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30 Dialogs for Everyday English


30 dialogues for Everyday English
30 Dialogs for Everyday English

This video is the collection of 30 Dialogs for Everyday Use. It is situational dialogs that focus on a wide variety of communicative situations and natural encounters in English. Each dialog is accompanied by a contextual illustration and can be used as a springboard for extended listening and speaking practice. The text also includes language notes that provide useful information on grammar and intonation patterns.

30 dialogs for Everyday English

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30 dialogs for Everyday English:

Dialog 1-Formal Greetings and Farewells
Dialog 2-Informal Greetings and Farewells
Dialog 3-Formal Introductions
Dialog 4-Informal Introductions
Dialog 5-Time
Dialog 6-A telephone call
Dialog 7-Happiness
Dialog 8-Ordering a meal
Dialog 9-Birthdays
Dialog 10-A Crowded Theater
Dialog 11-Mistakes
Dialog 12-Games
Dialog 13-Health
Dialog 14-Sports
Dialog 15-Asking Directions
Dialog 16-Coincidences
Dialog 17-Safety
Dialog 18-Musical instruments
Dialog 19-Taking a Vacation
Dialog 12-Recipes
Dialog 21-Weather 
Dialog 22-Having Things Done
Dialog 23-Mailing Letters
Dialog 24-Animals
Dialog 25-Shopping
Dialog 26-Transportation
Dialog 27-Comparing
Dialog 28-Pastimes
Dialog 29-Weddings
Dialog 30-Effort

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