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Family Album USA - Episode 25 - Country Music


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 25 - Country Music
This is the 7th  episode of Family Album USA called:
Country Music

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Family Album USA - Episode 25 - Country Music

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Family Album USA: Episode 25 - Country Music

Act I

In Act One, Ellen helps Richard prepare for a camping trip. Ellen has offered to baby-sit for Max while Richard and Marilyn are away. But Marilyn doesn't feel comfortable about leaving the baby. Why is Marilyn so concerned about leaving Max?

RichardHot dogs. I love hot dogs. There is nothing better than a hot dog in the country.
EllenHot dogs and mustard.
RichardCooked outdoors over an open fire. I wish I had one now.
EllenDo you remember when Daddy and I used to take you and Susan and Robbie to Jones Beach?
RichardOh, I sure do.
EllenWe'd wait until dark and make a fire, and we'd cook the hot dogs. Oh, don't forget the mustard. And, oh, does anybody want ketchup?
RichardI might as well take it along. And now to make sure we've got the hamburger patties. I have to remember to put them in the bag tomorrow morning before we leave.
EllenI'll remind you, Ricard.
RichardMom, we really appreciate your taking care of Max for the weekend and giving up your free time.
EllenI love doing it. Susan and Harry have a sitter for Michelle in the city, and I'm taking care of Max. It's no big deal. I am happy to do it for you.
RichardI guess Max is asleep by now. He's not crying anymore.
EllenOh, poor baby. He's teething.
MarilynWell, he's asleep-finally. I feel so bad for him. It hurts so much when a baby gets his first teeth.
EllenHe'll be fine, Marilyn.
RichardWell, he wakes up several times during the night, and the pain is so bad.
MarilynI'm really concerned about going away for the weekend, Ellen, and leaving you with the full responsibility of taking care of Max. Especially with his teething. I wish he felt better.
EllenPlease don't worry, Marilyn. Remember your father-in-law's a pediatrician. We have a live-in doctor if there's a problem I can't handle.
RichardI agree, Marilyn. We really don't have to be overly concerned.
RichardI'll go upstairs and stay with him until he falls asleep again.
MarilynThanks, Richard. Try putting him across your lap on his stomach. He likes that.
RichardI"ll try it.
EllenWhen are Susan and Harry Picking you up, Marilyn?
MariynThey're coming by at six tomorrow morning, so we can get an early start.
EllenThat's nice. And you'll have a full day in the country.
MarilynAnd a full night. Tomorrow night we'll be camping out in tents.
EllenAnd coming home on Sunday?
MarilynWe'll be heading back late in the afternoon.
EllenYou're going to have the time of your lives. Camping out is such great fun.
MarilynWe'll have a great time camping out, I'm sure. But I"m still a little worried about you, Ellen.
EllenIt will be my great pleasure, Marilyn. Remember, it's only one night.
RichardHe's asleep. I think he'll sleep through the night now.
MarilynThanks, honey. I hope he's good when we're away.
RichardWell, so do I. Now, to check the list of things we need for the camping trip. We need to bring a flashlight.
EllenIt's in the right-hand drawer, next to the bottle openers.
RicardDo we have a bottle opener on the list, Marilyn?
MarilynNo.No bottle opener. Is that one of the things Susan and Harry are bringing?
RichardNo. And we're bring the ketchup, mustard, relish-all that stuff. And cooking utensils. Well, here's the bottle poener, and here's the flashlight.
RichardYes, of course. For when we build our campfire. I can't build a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together.
MarilynAnd don't forget your camera and film, Ricard.
RichardAll packed and ready.
MarilynAnd let's not forget our cassette player and some tapes.Some music tapes and some blank tapes so that we can record our thoughts about the trip.
EllenOh, that's a nice idea. An audio diary.
MarilynThat's what I thought.
RichardGot it! The cassette player and the tapes.

Act II

In Act Two, Marilyn, Richard, Harry and Susan arrive at their campsite. Harry has been camping before, and he knows what to do. Later, Marilyn and Richard listen to the sounds of the country. And Marilyn gets an idea...

SusanOh, I love it! To be away from the city on such a beautiful day is my idea of heaven! The grass. The trees. The fresh air.
HarryI told you you'd like it. I've been doing this for years.
RichardYou have the spirit of a teenager, Susan. Wait till you see yourself jumping around.
MarilynThat's what I love about Susan. She works hard. She plays hard. She's a real Stewart.
HarryCome on, Richard. Help me get this stuff out of the car.
RichardWhere does it go?
HarryWell, we'll put everything over there. We'll set up our tents over there by the edge of the woods. Then we'll be able to make our fire there where it's safe.
RichardOh, there's our table and benches. All set for eating.
HarryThat's what makes this spot so good.
MarilynIs anybody hungry?
SusanI am.
HarryWe just got here.
SusanWhen you're out in the fresh air like this, it makes you hungry. Aren't you hungry, Marilyn?
MarilynI sure am. How about you, Richard?
HarryYou guys are like three kids.
RichardAren't you hungry, Harry?
HarryWell, yeah. Now that you mention it, I guess I am. I mean, how could a guy not be hungry with all this talk about eating?
MarilynWhere's the bag with the chicken salad sandwiches?
HarryRight here, next to the ice packs. Here. Put the tablecloth on the picnic table, and I will bring the cola and the plastic cups.
HarryWell, how do you like it so far?
RichardI've never been more relaxed.
MarilynMe, Neither.
SusanI wish we had brought Michelle, Harry. She would have loved it.
MarilynOh, You're right. I wish we had brought Max.
RichardMarilyn, Susan, let's not begin to worry about Michelle and Max. We're having a good time, and they're in good hands.
HarryRichard is right. Are you having a good time, Susan? You haven't answered my question.
SusanI am having a good time, Harry. I promise not to think about the city. We're in the country. Let's all just enjoy this wonderful place and this wonderful weather.
SusanThis is heaven, Harry! It was such a great idea to spend the weekend this way.
HarryThanks, Susan. I thought you'd all like it.
SusanLike it? I love it! Listen to the sounds of the summer that surround us. It's so calming.
HarryI've always liked camping out. Away from the telephones and account books. It's refreshing for me. I always go back to the city in a wonderful state of mind.
SusanWe've only been here for a day, and I've completely forgotten about all my business problems. The office seems so far away.
HarryI'm glad you like it, Susan.We'll spend many more weekends like this.
SusanAnd next time we'll bring Michelle, I wish she were here with us to enjoy the country.
HarryAnd next time we'll bring Michelle.
MarilynJust listen to the sound. It's so soothing.
RichardI can hardly keep my eyes open. If only we could bottle the fresh air.
MarilynWouldn't it be wonderful?
RichardWe could call it "Deep Sleep Country Air."
MarilynIt puts you to sleep. So does the sound. I've bee having a hard time keeping my eyes open just listening to it. It's like a special music.
RichardToo bad we can't bottle the sound.
MarilynBut we can!
RichardCan what?
MarilynBottle the sound.
RichardWhat are you talking about?
RichardOh, yeah? Great idea! Let's do it!


In Act Three, Richard, Marilyn, Harry and Susan return home from their camping trip. Richard thinks that something is the matter. And he tries to solve the problem. Ellen: What works?

MarilynI'm so glad everyone is asleep. I thought Max would be crying, and everybody would be a wake.
RichardWhat did I tell you? Nothing to worry about.
SusanI'm sure everything is fine. My mother knows all there is to know about taking care of babies, I assure you.
HarryLet's put some of this stuff away and then take off. We've got a forty-minute drive into the city.
EllenWelcome home-and I do mean welcome home.
RichardSomething wrong?
EllenOh, nothing's wrong, Richard.Believe me, Max is fine. But his teeth hurt, and he just can't get to sleep, poor dear.
SusanNeither can you.
MarilynOh, I feel so bad.
EllenOh, I'm fine. How was your weekend?
HarryWe had a great time, Mom.
RichardIt was wonderful. The weather couldn't have been better.
EllenIt was nice here, too.
MarilynDid you get a chance to get outside at all?
EllenOh, yes. Grandpa helped me yesterday afternoon. I went to the supermarket to get a few things, and I stayed out an extra half hour. The village was filled people-the weather was so nice.
RichardHarry's a professional camper, Mom. He knows all there is to know, and he made the weekend very easy for us to enjoy.
HarryCome on. You all helped.
SusanYou were wonderful, Harry!
MarilynWhy don't you go to your room, Mom, and get some sleep.
EllenOh, I'm fine. Tell me more about your weekend. Did you do anything special?
SusanLots of special country things.We picked flowers.
MarilynAnd we brought some home for you. It was so nice to be out in the country.
EllenThey smell wouderful.
MarilynEverything smelled so special. It would have been great if we had been able to bottle the smells.
HarryIt would be a great business if you could do that.
MarilynUh, we're home now, Ellen. We'll take care of it.
RichardI'll take care of it. Let's see if it works.
EllenWhat's that?
RichardA little we'd better head home. It's getting late, and we have a bit of a drive.
HarryWell, all your things are inside. There's your sleeping bag.
MarilynOh, thanks, Harry.
HarrySay good-bye to Richard. We'll call you all tomorrow night.
SusanBye, Mom.
EllenI'm so tired I think I'm overtired. I don't know if I can get to sleep.
EllenMax has stopped crying.
MarilynYes. It works!
RichardIt works!
EllenWhat works?
EllenOh. Oh, where did you get that? It sounds so nice. I think I'm falling asleep.
RichardLike Max did.
RichardGood night.
MarilynGood night. Sounds of the country. The soothing sounds of the country.

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