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Family Album USA - Episode 24 - Parting Friends


Family Album USA - Episode 24 - Parting Friends

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Family Album USA: Episode 24 - Parting Friends

Act I

In Act One, Robbie is thinking about Alexandra and their friendship. Ellen suggests having a special party for Alexandra. And Robbie would like to buy Alexandra a gift. What's the problem?

RobbieHi, Mom.
EllenHi, Robbie You're home from school early.
RobbieYeah, they're getting the assembly hall ready for the graduation ceremony, so we all got to go home early. Too noisy to study.
EllenWell, now that you're here, you can help me with dinner. I need those potatoes peeled and sliced.
RobbieMom, give me a break Alexandra's coming over to help me study for my math final.
EllenWell, in that case, you can wash the dishes and clean up after dinner.
RobbieCan I invite Alexandra to stay for dinner?
EllenOf course.
RobbieThanks, Mom.
EllenYou an Alexandra have become good friends, haven't you?
RobbieYes. I like her.She's a terrific person. I'm going to miss her when she goes back to Greece.
EllenWould you like to give her a little farwell party?
RobbieMom, that would be terrific! Maybe we could make it a surprise.
EllenOh, I don't know. Surprise parties don't always work out.
RobbieWell, we could tell her it's a graduation party for me. When Alexandra arrives, we'll surprise her.
EllenWell, I suppoes that might work.
RobbieI'd like to give her a nice going-away present.
RobbieThere's only one problem.
EllenWhat's that?
RobbieI'm broke. I should have saved some money.
EllenI'm sure Alexandra would be happy with something simple, Robbie.
RobbieI know. But, well, I'd like to give her something nice to remember me by. Maybe I could borrow some money from you and Dad.
EllenIt's all right with me if it's all right with your dad.
RobbieThanks, Mom. I'll talk to him. Is he still in his office?
EllenI think so.
RobbieThanks, Mom.
EllenRobbie! Good luck!
MollyHere are the X-rays you wanted , Dr. Stewart.
PhilipOh. Thank you, Molly. Now, let me check them.
MollyWhat do you think?
PhilipI don't see any breaks or fractures. Well, well. Thank you, Molly.
MollyThank you.
PhilipCome in! Hi, Son.
RobbieHi, Dad. Am I interrupting you?
PhilipNo, no, no, no,. What's up?
RobbieCan we talk?
RobbieI need some help.
PhilipWell, that's what fathers are for.
RobbieWell, before I go to college, I have the whole summer...
RobbieAnd I'm planning to get a job for the summer.
PhilipAnd What sort of job?
RobbieI applied for a job as a lifeguard at the community pool.
PhilipSounds pretty good.
RobbieYes. I'll be earning pretty good money if I get it. But right now, I'm kind of short of cash.
PhilipWho isn't?
RobbieAnd my friend Alexandra is going to Greece...
PhilipNice girl. We'll all miss her.
RobbieMom says we can her a going-away surprise party.
PhilipGood idea.
RobbieAnd I'd like to get her a nice gift...
PhilipWhat'd you have in mind?
RobbieWell, a wristwatch, so she'll think of me when she looks at the time. Nothing flashy or expensive. Something simple-but a good one.
PhilipSounds fine, Robbie.
RobbieWell, I saw a nice watch. But I'll need a loan. If you could lend me the money, I could pay you back out of my lifeguard salary.
PhilipWell, I guess your mother and I can manage it. When do you need the money?
RobbieWould tomorrow be OK?
PhilipYou've got it.
RobbieThanks, Dad.
PhilipMy pleasure, Son. Oh, and, Robbie...
PhilipYou'll probably want the family car so you can drive her home after the party.
RobbieCould I?
PhilipIf you drive carefully.
RobbieI will. Thanks, Dad.
PhilipMy pleasure.
RobbieYou're OK, Dad.
PhilipYou're not so bad yourself, Son.

Act II

In Act Two, Robbie invites Alexandra to the party. But he doesn't tell her that the party is for her. It's a surprise. On Saturday, Robbie and his friends get ready for Alexandra's surprise party. What's wrong?

AlexandraYou ready for the next problem?
RobbieYou know what? I can't look at another number. How about a lemonade break?
RobbieOh, by he way, when is your plane reservation for your flight to Athens?
AlexandraSunday. Why?
RobbieWould you be able to come over Saturday night?
AlexandraYes. I should be finished packing by then.
RobbieMy folks are giving me a little graduation party.
RobbieI'll pick you up.
AlexandraThat isn't necessary.
RobbieMy dad's letting me borow the car.
AlexandraOh, well, that would be very nice.
RobbieAbout eight 0'clock?
AlexandraEight 0'clock is fine.
RobbieGreat! It's a date.
AlexandraWho's going to be there?
RobbieJust my friend Mike and a few kids from school.
AlexandraI'm going to miss all of you. You've been like a second family to me.
RobbieWe're going to miss you.
AlexandraMaybe you could come to visit me in Greece?
RobbieI'm counting on it.
AlexandraWonderful! Are you excited about graduating from high school?
RobbieSure...and a little scared.
AlexandraScared? Why?
RobbieAren't you a little scared?
AlexandraI was when I first came to the United States. I'd never been away from home, and I didn't know what it would be like. But then I found out that people are the same everywhere once you get to know them.
RobbieI'm glad I got to know you.
AlexandraThatnk you. I'm glad I got to know You-and your family.
RobbieWouldn't it be nice if we could skip the examinations and get right to the graduation party?
AlexandraIt would be very nice. But that isn't the way it works. So...back to work.
AlexandraGood night, Robbie. Good night, Mrs.Stewart. Thank you for dinner.
EllenGood night, Alexandra.Will you be all right?
AlexandraYes.The Molinas are waiting for me.
RobbieGood night, Alexandra. I'll pick you up on Saturday night, OK?
AlexandraYes. Eight 0'clock.
AlexandraI have to run.
AllenGood night, Robbie. She's really a good friend, isn't she?
EllenYou are going to miss her.
RobbieAm I going to miss her?
EllenThat's what I said! You are going to miss her!
RobbieI'm going to miss her, and my math teacher's going to miss her.
EllenWell, you can write to her.
RobbieIt's not the same.
MikeHow does that look, Rob?
RobbieGreat! Pass me the hammer.
MikeYou got it!
SandraYou're sure Alexandra's going to be surprised?
RobbieAbsolutely. She has no idea that the party is in her honor.
MikeMillie, did you bring the papes for dancing?
MillieThey're in my bag.
MikeWhat did you bring?
MillieSome rock 'n' roll.
RobbiePerfect! Alexandra will love it! I can't wait to see her face when she walks in here tonight.
MikeWhat about the cake?
RobbieMy mom's decorating it right now.
EllenRobbie, there's a phone call for you. It's Alexandra. She sounds upset.
RobbieOK. Thanks, Mom. I'll take it in there. Hi, Alexandra. What? You what? Oh no!


In Act Three, Robbie's friends are disappointed because Alexandra can't come to the party. They are afraid that Robbie will be disappointed too. When Robbie returns from the airport, he does seem upset. Will Robbie see Alexandra again?

MillieHow about some music?
SandraNo, let's wait till Robbie gets back from the airport.
MillieDid she say why she had to leave today?
MikeShe told Robbie that her flight tomorrow was canceled, so she had to take an earlier flight today.
MillieThis is terrible.
MikeWell, that must be him.
SandraWhy is he blowing his horn like that?
MikeI don't know. Maybe he's angry.
SandraDo you think we should take down the decorations? They'll just make him sad.
MikeToo late now. We should have done it sooner. Oh, here he comes.
MikeHi, How'd it go?
RobbieOK, I guress.Especially when Alexandra gave me a surprise...
MikeYeah? What was it?
SandraHi! What happened?
AlexandraI called my parents from the airport. When I told them my friends were giving me a party, they insisted that I stay. So now I'm taking a flight on Monday instead.
MikeThat's great! Terrific!
SandraBut how did you know the party was for you?
AlexandraWell, Robbie told me when he gave me this.
SandraOh, it's so pretty!
AlexandraIt's lovely, Robbie.
MillieAll right! Now we can really start the party!
AlexandraNo. Would you mind? I'd like to say something first.
PhilipHear, hear!
AlexandraI sould just like to thank all of you, my friends, who have made my stay in the Unite States so ounderful.And to Robbie and the Stwart family for opening their home to me.
RobbieWe sould thank you. You're a real friend!
AlexandraAnd I also have a little surprise for you, Robbie. A little going-away present.
RobbieThank you.
AlexandraOpen it, please. I think you might be amused.
RobbieOK. I can't believe it!
AlexandraI guess we were thinking the same thought.
RobbieYou had it engraved!
EllenRead it, Robbie.
Robbie"In friendship, always. Alexandra." I knew we thought alike, but this is too much! Thank you.
MikeAll right! Let's have some music!
RobbieMiss Pappas?
PhilipMrs. Stewart, may I have this dance?
EllenMy pleasure, Doctor.

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