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Family Album USA - Episode 22 - Career Choices


Family Album USA - Episode 22 - Career Choices

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Family Album USA: Episode 22 - Career Choices

Act I

In the first act, Marilyn's trying to decide whether to return to work at the boutique. Since her son Max was born, Marilyn has been staying at home taking care of him, and she would like to continue. But Marilyn's boss, Rita Mae, wants Marilyn to come back to work soon. What does Marilyn want to do?

Marilyn"Rock-a-bye, baby, on the tree top, When the wind blows. The cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, The cradle will fall, And down will come baby, Cradle and all."
RichardHi, Marilyn. What are you doing?
MarilynJust sketching. I've been thinking a lot about our responsibilities in the past few weeks.
RichardI never stop thinking about them.
MarilynI've been wrestling with question of whether I go back to work or not.
RichardI see.
MarilynAnd I'm torn. I really want to go back to work, use my talents, and pursue my career in fashion desingn like we as a fulltime mother, especially when he's a baby.
RichardI really understand, Marilyn, But you never have to worry about Max. There's Mother and Grandpa...and I can always arrange my photo schedule around your schedule, if that will help.
MarilynIt's not the same, Richard.
RicardHave you discussed going back to work with your boss?
MarilynRita Mae called yesterday.
RichardAh! That's what's got you thinking, isn't it?
MarilynShe wants to know when I think I'll be returning to the boutique.
RichardAnd you said...?
MarilynI said I'd give her an answer in a few days...that I wasn't sure.
RichardI'm sure Rita Mae will understand and wait until you're ready to go back to work.
MarilynWell, maybe she will, and maybe she won't. Who knows? If I don't accept her offer, maybe she'll find someone else in the meantime, and when I'm ready to go back, there won't be a job for me.
RichardThat's something to consider. You've got yourself to think about, too.
MarilynBut I am thinking about myself. Don't you see?
RichardWhat do you mean?
MarilynIt's not just the job. It's also my career as Max's mother. That's the way I look at it. I have two career opportunities at the same time. My career as a fashion Designer and my career as a mother.
RichardI never really thought about being a mother as a career. I guess you do have two career opportunities and a decision to make.
MarilynI hear Max.
RichardI'll go to him.
MarilynNo, that's OK. I'll do it.

Act II

In the second act, Ellen tries to help Marilyn. And Marilyn wants to know what Ellen decided to do when her children were babies. Later on, Susan tells Marilyn what her life is like as a working mother. What will Marilyn decide to do?

EllenThere's your teddy bear, Max.
EllenHe just loves that teddy bear that Grandpa Philip bought for him.
MarilynI took him to Philip's office yesterday for a checkup. You should have seen the look on his face when Molly gave him the injection.
EllenOh, did he cry?
MarilynNo, My dear little boy just looked up at me as if to say, "Mama, what are they doing to me?Help!"
EllenHow did you feel? Tell the truth didn't you feel terrible?
MarilynI sure did. I held him closely. I kissed the top of his dear little head. He looked up at me. He tried to smile. Being with him helped.
EllenHelped him? Or helped you?
MarilynBeing a mother is not easy, if that's what you mean.
EllenSpeaking of being a mother, I've been meaning to ask you what you were thinking about regarding going back to work. I know Rita Mae called. I can imagine what is going through your head.
MarilynI'm sure you can, Ellen.
EllenThere are so many things to consider. One thing that makes it easier for you is that you have us. Max will always have a family member to watch over him while you're at work. I didn't have that when Richard and Susan were born.
MarilynWhat did you do?
EllenI chose to continue with my career as a music teacher. We hired a woman to watch Richard and then Susan, and I continued with my career.
MarilynDo you think you made the right decision?
EllenI think I did. But when Ribbie was born, I decided to give fulltime attention to raising Robbie. I felt differently at that time.
MarilynAnd you gave up your career as a music teacher?
EllenNot exactly. I continued to teach piano lessons at home.
MarilynHow did you feel about being away when Susan and Ricard were babies?
EllenI think I did the right thing for them and for myself and for Philip. We needed the money. Remember?
MarilynWell, we do too, Ellen. Everything I earn helps us towards getting that house we want and need.
SusanI can't wait till he's just a little older. Our toy company makes the most wonderful toys for kids.
MarilynMax thanks you. I thank you. And Ricard thanks you. Now may I please say hello?
SusanHello. Hello. I miss Max and think about him all week long. We talk about him at dinner time.
EllenWill you please try to relax? I've never seen you so wound up.
MarilynYou seem to be enjoying the pressure.
SusanThe truth is, I am. My job is not an easy one, but I really enjoy it.
MarilynThat is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, Susan.
SusanWhat's the problem?
EllenMarilyn's career.
MarilynWell, my choice of careers.
MarilynMy career as a fashion desinger versus my career as a mother.
SusanWhy does it have to be one or the other?
EllenThat's what I said.
MarilynHow's that?
SusanWhy can't you do both?
EllenShe's right.
SusanWell, that's what I do. I have a job, and I have Michelle. I take care of both to the best of my ability. It's not easy, but what is?
EllenAnd that's what I did. I did both with Richard and Susan, and I did both with Robbie.
MarilynI thought you stayed home with Robbie?
EllenI did. But I was lucky enough to have a career as a music teacher which I could continue at home.
SusanWhy can't you work at home, Marilyn? You're very talented. Designing dresses is a career you could establish out of your home, couldn't you?
MarilynI don't know why I didn't think of it. It seems so simple now.for a year or two I could stay at home with Max and do my dress designs.
EllenAnd you could make your dresses at home.
SusanSounds like a great way to solve the problem.
EllenThat could solve your problem, Marilyn.
MarilynI'm going to call rita Mae at home and ask her come by and talk about it. She want to see Max, anyway.
SusanI think that really answers your questions, Marilyn. You can do it.Do your designs at home-here.
MarilynAnd let Rita Mae do the selling at the boutique.
EllenAnd you can both benefit financially.
MarilynI'm going to call Rita Mae right now. Oh, Susan, thank you so much for coming all this way form the city to talk to me about it. I hope you don't mind having taken so much time away from your busy schedue.
SusanAre you kidding? I don't mind at all. As a matter of fact, I came to spend some time with my favorite nephew.
EllenI think you should call Rita Mae right now. I think your idea of working at home is perfect.
MarilynI don't know what I would do without you. I'm lucky to have you all.
EllenWe are lucky to have you, Marilyn.
SusanAnd so is Max.


In the third act, Marilyn tells Rita Mae about her decision to stay at home with Max. Rita Mae isn't happy with the decision, of course. But then Marilyn tells Rita Mae about her plans to design wedding dresses at home. What will she think of the idea?

EllenHi, big guy.
MarilynThat must be Rita Mae.
EllenShe sure got here quickly. That's a good sinn. She must like you and your work, Marilyn.
MarilynI think she's just anxious to see Max. She loves childen.
Rita MaeHi, Marilyn.
MarilynWelcome. It's so nice of you to come.
Rita MaeOh, I just wanted to see your baby, Max.
EllenHello, Rita Mae.
Rita MaeI haven't seen you since the hospital.
EllenI'm Ellen Stewart, Marilyn's mother-in-law.
Rita MaeWe met at the hospital. Hello. How are you?
EllenI remember. How are you?
Rita MaeOh, and there is Max! Oh! My, how he's grown! A little present for Max.
MarilynOh, it's beautiful, Rita Mae! You shouldn't have.
Rita MaeIt's nothing. It's just a little present for Max.
EllenCan I get you some coffee or tea a cold drink, Rita Mae?
Rita MaeOh, nothing, thank you.
EllenWell, I will leave you two to talk. Come on, you big guy. Yes, come on. That's it.
ElelnIt's nice seeing you. Let me know if you need anything.
Rita MaeThanks, Ellen.
MarilynThanks, Ellen.
Rita MaeOK, Marilyn. You sounded like you've made a decision when you called me. I'm all ears.
MarilynI have made a decision, Rita Mae. I've decided to stay at home and be a full-time mother.
Rita MaeI'm disappointed, but I respect your decision. If I had a child as cute as Max, I might do the same thing.
MarilynBut I haven't finished telling you the other half of my decision.
Rita MaeThe other half?
MarilynYes. I think I can stay at home and take care of Max and continue my career.
Rita MaeSounds interesting. Let me hear it.
MarilynDo you remember our talks about custom-designed dresses for the boutique?
Rita MaeI sure do.
MarilynWhy can't I design dresses for you here at home? And make them here. Have the fittings here, too.
Rita MaeAnd I could do the selling and the pricing at the boutique.
Rita MaeOh! What kind of dresses would you design?
MarilynI've thought about that for some time.
Rita MaeYes?
MarilynWedding dresses.
Rita MaeWedding dresses? Brilliant idea! There's a big market today in wedding dresses.
MarilynThat's what I thought.
Rita MaeI like the idea very much. And if it's successful, we can expand to all kinds dresses.
MarilynThat's what I thought.
Rita MaeAs a matter of fact, I have a custome for your first wedding dress. My niece is getting married, and I've been trying to find just the right thing for her. Marilyn, you're going to design my niece's dress. That'll be our first one, and then we'll use it to sell others.
MarilynDo you really mean it?
Rita MaeI really mean it. It's a simple idea, and it will work. You can certainly design dresses. I know that. And there's no reason why you can't do it from your home.
MarilynI'm so excited! I can't wait to tell Richard!
Rita MaeIf I had a baby like Max, I'd want to stay home and be near him all the time, too. You're making the right decisin for Max and for yourself too, Marilyn.
MarilynIt all sounds so easy.
Rita MaeNow the hard work begins.
MarilynWould you like to see some of my designs that I've been working on?
Rita MaeI'd love to . Ooh! Oh, that's wonderful! Ooh...

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