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Let's Learn English - Lesson 22: Next Summer...


Let's Learn English - Lesson 22: Next Summer...
Let's Learn English - Lesson 22: Next Summer...
This is the 22rd episode of Let's Learn English. Anna and her producer, Amelia, are planning the new children's show. Anna has lots of ideas for the show. Will Amelia like them and work well with Anna?

Let's Learn English is a new course for English learners. Certified American English teachers designed the course for beginners. The course continues for 52 weeks.

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 22: Next Summer...

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 22: Next Summer...:

AnnaWashington, D.C. has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn orfall. My favorite season is summer because of summer vacation!Hey, that will be a great subject for my new work assignment -- the children’s show. I can teach what families in the U.S. do during summer vacation.Today, I’m planning the show with Amelia. This is the first time we are working together. I hope we can work well together. Hi, Amelia!
AmeliaHi, Anna! So, what are we going to talk about on the first show?
AnnaI want to talk about summer vacation.
AmeliaThat will be fun! Are you going on vacation this summer?
AnnaNo. This summer I am too busy.
AmeliaThat’s too bad.
AnnaIt’s okay. I can go on vacation next summer. This show will be a lot of fun too!
AmeliaSo, Anna, what’s the plan for the show?
AnnaFirst, we’re going to introduce the subject. Then we can show pictures and video.
AmeliaWe can show tons of video!
AnnaRight! We can interview children and have guests, too.
AmeliaKids can ask us questions.
AnnaGreat idea! Finally, we can read the questions and tell them where to learn more.
AmeliaOkay, let’s try it!
AnnaLet’s do it!
AnnaHi there! And welcome to … Amelia, we don’t have a name for the show.
AmeliaWe’ll think of a name later. For now, we'll call it “The Show.”
AnnaGreat. Hi there! And welcome to “The Show.”
AnnaToday we are going to take you on a summer vacation! You will see popular things to do on vacation!
AnnaOne is camping. When you go camping, you cook, sleep and play outdoors!
AmeliaWhen I go camping, Anna, I like to go hiking and fishing.
AnnaMe, too. Those are fun things to do when you go camping!
AnnaThese people are hiking.
AmeliaOkay, let’s talk about the next vacation.
AnnaAnother popular summer vacation is going to an amusement park. At an amusement park, you go on rides and eat lots of fun food!
AmeliaI love cotton candy … !
Anna & Ameliaand rollercoasters!
AmeliaThis show is going to be a lot of fun.
AnnaI know!
AnnaThis is riding a rollercoaster!
AmeliaWhoooo! What is the last vacation?
AnnaOne of the most popular vacations is … going to the beach!
Anna & AmeliaI love the beach!
AnnaWhen I see that blue ocean, I want to leave Washington, D.C. immediately and go to the beach!
AnnaMaybe next summer.
AmeliaBut right now, it’s time to work!
AnnaRight. Until next time ...

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