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14 Sleep Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made


14 Sleep Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made
14 Sleep Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made
Sleep is extremely important for your body. It helps to restore energy, boosts your immune system, fends off depression, and decreases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Lack of proper sleep leads to daytime sleepiness, inability to concentrate, irritation, stress, and even high blood pressure! And if your insomnia drags on, you can get physically or mentally ill! So, try to avoid doing the things mentioned in this video before going to bed, and you'll feel way more rested and energetic in the morning and during the next day!

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14 Sleep Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made

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14 Sleep Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made:

  1. - Stop "watering" your body one hour before you hit the sack. Otherwise, you'll be bound to make one, or even a couple, of trips to the bathroom, which will rudely interrupt your sleep.
  2. - Avoid gimmicky alarm clocks that "shine bright like a diamond in the sky." To wake you up, an alarm clock needs to be loud, not bright.
  3. - It's a bad idea to eat right before going to bed, even if your dinner is light. Your body will still struggle to digest whatever you've fed it. Try not to eat anything 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.
  4. - Any rigorous physical activity late at night will negatively affect your sleep. Try to exercise at least 4 hours before going to bed.
  5. - Napping is an entirely normal, and often healthy, routine. But if your naps are regular and last longer than half an hour, they can mess up your sleep at night.
  6. - By buying a good, high-quality mattress, you literally invest in your bright (and healthy) future.
  7. - Thousands of people deal with stress and insomnia with the help of over-the-counter sleep aids. But it's not the best idea. Your body will most likely develop a tolerance to sleep medications; and pretty soon, they won't have any effect on you.
  8. - If the book you're reading is interesting, it's next to impossible to put it aside. You're more likely to keep reading until you finish it at the expense of healthy rest.
  9. - When it comes to sleep, it's crucial to have a routine and, even more importantly, stick to it.
  10. - You might be waking up with a sore back, red eyes, and a painful neck just because you haven't found the proper sleeping position yet!
  11. - The majority of people can't avoid thinking about work-related problems, to-do lists, and bills to pay before falling asleep. Unfortunately, these thoughts usually cause anxiety, which makes the quality of sleep way worse.
  12. - If your feet tend to get cold at nighttime, remember to put on a pair of warm socks before going to bed.
  13. - Do NOT drink coffee after 7 PM. I agree, it may sound a bit too obvious, but then you tell yourself that one tiny cup of espresso won't hurt, and there it goes...

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