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Learn 100 Common Phrases In English In 20 Minutes


Learn 100 Common Phrases In English In 20 Minutes
Learn 100 Common Phrases In English In 20 Minutes

In this video, you are about to learn 100 common phrases in real English with Marina. These 100 phrases are useful for your everyday usage in real life.

Learn 100 Common Phrases In English In 20 Minutes

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Learn 100 Common Phrases In English In 20 Minutes:
Below is the list of the phrases that you learned in this video.

1. Stay out of trouble. = don’t do anything bad
2. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 
3. You’re pushing your luck. = taking too many risks
4. You have your head in the clouds. = not being realistic
5. Let me know… = please tell me
6. Get back to me. = respond to me
7. Get over yourself. = stop being so conceited
8. Get real. = be realistic
9. Let’s get down to business. 
10. It was like pulling teeth. 
11. Good to know. 
12. Who knows? 
13. Who cares? = no one cares
14. Who do you think you are?
15. Who asked you? 
16. I’d like to pick your brain. 
17. Keep me posted. = update me when things change 
18. I don’t know off the top of my head. = I need to check
19. I spoke too soon.  
20. Keep them on their toes. =
21. I’m sorry for the mix up. 
22. Wait, don’t tell me. 
23. I’d be happy to help. 
24. You get what you pay for. = cheap price = bad quality product 
25. Right this way. = come with me, guiding
26. I can’t keep up. = too much work, falling behind 
27. Put yourself in my shoes. = imagine it from my point of view
28. I have too much time on my hands. = too much free time
29. I have a lot on my plate. = a lot of work
30. Give me a break. = stop being so rigid, make an exception for me, or you can’t be serious 
32. Stop being so hard on yourself. = stop judging yourself so harshly 
33. How’s work going? = like how’s it going but for work
34.  Have you heard the good news?
35. Push back the appointment. = postpone 
36. I don’t want to hear it. = don’t want to hear excuses
37. I’m losing it. = I’m going crazy
38. I’ve lost my touch. = I’m not as good at this as I was before
39. I haven’t kept in touch with them. 
40. Stay in touch. = keep talking to me
41. You look like a deer in headlights. = frozen with fear
43. Can I take a message? = phone message
44. They’re out of the office right now. = not here
45. They’re not available at the moment. = busy
46. Don’t push me. 
47. Don’t be so quick to judgment. 
48. I have a bad/good feeling about this. 
49. I can’t imagine. 
50. A little birdie told me. 
51. Make time for (something). 
52. Let me see if I can move some things around. 
53. Look out! 
54. Think fast! 
55. Loosen up.
56. Put (something) on hold
57. You can’t be serious.
60. Go ahead 
61. It’s no big deal. 
62. Will do. 
63. Don’t put me on the spot.
64. Watch where you’re going.
65. What can I do for you? 
66. What are you gonna do? 
67. It’s out of my hands. 
68. Hands off! 
69. Hang tight.
70. Hurry up! 
71. Keep my head above water. 
72. Get out of your comfort zone. 
73. I can’t get that song out of my head. 
74. I can’t put a face to the name. 
75. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket. 
76. You’re playing both sides. 
77. We need to talk. 
78. You’re killing the mood. 
79. You went too far. = said or did something that was in really bad taste - You crossed the line. - same
80. I’m flattered. = you said something nice to me and I feel good about it
81. I’m feeling under the weather. 
82. You win some, you lose some. 
83. Please have a seat. 
84. Living beyond your means. 
85. Please excuse us. 
86. You’re all over the place. 
87. I have no idea. 
88. I think there must be some kind of mistake. 
89. Don’t play dumb with me. 
90. I have faith in you. 
91. Get your head in the game. about the task at hand (from sports but applies to anything)
92. Living the dream. = doing exactly what you want and loving it, often used sarcastically when you’re not happy with what you’re doing 
93. You pulled a fast one on me. = you tricked me
94. I want nothing to do with it. = I don’t want to be involved 
95. I’m washing my hands of this whole situation. I’m removing myself from being involved 
96. It’s up to you. = it’s your decision 
97. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. = this person is harmless 
98. We’re short on time. = limited time to do something 
99. I think I’ll pass. = polite way to say no
100. So glad you could make it. 

Written by : Learn from real English Team

We always believe that the best way to learn English is learning English from real English the way the native speaker use. This is the natural way of learning English. You will be surprised how much your English has improved when you expose yourself to real English environment.

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