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Let's Learn English - Lesson 34 : What Will I Do?


Let's Learn English - Lesson 34 : What Will I Do?
Let's Learn English - Lesson 34 : What Will I Do?

This is the 34th episode of Let's Learn English. In this lesson, Anna wants to go to a Halloween party. But she needs a costume. Will her friend Genie help her find the right one?

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 34 : What Will I Do?

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 34 : What Will I Do?:

AnnaHello! Halloween is very popular in the United States.
AnnaChildren trick-or-treat. They ask people for candy. Children and adults wear costumes and go to parties!
AnnaIn fact, there is a Halloween party tonight. I need my friend, Genie. Genie!
GenieHi, Anna! What do you need?
AnnaTonight, there is a Halloween party.
GenieI love Halloween! Are you going?
AnnaI might go. I might not go. I don’t have a costume. Can you help me?
GenieDress as a genie!
AnnaGreat idea! I can do a genie trick like read minds!
GenieAnna, be careful. Things might go wrong.
AnnaWhat can go wrong?
AnnaHey, look! I’m a genie! This is going to be fun!
GenieRemember, Anna. Be careful!
AnnaDon’t worry, Genie! I will!
RebeccaExcuse me, are you really a mind reader?
AnnaI might be.
RebeccaOkay, tell me what I am thinking.
AnnaSure! First, what do you do?
RebeccaI study. I'm a junior in college.
AnnaWhat do you study?
RebeccaI study journalism.
AnnaOkay. Wait. You are thinking … you will graduate from college in about one year.
RebeccaWell, yeah. That’s the plan. I told you, I’m a junior in college.
AnnaRight, um, wait. There’s more. You are thinking … you might get a job writing the news.
RebeccaI MIGHT get a job writing the news? I MIGHT! That means I might not. And I'm studying really hard.
AnnaNo, no, no, no. Uh, no, you will! You WILL get a job writing the news.
RebeccaI will?
AnnaYou will.
RebeccaI will. I think.
Anna'Bye. Happy to help!
KavehCan you really read minds?
AnnaI might.
KavehWell, today, I will ask my girlfriend to marry me. What am I thinking?
AnnaWait. Wait, you are thinking ... you might have a wedding very soon!
KavehMight? MIGHT? She won’t say "no," will she?
AnnaNo, no! She WILL say “yes”!
KavehI will have a wedding, won’t I?
AnnaYou will. You will!
KavehThanks. I think.
AnnaGood luck!
AnnaThis is hard. Genie! Genie!
GenieAnna, what’s wrong?
AnnaI don’t want to be a genie for Halloween. I might not go to the party.
GenieOf course you will go. I have another costume for you!
AnnaI’m a rock star! You read my mind!
GenieNo. You told me you like rock music.
AnnaOh, right. Well, I love it!
GenieHave fun, Anna!
AnnaThanks, Genie!!
AnnaI am ready for the Halloween party! But I am not going to read minds. I might play some rock music! Or I might not. Until next time …

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