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Family Album USA - Episode 17 - Photo Finish


Family Album USA - Episode 17 - Photo Finish

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Family Album USA: Episode 17 - Photo Finish

Act I

In Act One, Richard looks at his last group of photographs for his book, Family Album, U.S.A. He's not sure he has everything he wants. He tries to get an appointment with Harvey Carlson, publisher of the Carlson Publishing Company. Will Richard get an appointment with Mr. Carlson?

MarilynWhat are you doing?
RichardI think I've got them.
MarilynYou think you've got what?
RIchardPerforming arts-performing arts centers. I think I've got them all, but I'm not sure.
MarilynI think you have got it, Richard. Lincoln Center, home of the Metropolitan Opera, the New York City Ballet, the New York Philharmonic.
RichardShubert Alley, center of the theater on Broadway.
MarilynAnd Comegie Hall. And the others. I do have it all.
MarilynYou have been working on this for some time, Richard. I'm glad you feel you've finally put it all together. What now?
RichardNow for the hard part.
MarilynOh, you think you're going to have a hard time getting the album published?
RichardWell, it won't be easy.
MarilynSo, what do you think you're going to do?
RichardDoes the name Harvey Carlson ring a bell?
MarilynOh,yes! Harvey Carlson! I remember.
RichardHe said I should call him. He's the publisher of the Carlson Publishing Company. He said they need a new book of photographs, and he really liked my concept.
MarilynSo, why don't you call him in the morning?
RIchardDo you think I have enough to show him?
MarilynI've been through every section with you, Richard. It's quite complete.And now that you're satisfied, with the performing arts section, I think you should show it to Mr.Carlson.
RichardYou're right.My Family Album, U.S.A.feels right. I'll call in the morning and set up an appointment to see him.
MarilynHe's going to love your work. Come on. Let's get some sleep.
RichardIs it too early to call Mr.Carlson?
MarilynSeven after nine? No. I'm sure he's in his coffice.
RichardHis number is five, five, five, seven, five, three, two. Five, five, five, seven, five three, two.Hello.Mr. Carlson, please.
ReceptionistMr.Carlson is busy at the moment. May I help you?
RichardI'd like to make an appointment with him.
ReceptionistAnd your name is...?
RichardMy name is Richard Stewart. He told me to call him about my project, Family Album, U.S.A.
ReceptionistMr. Stewart, I just spoke to Mr.Carlson. He would like to see you. But the only time he's available this week is tomorrow morning at ten 0'clock.
RichardThanks. Thanks a lot. Good-bye. Well, it's done. Tomorrow morning at a publisher's office.
MarilynOh, it's so exciting, isn't it, Richard?
RichardWell, finally a publisher will see my work.

Act II

In Act Two, Richard meets with Mr. Carlson. Mr. Carlson would like to see Richard's work. Carlson likes Richard's photographs. But what?

ReceptionistGood morning.
RichardGodd morning. My name is Richard Stewart. I'm here to see Mr.Carlson.
ReceptionistPlease sit down, Mr. Stewart. Mr. Carlson will be with you shortly.
RichardThank you.
ReceptionistExcuse me, Mr. Carlson, but Richard Stewart is here for his ten 0'clock appointment with you.OK. Thank you. Like I said, he'll be with you shortly.
RichardThank you.
ReceptionistYes, Mr.Carlson. Yes, sir.He's ready for you, Mr.Stewart.
RichardThank you. In there?
ReceptionistYes. In there. Good luck.
CarlsonCome in, come in. This is a crazy morning. Hello, Richard.
RichardHello, Mr.Carlson.
CarlsonSit down, sit down.
RichardThank you for eeing me on such short notice.
CarlsonI hope you've brought your pictures along. I see that you have. Let's get right to it. We need a new coffeetable book, and a book of photos about the United States still feels right. OK, let's take a look. Good. Very good. Family Album, U.S.A.It's an excellent title. If you had to describe the book in one sentence, how would you do it?
RichardWell, I'd describe it as a book which is a ... a portait of the United States-the places, the people-mostly the people. The things they do, the ways they live, the placesd they visit, and the landmarks. A photographic journey.
CarlsonThese are wounderful-these photos in your pen arts section. Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center.
RichardI'm glad you like them.
CarlsonI do, but...
CarlsonThere's something missing. You've got a good eye, Richard. You're a terrific photographer.But before I can publish your work. I need to meet with my marketing department, and you've got to do one more thing.
RichardWhat's that, Mr. Carlson?
CarlsonIn the section on culture, you've included performing arts centers, but you've left out street performance.The mimes. The musicians.The dancers-in the parks and on the streets. Richard, if you go out and photograph street performances in the city, you'll have it.
RichardThat is a great ieda.The performing arts centers and the street performances. I'll do it.
CarlsonIf you do it, I'll publish your work.
RichardAre you serious?
CarlsonI've never been more serious. When do you think you can return with street performances?
RichardA couple of weeks.
CarisonIf they're as good as the rest of these pictures, it's a deal.
RichardYou won't be disappointed, Mr.Carlson. Thanks.
CarisonGood-bye, Richard, and good luck. See you in two weeks.
RichardGood-bye, Mr. Carlson. Thanks. So if you like the street-performance photos, you'll really publish Family Album, U.S.A.?
CarlsonWhen I way something, I mean it. Go to work. Goodbye.


In Act Three, Richard photographs street performers as Mr. Carlson requested. Later, Richard thinks he is ready to see Mr. Carlson again. On Monday Richard asks Mr. Carlson if he'll publish Family Album, U.S.A. What do you think?

RichardTwo weeks. I said I could do it in two weeks, and I did it.
MarilynThe pictures you've taken are fabulous, Richard. Mr.Carlson will love them.
RichardMonday morning. I'm going to show him the photos on Monday morning. I can't wait!
MarilynI'm very proud of you. You really did a beautiful job. I know he will love the new photographs for your book.
RichardYeah. I really did do a good job, didn't I? Hey, you know? There's stell some film left on this roll, and there's one person I haven't photographed in a long time.
MarilynRichard! I haven't brushed my hair.
RichardYou look great!
MarilynIt's not fait, Richard. I'm not even ready.
RichardOh, that's wonderful! That's wonderful!
CarlsonThey get better and better.
RichardThanks a lot.
CarlsonThis is sensational!
RichardYeah. Thanks.
CarlsonWhat a job! Good work, Richard!
RichardI'm so glad you like them so much.
CarlsonLike them? They represent your best work.
RichardWell...what do you think? Do I have my book?
CarlsonYou do. You do. There's a book here, I'll have a contract and an advance payment waiting for you first thing in the morning.
RichardThank you.
CarlsonAnd while you're here I would like to introduce you to your editor.And I want you to meet the people in the art department. I'll set up an appointmet with the marketing people.
RichardWhen do you think we'll be through?
CarlsonIn about half an hour.Why?
RichardI can't wait to tell Marilyn!

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