "The world's most expensive violin" and then our weather expert will be looking at "The possibility of a new ice age in England"

Then in the grammar section, we'll learn how to use "The third conditional form in English", which is not easy and then we'll be looking at how to make sentences using the verb "wish" to express a regret.

Happy viewing and enjoy yourself.

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English Today - English Course Part 16

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English Today - English Course Part 16:

Here are Upper Intermediate level of English Today. This is the third part of English conversation - Learn English speaking in Upper Intermediate level.

That's Life!

These 2 episodes of  the fourth episode in Upper Intermediate level English story of That's Life!. This story is about the adventures of five young flatmates.
  1. Who can clean best?
  2. Old love, new love

Special TV Programs

  • Music: The world's most expensive violin
  • Weather: Ice age in England

Grammar Section

  • The third conditional form
  • The verb 'Wish' to express regret

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We always believe that the best way to learn English is learning English from real English the way the native speaker use. This is the natural way of learning English. You will be surprised how much your English has improved when you expose yourself to real English environment.

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