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Family Album USA - Episode 21 - A Big Fish in a Little Pond


Family Album USA - Episode 21 - A Big Fish in a Little Pond

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Family Album USA: Episode 21 - A Big Fish in a Little Pond

Act I

In Act One, Susan and Harry talk about their lives together. Susan wants to know what Harry is thinking. Michelle wonders if everything is all right.

MichelleI really like this one Susan. Do you?
SusanTurn around, Michelle. Let me see the back of it. I like it a lot. It fits well. It doesn't need any alterations. We must've bought the right size.
HarryI like the color. She looks good in blue.
MichelleI like blue, too, Daddy.
SusanTry on the skirt and blouse outfit, Michelle-the one that Daddy wanted you to wear.
HarryMichelle has been a differnt kid since we've been married. She's never been happier.
SusanAnd I've never been happier, Harry. I love her very much.She's been a joy.
HarryWe're very lucky, the three of us...and becoming part of the Stewart family, too.
SusanWe couldn't ask for anything more, could we?
SusanWell...? Could we ask for anything more?
MichelleHow do you like it, Daddy?
HarryIt's my favorite outfit.
SusanIt's good for every day. It will be good for school, Michelle.
MichelleI like it, too. I always like skirts that go like this. Do you want to see the winter jacket on me, Susan?
SusanYes, I do. Change back into your jeans, and put on the new winter jacket we bought today.
SusanWhat did you mean by"well...?" You had something on your mind when I said we couldn't ask for anything more.
MichelleIs everything all right?
HarryEverything is fine, Michelle.
SusanLet's take a look at the winter jactet. Come on over here, Honey.
MichelleIt's kind of warm.
SusanIt is. That's why we bought it for you. This will be a perfect jacket for the wintertime when it's very cold out. But it's kind of small slso. We must've bought the wrong size.
HarryLooks like we should've bought a bigger one. I guess we'll have to exchange it, too. I'm sure the store has others.
MichelleI look silly! It is too small!
SusanYou're growing so fast, Michelle.
MichelleCan I take it off? I'm hot!
SusanSure. Put it back in your room, and we'll hang everything up later.
SusanWell, are you going to tell me what's on you mind, Harry?
HarryI have been offered a job with a major accounting company in Los Angeles. I have been offered a job with a major accounting company in Los Angeles.
SusanLos Angeles? That's a big decision.
HarryI know. It will also affect you and your job, if we decide to go.
SusanWow! It sure will. But first tell me about the job, Harry. If it's a good one, then we'll make it work for us.
HarryI have a client in the garment business, on Seventh Avenue. I do his taxes every year. He has a big sales office in Los Angeles, and the company in Los Angeles that does his major accounting work is looking for an executive. And he recommended me.
SusanThat's wonderful, Harry.
HarryYes, but it would mean that we'd have to move to L.A.
SusanWhat about the salary?
HarryThe real discussion comes tomorrow. Susan, I don't plan to make any decisions until I have a chance to talk with you about it.
SusanI understand, Harry.
HarryAnd I don't have to make a quick decision. They know that I'm married and that I have a family.
SusanWell, there's a lot think about. If it's a good job, then I've got to do some thinking about my career opportunites in Los Angeles.
MichelleIs everything OK?
SusanYes, honey.

Act II

In Act Two, Susan tells Grandpa about Harry's new job offer. Susan wonders if moving to Los Angeles would be good for Michelle and Susan's concerned about finding a new job. A little later on, Harry learns more about the job offer. How do Susan and Harry feel about moving to Los Angeles?

GrandpaHello. Hello there. Are you ready for lunch with your grandpa?
SusanOh! Hi, Grandpa. Yes, of couse, I am, but my mind isn't.
GrandpaWhat's the matter, Susan?
SusanA real dilemma.
GrandpaDoes it have anything to do with you and Harry?
SusanYes, but I don't know where to start.
GrandpaMaybe I can help. Tell me what it is, Susan.
SusanThanks, Grandpa. Please sit down, Oh! Harry has been offered a job in Los Angeles.
GrandpaWell, this something to think about.
SusanThere are so many things to consider. There's Michelle. I wonder if a move would be a bad thing for her. And my job. I don't know if I can get a good job in Los Angeles. And what about our family?
GrandpaCan I tell you what I think?
SusanTell me.
GrandpaI think that you're very successful and that you have a fantastic reputation in the toy industry. I think you could talk to Mr. Marchetta, and I think he could help you find a real good job in Los Angeles. He was very helpful to me, remember?
SusanI suppose I could call him. But I'm not so sure that I want to leave New York, you, and the rest of our family.
GrandpaWell, I'm not going to kid you, Susan. You know we'd all miss you. But this should be your decision. It's something that only you and Harry can work out.
SusanIf moving to L.A.is in Harry's best interest, I have to do what I can do to support him.
GrandpaIn every marriage, sacrifices have to be made by one partner from time to time.
SusanAnd what about Michelle?
GrandpaWell, What do you think?
SusanI think Michelle is better off staying where she is.
GrandpaWhat does she think?
SusanI don't know for sure.
GrandpaWell, you'll have to ask her.
SusanI think I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Marchetta and get his feelings about my leaving. And about helping me find a job in Los Angeles.
GrandpaGood idea.
SusanI'll call him right now. No point in delaying. Thanks.Grandpa.
BillHarry, it's the perfect job for you. You'll love it.
HarryIt's a big decision for me, Bill. And I have to discuss it with my wife. I don't know if it's right for her.
BIllShe'll love it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime offer, Harry.
HarryOK. Tell it to me again.
BIllThe company is Craft and Craft, the biggest accounting company in the country.
HarryI know the company well. It's big.
BillThe biggest.
HarryYeah, yeah. The biggest. When do I have to let you know?
BillTalk it over. Think it over. Let me know by the end of the week.
HarryWhen would we have to move?
BillAs soon as possible.
HarryI also have my daughter to consider. I don't want to interrupt her school year.
BillLet me know by the end of the week. It's a great opportunity for you, Harry. Believe me.
HarryI know.
BIllCraft and Craft is the biggest in the country.
HarryYeah, I know. The biggest.
SusanI think Michelle is asleep now. Let's talk.
HarryI met with Bill York today.
SusanAnd I talked with Mr. Marchetta. Did York make the offer?
HarryYup. He asked me if I want the job.
SusanThat's exciting, Harry. What was it?
HarryA vice-presidency with the biggest accouting company in th country-Craft and Craft.
SusanAren't you excited about that?
HarrySure I am. But there's so much more to consider.
SusanI talked to Mr. Marchtta.
HarryWhat did he say? Did you tell him about me?
SusanOf couse, Harry. I want what's best for you, and I think I can get a good job through Mr. Marchetta inoios Amgeles also.
HarryYou're kidding.
SusanNo, I'm not kidding. I talked with him, and he understands completely. He has a major toy buyer in Los Angeles, and he's pretty sure that I can get a good job there.
SusanBut I think we should talk to Michelle about all of this.
HarryYou're right. We'll talk to her about it.
SusanAnd how do you feel about taking the job in Los Angeles?
HarryHow should I feel? It's the biggest company in the country.
SusanWell, then you feel good about taking it?
HarryWell... I feel fine about it. Why shouldn't I?


In Act Three, Susan and Michelle talk about moving to Los Angeles. Later, when Harry gets home, Susan explains how she and Michelle feel. Harry listens to them, but it's time for him to make a decision. Do you think Harry took the job?

MichelleI love my school. I have so many good frends there now. I wouldn't miss a day even if I were really sick.
SusanCome and sit down for a minute, Michelle. I'd like to talk to you about something. Something important.
MichelleWhat's wrong, Susan?
SusanOh, there's nothing wrong, Michelle. But your dady and I are talking about something that I'd like your opinion about.
MichelleI know. I heard you talking about it the other night when I was trying on my new clothes. It's about moving to Los Angeles.
SusanYou're right. How do you feel about it?
MichelleWell, I really wouldn't want to move, but...
MichelleBut if you and Daddy wanted to, I guess you know what's best for the family and for me.
SusanThat's very considerate of you, Michelle. But what about your friends?
MichelleI'd miss them a lot, but I know what it feels like to miss someone.
SusanHoney, we don't have to move if you're no going to be happy about it.
MichelleDoes Daddy want to move?
SusanI think so. He's going to tell us tonight about the job offer.
HarryWell, how was everybody's day today?
SusanMichelle was chosen to do the school psoter for the play this year.
HarryCongratulations, Michelle! That's something! And how was your day, Susan?
SusanI see you're in a good mood. Why don't you tell us about your day.
HarryI met with Bill York.
SusanIt's OK to talk about it, Harry. Michelle knows all about it.
SusanReally, Harry. Michelle and I have all kinds of feelings about leaving New York, the family, and friends. But is you think you should take the job, we're behind you.
HarryWhat about Michelle's school?
SusanWe'll move after the school term.
HarryWhat about her new friends?
MichelleI'll make new firends wherever we are as lon as we're togeteher.
SusanWe're a family, Harry. Whatever you think is right for you is right for us.
HarryI am so touched. The two of you are really something.
MichelleWe love you, Daddy.
HarryAnd I love you.
SusanOK. Now, tell us about your talk with Mr. York. Did you take the job?
SusanNo? You didn't take it?
HarryNo, I did not take the job.
MichelleBut, Daddy, I thought...
SusanHarry, you didn't turn it down because of me...
MichelleOr me?
HarryNo, no. I turnd it down because of me.
SusanHow's that?
HarryWell, I began to think about you and about Michelle, and then I asked myself, do I really want to work for the biggest company in the country?
HarryAnd I don't. I went into business for myself because I like being my own boss. I run my own company. I'm a big fish in a little pond. I'm not really sure I want to be a little fish in a big pond.
MichelleOh, Daddy, does that mean we don't have to move?
HarryThat's right, sweetheart.
SusanAre you sure?
HarryI couldn't be more sure, Susan.
SusanI'm glad if you are, Harry.
HarryAnd besides, how could I live in Los Angeles when all my favorite people live here?
SusanYour favorite people?
MichelleWho's that?
HarryThe Stewart family, of course.

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