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Family Album USA - Episode 26 - Opening Night


Family Album USA - Episode 3 - Grandpa's Trunk
Family Album USA - Episode 26 - Opening Night
This is the 26th  episode of Family Album USA called:
Opening Night

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Family Album USA - Episode 26 - Opening Night

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Family Album USA: Episode 26 - Opening Night

Act I

In Act One, Richard's publisher is preparing an exhibit, a show with Richard's photographs. Richard is very nervous. Later, a newspaper critic arrives to review Richard's work. Will he like Richard's work?

CarlsonA little further to the right, Tom.
TomIs this OK?
CarlsonGood.What do you think ,Richard?
RichardI like it there.
CarlsonIt's the first thing people will see when they come in. It sets the tone for the whole show. The next thing they'll see is this enlargement with the words Family Album, U.S.A.
RichardI can't believe this is really happening!
CarlsonYou've earned it. Years of work went into these pictures.
RichardI know, but it's still a dream come true.
CarlsonWell, remember, we're not sure what the critics are going to write about your show yet. And you never know what the man from the New York Times is going to say about it.
RichardAre you worried?
CarlsonI always worry. The reviews of this show are important for the sales of your book.
RichardWhen do we see the reviews?
CarlsonSoon. One of the critics is coming over this morning for a preview. I hope he's in a good mood.
RichardSo do I. Marilyn and I hope to use money from the sales of this book to buy a new house.
CarlsonThe book will be a success. And the show will help promote it.
RichardSpeaking of promoting the book, do I really have to autograph copies for the guests at the opening?
CarlsonIt's common practice.
RichardI feel uncomfortable about it.
CarlsonA lot of people come to openings just so they can get the autograph of somebody who may be famous someday.
RichardCouldn't we wait until I'm famous?
CarlsonA little further back, Tom. It's too close to the refreshments.
RichardNo, I think this one belongs in the "people-at-work" section.
CarlsonYou may be right.Try it there,Tom
CarlsonNervous about the opening tonight?
RichardNervous? Me? No.I'm scared to death.
CarlsonHow about guests? How many people will you be bringing?
RichardWell, my family, I guess. My wife Marilyn, my father and mother, my brother Robbie, my sister and her husband and their daughter. And my grandfather. Is that too many?
CarlsonNo such thing as" too many" at an opening.
RichardI hope they like it.
CarlsonYour family or the pubic?
RichardEverybody. But especially my family. They've stood by me throught all this.
CarlsonI'm sure they'll like it.
MitchellHarvey, how are you?
CarlsonMitchell, so nice of you to come. Richard, this is Mitchell Johnson. Mitchell is one of the most important syndicated reviewers in the country.
MitchellWell, you're the young man who did all this.
RichardI'm afraid so.
MitchellNice to meet you.
RichardNict to meet you, Mr. Johnson.
CarlsonMitchell has always encouraged new talent.
MitchellWell...you mind if I look around and see what it says to me?
CarlsonBe our guest.
MitchellMm-hmm, hmm, uh-huh.
RichardWhat does that mean when he goes, "Mm-hmm, mm-hmm,mm-hmm"?
CarlsonIt probably means he's clearing his throat. I don't know.
TomI don't care what the critics say, Mr.Stewart. Your work is brilliant.
RichardThank you, Tom.
CarlsonTom is studying photography at NYU.He's working with me during the summer months as an intern.
RichardOh, really? I'd like to see your work.
TomIt's not good enough to show. I'm still learning.
RichardOh, I'd still like to see your work. You may be the next Ansel Adams and not even know it.
TomIf you really mean it, I'll bring some of my pictures into the gallery.
RichardI do mean it.
MitchellVery interesting pictures, Mr.Stewart. You have a most unusual eye.
RichardThank you. I hope that's a compliment.
MitchellIt is.
CarlsonAre you going to be reviewing the show, Mitchell?
MitchellOh, yes. It's definitely worth reviewing.
MitchellOh, you know I never answer that question, Harvey. I'd like an advance copy of the book, though, so I can study it.
CarlsonI have an autographed one in my office. Tom, would you give Mr.Johnson the copy of Richard's book on my desk?
TomJust follow me, Mr.Johnson.
RichardDo you think he liked my photographs?
CarlsonWe'll know when tonight's papers come out. Keep your fingers crossed.

Act II

In Act Two, Richard gets ready to go to the opening of his exhibit. He is more nervous now. Richard is worried about what people will think of his work. Later Richard and Marilyn arrive at the gallery. What's wrong?

MarilynDo you like the dress?
RichardI love it.
MarilynI designed it myself.
RichardIt's beautiful.
MarilynAre you ready? We're supposed to be there before the guests arrive.
RichardI know. I know. Help me with this tie, will you? Honey, I'm scared to death.
MarilynBut this is what you've been working for all these years.
RichardNo, no. I worked to put together a book of photographs. This is show business.
MarilynWell, it's all part of the same job. Just relax and enjoy it.
RichardYou're right. I earned this, and I'm going to enjoy it. As soon as I recover from my nervous breakdown.
MarilynWhat are you afraid of?
RichardEverything. A critic was there this morning. He probably hates my work. I have to sign copies of my book for a lot of people I never met before. My new shoes hurt my feet...
MarilynYou're going to be a great success. Are you ready?
RichardAs soon as I get these cuff links on.
MarilynLet me help. Mom and Dad are already on their way down to the gallery.
MarilynThere! You look very attractive.
RichardThank you. Well, I suppose I'v run out of excuses.
MarilynMm-hmm. Let's go...
RichardOh, one minute. Before we go to the gallery, I just want to tell you that I never could have done this book without your help and your love. I appreciate it.
MarilynThanks. Now, no more stalling.
MarilynWhat is it?
RichardThere's nobody here!
MarilynOf course not, Richard. Your show doesn't begin until eight thirty.
RichardOh. Right.
CarlsonRichard! Welcome! Good luck tonight!
RichardWell, thanks. This is my publisher. Harvey Carlson. You've met my wife Marilyn...
RichardMy mother, Ellen Stewart. Harvey Carlson.
CarlsonIt's good to meet you.
EllenIt's nice to meet you.
RichardThis is my father, Dr.Philip Stewart...
PhilipNice to meet you, Mr. Carlson.
RichardMy brother Robbie...
RichardAnd this is my sister Susan and her husband Harry Bennett and his daughter Michelle.
CarlsonIt's nice to meet you.
RichardAnd this gentleman is my grandfather, Malcolm Stewart.
CarlsonWelcome, Mr.Stewart. Well, make yourselves comfortable. There are hors d'oeuvres at the table, fruit punch at the bar. Help yourselves. Can I get you something, Mr.Setwart?
GrandpaNo, thank you.
CarlsonYou can feel very proud of your grandson, Mr.Stewart.
GrandpaI do. I'm proud of all my grandchildren, Mr.Carlson.
CarlsonOf course.Feel free to look around. If you need anything, just ask.
GrandpaThank you.
RichardDid Mitchell Johnson's review come out yet?
CarlsonNot yet. The newpapers don't come out till about ten 0'clock. When they come out, we'll get it.
RichardYes. Have the people arrived?
CarlsonThe guests are waiting. Tom's about to open the doors. Good luck! And stop worrying! They're going to love it.


In Act Three, Mr. Carlson gives Richard a newspaper. But Richard is too nervous to read it. It's a review of Richard's work. Later, Mr. Carlson introduces Richard and Marilyn to John O'Neill. Mr. O'Neill is magazine publisher and he offers Richard a job. Will he take the job?

RichardWhat's this?
CarlsonRead it.
RichardI can't. Would you read it, Marilyn?
Marilyn"Richard Stewart's show at the Carlson Gallery is a collection of photographs from his new book entitled Family Album, U.S.A.There is power and beauty in. Mr.Stewart's work, and his book introduces us to a remarkable new talent." Oh, Richard, it's wonderful!
RichardWow! I'm overwhelmed.
CarlsonLadies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention for a moment, please? I hope you're all enjoying the exhibition.I know that I am. And I would like to introduce the young man who spent the last five years taking these remarkable pictures and writing the background for Family. Album, U.S.A-Mr Richard Stewart.
RichardHello. I want to thank all of you for coming here tonight. I'd like to thank Harvey Carlson for his faith in my project. But most of all, I would like to thank my family for their love and support all through this adventure. Thank you.
RichardOh, I'm glad this's over.
TomWould you mind?
RichardOh, not at all.
RichardOur pleasure. Hope it wins a Pulitzer Prize.
TomI'll settle for an"A" in my photography course.
CarlsonAh, Richard, Marilyn, I want you to meet John O'Neill.
RichardOh,how do you do ?
MarilynNict to meet you.
O'NellI've been looking forward to meeting your husband, Mrs. Stewart. I'm really impressed by your show.
RichardThank you.
O'NeillIn fact, I'd like your autograph.
RichardOh, well, really...
O'NeillOn a contract.
RichardWhat's this about, Harvey?
CarlsonMr.O'Neill is the publisher of several magazines.
MarilynOf course. I've seen you on television.
CarlsonMr.O'Neill was so impressed with your work that he wants to develop it into a magazine concept.
RichardWell, that sounds very exciting, but where would I fit into the plan?
O'NeillI'd like you to be the photo editor of the magazine.
MarilynOh, Richard, how exciting!
CarlsonIt's a wonderful opportunity, Richard.
RichardHold on. Wait a minute, please.
CarlsonWhat's the problem, Richard?
RichardThe problem is that I'm a photographer, not an editor. I like what I do. In fact, I love what I do...which is going out with a camera and a roll of film and seeing the wonder of humanity. Now, I appreciate your offer, but I've worked so hard on Family Ablum, U.S.A, and I'm giving some thought to a new book on a different subject. I'm flattered, but I enjoy taking pictures, and I want to continue doing that. Thank you, but I'm happy being a photoprapher.
O'NeillI understand, Richard.
CarlsonRichard, I know your next book will be a success.Congratulations!
MarilynYou're a real Stewart!

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