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Situational Dialogues - 7. Hiring a Car


Situational Dialogues - 7. Hiring a car
Situational Dialogues - 7. Hiring a Car

Situational Dialogues were designed with variety of 44 everyday English usage situations. This is designed for Intermediate level and above. Each situation is represented by four successive dialogues.

44 topics 4 Dialogues of 2-3 pairs of questions and answers for each. Dialogs are made up so that one phrase of a dialogue can be easily inserted into the other.

This is the easy, entertaining English guide. Something like a tourist voiced phrase. The phrases are spoken in a real, fast pace and are accompanied by sound effects on the situation.

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Situational Dialogues - 7. Hiring a Car

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Situational Dialogues - 7. Hiring a Car :

Dialogues 1

ClientHow much is it to rent a large estate car?
An Agent₤24 a day or ₤135 a week.
ClientWill I be able to have one next weekend?
An AgentHave you got a current license?
ClientYes, I've been driving since I was eighteen.
An AgentGood. All you have to do now is complete this form.

Dialogues 2

ClientWhat's the rate for one of your medium sized vans?
An AgentThe daily rate is ₤23, and the weekly ₤128.
ClientRight then. I'd like to book one for next Friday, please.
An AgentIs yours a full license?
ClientYes, I've had one ever since 1978.
An AgentOK. If you'll just fill up this form, I'll book you one.

Dialogues 3

ClientCan you tell me the hire charge for minibuses please?
An AgentYou can have one for ₤20 a day, or ₤138 for a week.
ClientAll right. I'll take one for the week starting Tuesday next.
An AgentIs your driving licence valid?
ClientYes, there's no problem there.
An AgentFine. We'll need some particulars and a ₤25 deposit.

Dialogues 4

ClientSuppose I wanted to hire a van, how much would it cost?
An Agent₤22 per day, ₤130 per week.
ClientFair enough. Reserve me one from the 1st to the 10th, please.
An AgentHave you held a licence for over two years?
ClientYes, here it is.
An AgentRight. In that case there's only a form to fill in.

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