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Let's Learn English - Lesson 49: Operation Spy


Let's Learn English - Lesson 49: Operation Spy
Let's Learn English - Lesson 49: Operation Spy

This is the 49th episode of Let's Learn English with Learn Real English. Ms. Weaver has asked Anna to help with Operation Spy. Her mission is to learn all she can about spying. She learns by going to the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 49: Operation Spy

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 49: Operation Spy:

AnnaIt is no secret that Washington, D.C. has spies. Well, it should be a secret because spying is secret. But it’s not a secret. There’s even a spy museum! The International Spy Museum has created an amazing collection of spy things! And today, we will see them! My boss, Ms. Weaver, has sent me here … on a mission!
Ms. WeaverHello, Anna, are you there?
AnnaThat’s her. Yes, Agent Peacock. This is Agent Flamingo, reporting for duty.
Ms. WeaverAgent what? Look, Anna … I mean, Agent Flamingo, I want you to learn all you can about spying.
AnnaYou mean, collect intelligence?
Ms. WeaverYeah, it’s for our new show -- “D.C. Secrets.”
AnnaYou've got it, Agent Peacock. The mission is safe with me.
Ms. WeaverOh, okay, great. Just be back by noon.
AnnaAgent Peacock, I’m at an air duct!
Ms. WeaverYes, spies sometimes sneak down air ducts.
AnnaI have never snuck down an air duct. It’s dark and small. I’m afraid of dark, small places.
Ms. WeaverYou can do it, Agent Flamingo. You know, spies aren’t afraid of a little darkness.
AnnaRight. It’s just an air duct -- a dark, small air duct. Okay. I’m doing it, Agent Peacock! I am sneaking down a long, dark, small air duct. I’m having a little trouble breathing.
Ms. WeaverJust keep going, Agent Flamingo. Think of the team!
AnnaOkay, I will think of the team. I’m thinking of the team, Agent Peacock! I did it! I did it! I sneaked down an air duct. That was a little uncomfortable.
Ms. WeaverGood!
AnnaWhat's the next mission?
Ms. WeaverUmm … have you ever cracked a code?
Ms. WeaverWell, go learn. Spies use their brains.
AnnaGot it! I’ve never cracked a code before. Let’s try, Agent Flamingo! This is really hard. I'm still trying to crack the code. I've cracked the code! I've cracked the code, Agent Peacock! My brain really hurts.
Ms. WeaverGreat. Umm, Agent Flamingo, now answer this question: Do spies have to be in good shape?
Anna“Yes,” Agent Peacock! Spies have to be in really good shape! Can you hear me?
Ms. WeaverYou’re breaking up, Flamingo.
AnnaThe International Spy Museum is awesome! Agent Peacock, I completed the mission!
Ms. WeaverGreat. Great. Now, I have another very important mission for you.
AnnaGot it. See you back at H.Q.!
Ms. WeaverYummy! You brought my lunch! Thanks, Agent Flamingo!
AnnaMission completed. Agent Peacock!
(Amelia makes a face.)
Ms. WeaverDon't ask.
Special thanks go out to the International Spy Museum for letting us film in the museum!

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