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Word on the street 01 - Snowdon


Word on the street 01 - Snowdon
Word on the street 01 - Snowdon

This is the 1st episode of Word on the street by BBC Learning English. Stephen and Ashlie arrive at the hotel in Snowdonia, but they don't have the same idea about how to relax!. On the second path, Ashlie surprises Stephen by beating him to the top of the mountain.

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Word on the street 01 - Snowdon

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Word on the street 01 - Snowdon:

StephenRight, I think we’ve got everything.
AshlieHere, let me help you with that.
StephenNo, it’s OK, I’ve got it.
AshlieWe’re here in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales. We’re here for a short relaxing break. We’re going to put our feet up and have a complete rest for a couple of days. That’s right, isn’t it Stephen?
StephenSpeak for yourself, Ash. Snowdonia is a great place for outdoor activities. You can go climbing, cycling, walking... I can’t wait to get out onto the mountains and get some fresh air. Come on Ash. Let’s check in.
ReceptionistHi - Can I help you?
AshlieHi, yes. We have a reservation for two nights.
ReceptionistOK, what’s the name, please?
ReceptionistWalker. Is that Stephen and Ashlie?
ReceptionistTwo rooms for two nights?
ReceptionistCan I just get you to fill this in, please?
StephenHey Ash, have you seen all these leaflets? There’s loads of stuff to do here. I’m going to hire a bike and ride to the top of the mountain. Do you want to come?
AshlieWhat, now? You’re joking, aren’t you?
StephenYeah – take these, can I have my room key, please? Thank you. I’m going to go get changed. I’ll meet you back here in twenty minutes.
AshlieOK, so I think I'll have the manicure, the pedicure...
AshlieOh, and I’ll have that Indian head massage, too. And can you just tell me, what’s the hot stones massage?
AssistantWell, we use volcanic rock. You know, stones from a volcano; we heat them up and then we massage them over your body. It’s really relaxing.
AshlieYeah, that sounds nice. Maybe I’ll have that, too. Oh, and I see you do treatments for men?
AssistantYeah, we do a lot of treatments for men.
AshlieStephen doesn't know what he's missing.
AshlieLook at you!
StephenIt’s great, isn’t it? I’m all set to go. What are you going to do while I’m racing to the top of the mountain?
AshlieWell, I thought I might try this… It looks really relaxing and much better than cycling to the top of some old mountain.
StephenYeah, it looks like hard work.
AshlieGo on you, get going. Have a good time – and call me later.
AshlieThis is just so relaxing.
StephenHi, Ashlie.
AshlieHi, Stephen. How are you doing?
StephenI’m... exhausted. I can hardly speak.
AshlieMe too. This is lovely. I’m so relaxed.
StephenAh, this is really tough. I’ve got a long way to go but I'm going to make it to the top.
AshlieOK, then – well you just take it easy.
StephenYeah, alright.
AshlieOK, see you later.
StephenOK, bye!
AshlieSnowden Mountain Railway. I think he’ll see me sooner than he thinks!
AshlieHi. Can I have a return ticket, please?
Ticket SellerYes, of course you can.
AshlieBrilliant. How much is that?
Ticket SellerTwenty-five pounds, please.
AshlieGreat. Thank you. Twenty-five. And when is the next train?
Ticket SellerFour o’clock.
AshlieFour p.m. Thank you very much.
Ticket SellerThank you.
AshlieThis is the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Now, this train goes all the way from here, up to the top of the mountain. It’s a steam train so it is quite slow but I’m sure I’ll get to the top before Stephen. Now, I must take some photos.
Train DriverYeah – that looks good – nice one! OK then?
AshlieThank you. That’s lovely. Are you the train driver?
Train DriverYes, I drive these locomotives and I’ve done so for about 29 years now.
AshlieSo how long does it take to get to the top?
Train DriverJust under an hour.
AshlieUnder an hour? It must be pretty high then. How high is it?
Train DriverIt's about 1000 metres and it is the highest mountain in England and Wales. And it gets very cold there as well, so if I were you, I’d wear something a little warmer!
AshlieDon’t worry, I've got a big coat.
Train ManThat’s good.
AshlieThank you.
Train ManYou’re welcome, bye.
AshlieWhat an amazing train!
StephenAshlie! What are you doing here? How did you get here?
AshlieOh, hiya Stephen. What an amazing place. You know, it’s a shame about the view though.
StephenWhat an amazing place? How did you get here?
AshlieWell, I got the train, of course. You know, it’s much easier than cycling.
StephenYou got the train!? You mean to say while I’ve been riding up the mountain all afternoon, you….
AshlieOh, and I also got a spa treatment. Look, aren’t they lovely?
StephenYou’re unbelievable!
AshlieYou look exhausted, Stephen. Come on, shall we go and get a coffee or a sandwich or something?
StephenA sandwich? You’re on the top of a mountain! It isn’t some kind of High Street, you know.
AshlieFollow me.
StephenJust what we needed; a café at the top of the mountain.
AshlieOK, what are you having, Stephen?
StephenHmm. I’ll have a coffee and one of these, a cheese sandwich.
AshlieI think I’ll have the soup and I’ll have a hot chocolate.
WaiterHi there. Can I take your order, please?
AshlieYes please, I’ll have a soup and a hot chocolate and he’ll have a cheese sandwich and a coffee, please.
WaiterCan I get you anything else?
StephenYes, I was just wondering – it must be fun working here on the mountain. But how do you get to work everyday – you don’t cycle, do you?
WaiterNo, we don’t. There’s an early train, a special train for all the staff who need to come up every morning.
StephenAnd what happens when the weather gets really bad? Do you ever get stuck up here?
WaiterWe do, we do get stuck sometimes. If the weather turns really bad, there’s accommodation for the staff to stay overnight.
StephenSounds cosy!
WaiterVery cosy indeed. I’ll just get your order for you now.
AshlieGreat, thank you very much. See, you should have got the train.
StephenRight. Time to make a move. It should be easier going downhill.
AshlieIt’s easy for me. I’m going to catch the last train home. In fact, I wonder what time the last train is…
StephenAshlie, is it a small red and green train? Like that one?
AshlieOh, no! Wait! Ah, Stephen I’ve missed the last train!
StephenCome on Ash, jump on. I'll give you a lift! You on?
AshlieNot too fast!

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