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Situational Dialogues - 8. At the Garage


Situational Dialogues - 8. At the Garage
Situational Dialogues - 8. At the Garage

Situational Dialogues were designed with variety of 44 everyday English usage situations. This is designed for Intermediate level and above. Each situation is represented by four successive dialogues.

44 topics 4 Dialogues of 2-3 pairs of questions and answers for each. Dialogs are made up so that one phrase of a dialogue can be easily inserted into the other.

This is the easy, entertaining English guide. Something like a tourist voiced phrase. The phrases are spoken in a real, fast pace and are accompanied by sound effects on the situation.

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Situational Dialogues - 8. At the Garage

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Situational Dialogues - 8. At the Garage:

Dialogues 1
1st PersonCould you book me in for a full service, please?
2nd PersonCertainly, madam. I just need to know the year and model.
1st PersonI can't remember the year but it's a D registration.
2nd PersonI think I can fit you in first thing tomorrow morning.
1st PersonThat would suit me fine. And while you've got it, could you have a look at the brakes as well?.
2nd PersonYes, we always check everything thoroughly.

Dialogues 2
1st PersonI'd like to arrange to have my car serviced.
2nd PersonYes, of course. Which year and model is it?
1st PersonIt's a 1986 model, the smallest one in the range.
2nd PersonHow would next Friday afternoon suit you?
1st PersonThat would be perfect. And could you also try to improve the starting?
2nd PersonYes, we'll do that as a matter of course.

Dialogues 3
1st PersonCould you book my car in for a service? It's well overdue.
2nd PersonThat's no problem. can you tell me the year and model?
1st PersonIt's a 500 series, and it's less than a year old.
2nd PersonCan you bring it in on Thursday?
1st PersonThat should be OK. And perhaps you could see to the clutch, it keeps slipping.
2nd PersonYes, I'll make a special note of it.

Dialogues 4
1st PersonMy car needs servicing. Can I get it done here?
2nd PersonYes, I think we can help you. Which year and model, please?
1st PersonIt's last years model, the estate version.
2nd PersonHow about next Wednesday morning?
1st PersonThat's fine. And at the same time, could you do something about the sunroof? It lets the rain in.
2nd PersonYes, we'll do that for you.

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We always believe that the best way to learn English is learning English from real English the way the native speaker use. This is the natural way of learning English. You will be surprised how much your English has improved when you expose yourself to real English environment.

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