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Family Album USA - Episode 16 - Full of Surprises


Family Album USA - Episode 16 - Full of Surprises

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Family Album USA: Episode 16 - Full of Surprises

Act I

In the first act, a letter arrives for Grandpa. Pete Waters is an old friend of Grandpa's. In the letter, Peter invites Grandpa to a reunion, a time to see their old friends again. Will Grandpa go to the reunion?

RobbieThe mailman just dropped some mail in our box Grandpa.
GrandpaProbably a lot of advertising and bills. Why don't you write to me, Robbie, so I can get some interesting mail?
RobbieYou were right, Grandpa. Advertising, bills, bills, advertising.
GrandpaYes. It's just like I said, Robbie. Nothing interesting.
RobbieYou won't believe it, Grandpa, but there's a letter here addressed to you, Mr.Malcolm Stewart, and it looks like a personal letter.
GrandpaOh, it must be a bill.
RobbieI don't think so. The return name and address is Pete Waers, RFD Number 1, Chesterton.
GrandpaYou're joking.Pete Waters?
RobbiePete Waters, RFD Number 1, Chesterton. You know him?
GrandpaDo I know Pete Waters? You bet I do! He was my roommae in college. He visited with Grandma and me in Florida about five years ago.
RobbieWhat does he say? Is he OK?
GrandpaYeah, he's fine. Just fine. He's writing to invite me to spend a weekend with him at his farm. He's planning a get-together with two or three other college friends. The dindof a fifty-year anniversary reunion.
RobbieSounds like fun. Fifty Years?Wow!
GrandpaIt sounds like fun to me, too, Robbie.
RobbieWhat kind of farm does he have?
GrandpaI've never been three, Robbie, but he has chickens and cows and all. That means fresh eggs and fresh milk.
RobbieDoes he have a family?
GrandpaNo, he doesn't fobbie. He never married. He's not as lucky as I am to have a family and grandchildren . I'm a lucky man.
RobbieHow come he never got married?
GrandpaThat's a good question, Robbie. A very good question. He never married because the girl he was in love with in college married someon else. As simple as that. He never got over it.
RobbieHe must have loved her very much.
GrandpaYes. Very much. Lillian Winters. She was in our class.
RobbieAnd what happened?
GrandpaShe was in love with Donald McGrath, the quarterback on our football team.
RobbieFootball players are always plpular with the ladies.
GrandpaShe liked Pete, and they went to dances together. But her heart was with Donald.
RobbieDid he ever get over it?
GrandpaNo, he never did.
RobbieWhere is she today?
GrandpaI don't know. Maybe Lillian will be at the reunion.
RobbieYou think so?
GrandpaPete's full of surprises.
RobbieI wish I could go there with you, Grandpa. What do you think the surprise will be?
GrandpaWith Pete, you never know, Robbie.
RobbieWon't it be exciting to see all your college friends there again?
GrandpaIt is already. I'm kind of excited about going now. Next weekend...sleep over Friday and Saturday night and come back Sunday. I can't wait!
RobbieDon't you think you ought to call Pete and tell him you're coming?
GrandpaYou're reading my mind, Robbie.

Act II

In the second act, Grandpa is traveling to Pete Waters' farm. When he stops for gasoline, the man of the gas station gives him directions for a shortcut — a shorter road to Pete's farm. Later, a farm worker gives Grandpa more directions. Will Grandpa ever find the farm?

AttendantHello. What can I do for you?
GrandpaHi. Fill'er up. I need a full tank.
AttendantCheck the hood?
GrandpaNo, thanks.
AttendantWhereabouts are you headed?
GrandpaPete Waters's farm, near Chesterton.
AttendantI know it well. Pete Waters' lived around here almost as long as I have.
GrandpaHow long is it going to take for me to get there?
AttendantAbout fifteen minutes. There's a shortcut-is you know it.
GrandpaNo, I don't. Could you tell me how to use the shortcut?
AttendantSure. You take the next left turn. You'll see a stop sign. Make a right at the stop sign. Stay on that road, and you'll cross a blue bridge. Then you'll see a big old red bam. That's the back of Pete Waters's place.
GrandpaThat's quite a difference from the directions that Pete sent me.
AttendantNow, if you take that route, it's probably a lot simpler, but it'll take you ten minutes longer.
GrandpaOK. Let me repeat it. I take the next left turn to the stop sign. Then a right across a blue bridge, and then a big red barn.
AttendantCan't miss it.
GrandpaHow much do I owe you?
AttendantWell, that'll be eighteen dollars and seventy cent. No charge for the cleanup. It's on the house.
GrandpaWell, here's a twenty.
AttendantAh. OK. That's a dollar and thirty cents change. Thee we go... will mae twenty. Thanks.
GrandpaThank you. And thanks for the directions.
GrandpaThis must be Peteps barn.Turn right to the house. Hi.
WorkerHi. What can I do for you?
GrandpaIs this the Pete Waters farm?
WorkerIt is.
GrandpaI'm a friend of Pete's . I'm looking for the house.
WorkerIt's just over yonder. Keep along this road till you get to the end of the fence. You'll see the chicken. His house is on the left.
GrandpaWell, thanks.
Grandpa"have gone to the railraod station. Back soon with a surpris. Make yourself at home. Have a look around.Pete."Same old Pete Waters. Always full of surprises.


In the third act, Grandpa sees two of his old friends, Peggy Peddleton and Arnold Franklin. A little later, Pete arrives. What's the surprise?

AmoldDon't tell me. Please don't tell me. I recognize you...
PeggyOh, don't be silly, Arnie. Of cours you recognize him.Except for the beard, he hasn't changed in fifty years. It's Malcolm Stewart!
AmoldI know it's Malcolm Stewart. You haven't changed much in fifty years.
GrandpaPeggy-Peggy Pendleton! You're Peggy Pendleton!
AmoldWho am I, you old rascal? You don't recogrize me, do you?
GrandpaI know who you are. You're Amold Frandlin! I know who you are!
PeggyYou look wondrful, Malcolm!
GrandpaSit down.Pete isn't home.
GrandpaNo.He left a note on the door saying he was going to the railroad station to pick up a surprise.
PeggyHe's so funny. Always full of surprises, even fifty years later.
GrandpaThe two of you look unbelievable!
AmnoldHow's your family? Oh, I was sorry to hear about your wife having passed away.
GrandpaYes. About four years ago.
PeggyAnd you're living with your children now? In New York? Pete wrote us and told us.
GrandpaYup. Retired and moved to New York to live with my son and his family.
PeggyBy the way, what do you think this big surprise is?
AmoldIt could be most anything, knowing Pete.
GrandpaHey, that must be Pete! Now we'll find out about the surprise.
PeteSo good to see you all!
PeggyOh, pete, Pete! Oh, It's so good to see you!
PeteRemember Lillian?
LillianI remember all of you. You haven't changed a bit.
PeggyLillian! Oh, my gosh!
AmoldLillian Winters. We were together in the Tursday night drama society.
LillianRemember me, Malcolm?
GrandpaOh, beautiful as ever, Lillian. How's Donald?
LillianThat's OK, Malcoml. Donald Passed away a couple of years ago.
AmoldSorry to hear that, Lillian.
PeggyOh, I'm so sorry.
AmoldI would not have missed this get-toegther for the world!
GrandpaAnd your little surprise, Pete? You really surprised me by having us all come together.
PeteYou don't know what the surprise is yet? Come on! We'll tell you the big surprise.
PeteI've invited you here for the weekend to help celebrate.
GrandpaOur fiftieth reunion?
LillianNo. Pete wants to tell you...
PeteNow, let me have the honor, Lillian.
GrandpaFor goodness sake, Pete, tell us! I can't wait much longer.
PeteWell, I am pouring this iced tea so that we can toast Lillian-and me.
PeggyYou don't mean to tell me that you and...
PeteYes, I do. I have loved Lilian all these years, so I asked her to be Mrs.Pete.Waters.
LillianAnd I said yes.
GrandpaI knew it! Congratulations!
PeggyOh, Linlian, I am so happy for you both.
AmoldIt's wonderful!
PeteIt's wonderful for me. Lillian will make me a happy manfinally.
GrandpaYou are full of surprises, Pete.
PeteWe are going to spend the entire weekend having a good time together here on the farm. We are going to celebrate all weekend.
PeggyWhen is the wedding?
PeteThat's another surprise. Lillian and I were married two weeks ago in Detroit. She's come here to stay.
GrandpaWait till I tell my family about this!
PeggyWhy, that's wonderful!

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