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Family Album USA - Episode 15 - Second Honeymoon


Family Album USA - Episode 15 - Second Honeymoon

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Family Album USA: Episode 15 - Second Honeymoon

Act I

In Act One, Richard gives Marilyn a bouquet of roses. To celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, Richard wants to take Marilyn to the Watermill Inn. But Richard gets disappointed news. What's the matter?

MarilynWhat's this for?
RichardJust because. How's the baby?
MarilynFast asleep.
RichardI'm sorry I missed him. I had to work late.
MarilynWhat are the flowers for, Richard?
RichardFive years of happiness. Happy anniversary.
MarilynBut our anniversary isn't until Saturday.
RichardI couldn't wait. Besides, we are not going to be here Saturday.
MarilynWe're not?
MarilynWhere are we going to be?
RichardIf you had your choice of all the places in the world, where would you choose to spend our anniversary?
MarilynThe Watermill Inn. I loved that place when we went on our honeymoon.
RichardPerfect!You picked the right place.
MarrilynI don't understand.
RichardYou and I, Mrs.Stewart, are going to spend a second honeymoon at the Watermill Inn.
MarilynOh, Richard! That's wounderful, bu-
RichardNo buts.
MarilynAbsolutely not. The would's greatest grandmother, Mrs. Ellen Stewart, has agreed to take care of him for the weekend.
MarilynRichard, isn't that too much to ask of your mother?
RichardToo much? She loves taking care of Max.
MarilynBut... I'll miss him.
RichardWell, we'll phone every hour, and you can listen o him over the phone. Come on. Mar. It's time you and I had a romaritic weekend alone together. We've teamed it.What do you say?
MarilynIt does sound tempting. You're right. We're eamed it.
RichardGreat! I'll make a reservation right now. Remember that wonerful little balcony where we had our meals...with a view of the Hudson River?
MarilynHow could I forget?
RichardHello. Is Mrs. Montefiore there? Ah. She's out. Yes.This is Richard Stewart. My wife and I spent our honeymoon at the inn. No, we didn't leave anything in the room. It was five years ago. We'd like to make a reservation for this weekend. Yes, a double room, please. What? Are you sure? But...OK. Nothing available. Wait! Don't hang up! Can you recommend someplace nice-someplace nearby? Uh-hold it. OLd country Inn? Right. And the phone number? 555-2420. Thank you. He says there's another inn just half a mile down the road from the Watermill.It won't be the same, But what do you say?
RichardMy mom is available to baby-sit this weekend.
MarilynWell, OK. See if they have a room.
RichardHello. Is this the Old Country Inn? Yes. This is Richard Stewart. The desk clerk at the Watermill suggested your inn. Would you happen to have a room for two available this weekend? Something really nice. My wife and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary. Yes. I'll hold. He's checking. You do? Great! What is the daily rate? That's fine. Thank you. Yes, we'll be arriving by car about ten 0'clock Friday night. Stewart. S-t-e-w-a-r-t.Thank you. Done! You and I, Mrs. Stewart, are going to have a wonderful, romantic weekend!
MarilynRichard, that's the baby.

Act II

In Act Two, Richard and Marilyn are disappointed about their room at the Old Country Inn. The trip is disappointing in other ways, too. So Marilyn and Richard decide to go home. As they get ready to go, the phone rings. Is something else wrong?

ClerkRight this way, Mr.and Mrs. Stewart. Well, it's small, but clean.
RichardClean? You call this clean?
ClerkHave a nice stay.
RichardThank you. I don't believe this. Well, it isn't the Watermill Inn, but let's get a look at the view.
MarilynHow is the view?
RichardGreat, if you enjoy looking at a parking lot.
MarilynWell, maybe we'll see the view in the morning. Right now, we should clean up this room.
RichardSorry, Marilyn.
MarilynWhy should you be sorry?
RichardWell, the rain, the room, the view of the parking lot. It isn't the way I hoped it woul be.
MarilynStop blaming yourself. After all, we're here, we're alone, we're together.And I l love you. Isn't that enough?
RichardIs is for me, but I wanted this weekend to be special for you.
MarilynIt is special. Happy anniversary.
RichardIt's still raining. I want to play tennis.
MarilynI want some breakfast. Let's call room service and order a mice breakfast, and then we'll figure out what to do today.
RichardRight. Would you give me room service, please? I beg your pardon! Oh, I see. They don't have room service at Old Country Inn.
MarilynWell, let's go down to the coffee shop.
RichardThey don't have a coffee shop .We can get our meals at Mrs. Montefiore's down the road.
MarilynThat's OK, honey. I love walking in the rain.
RichardOh, you're being a really good sport about this, Marilyn, but I think we should face the truth.
MarilynWhat's that?
RichardThis is not the way to spend our fifth anniversary.
MarilynWell, what do you want to do?
RichardWhy don't we get in the car and drive home?
MarilynOh, Richard, it really isn't that bad.
RichardDo you want to stick it out for the whole weekend?
MarilynWell, I'll admit the room is uncomfortable.
MarilynAnd I do feel bad about your mother having to take care of the baby all weekend.
RichardWhy don't we just check out?
MarilynHello? Yes. Yes, this is she. Oh, hello! How nice of you to remember us! Yes, My husband did call. You do? Really? It won't be any troble? Oh, yes, I think we'd like that very much. Fifteen minutes! Thank you. Good-bye. You will never guess.
RichardUh... I give up.
MarilynMrs. Montefiore from ther Watermill Inn.
RichardWhat is she calling about?
MarilynThey have an opening. Someone just checked out, and Mrs.Montefiore has reserved the honeymoon suite for us.
RichardYou're kidding?
MarilynNo. Isn't it wonderful?
RichardIt's fantastic! Oh, Now all it has to do is stop raining. Let's go.


In Act Three, Richard and Marilyn enter the honeymoon suite at the Watermill Inn. And they enjoy talking with Mrs. Montefiore, the inn keeper. As Mrs. Montefiore leaves the suite, there's a knock at the door. Who could that be?

InnkeperWelcome to the Watermill Inn.
MarilynOh, Richard, it's exactly as it was when we were married!
InnkeeperAnd when I got married.
MarilynEven the old patchwork quilt is the same!
InnkeeperMy great-grandmother made that quilt when Teddy Roosevelt was President. In those day, when they made quilts, they cut patches from the old clothing of every member in the family os that each one would be a part of it.
MarilynWhawt a lovely tradition!
RichardThank you for calling us.
InnkeeperI remember you and your wife from the first time you stayed with us.
RichardWe were very young.
InnkeeperAnd very much in love.
MarilynWe have a baby now.
InnkeeperHow wonderful! A boy or girl?
MarilynA boy-Max.
InnkeeperDo you have a picture?
RichardWould a professional photographer be without a picture?
InnkeeperOh, he's adorable!
RichardAnd very bright.
MarilynLike his father. A real Stewart.
RichardAnd very good-looking, like his mother.
InnkeeperWell, it's nice to have you with us again. next time, bring the baby.
MarilynYou see, Richard? Max is welcome here.
RichardNot on our anniversary. This vacation is for you and me.
InnkeeperIf there's anything you need, please call me.I'll be in the front office all day.
InnkeeperOh, I took the liberty of ordering some breakfast for you. Just put it over there, Charles. Thank you, Charles. Compliments of the Watermill Inn.
RichardThank you.
MarilynThank you so much.
RichardNow, this is my idea of a good time. Let's see...Hotcakes and maple syrup, with scrambled eggs.
MarilynUmm...smell that coffee... cinnamon and cloves.
RichardHomemade buttermilk biscuits.
MarilynSlices of orange with burnt honey.
RichardLet's eat!
MarilynFirst I want to call home and check on your mother and the baby.
RichardHoney, if there were any problems, she would call us.
MarilynShe doesn't know we've changed hotels.
RichardYou're right. Of course.
MarilynHello, operator. I'd like to call Riverdale, NewYork.
RicardThis food is heavenly, isn't it?
MarilynThis whole place is heavenly. Do you remember that old desk? Mrs.Montefiore told me that George Washington sat at that desk and wrote to his wife Martha.
RichardWhat do you want to do after breakfast?
MarilynWhy don't we take a walk down to the river?
RIchardIn the rain?
MarilynNo. Look out the window. The sun is shining!
RichardNow this is my idea fo a good time!

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