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Let's Learn English - Lesson 28 I Passed It!


Let's Learn English - Lesson 28  I Passed It!
Let's Learn English - Lesson 28 I Passed It!

This is the 28th episode of Let's Learn English. Anna tells her roommate, Marsha, about the problems she had in her driving test. Then Anna says she wants to drive to a special place in Washington, D.C. Where will she drive?

Let's Learn English is a new course for English learners. Certified American English teachers designed the course for beginners. The course continues for 52 weeks.

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 28 I Passed It!

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 28 I Passed It!:

AnnaHello! Guess what this is? This is my driver’s license! I passed my driving test! Today, I rented a car so I can drive around Washington, D.C. You can see more of the city this way. Marsha!
MarshaAnna, did you get your driver’s license?
AnnaI did! But it was not easy.
MarshaWhy? What happened?
AnnaWell, you know, I can drive farm equipment really well. But I was really nervous driving in Washington, D.C. traffic!
MarshaDid you pass the test the first time?
AnnaWell…no. But I did pass the second time.
MarshaWhat happened during the first test?
AnnaIt started fine.
JohnOkay … Anna. Is your seatbelt buckled?
AnnaYes, sir!
JohnGreat. Please start the car.
Anna(to herself) Okay, Anna, start the car.Started the car. Good job, Anna.
JohnWhy are you talking to yourself?
AnnaI am a little nervous. When I’m nervous, I talk to myself.
JohnYou don't need to be nervous.
AnnaListen to that engine!
JohnPlease, stop pushing the gas pedal!
JohnOkay, when you are ready, turn.
JohnNot now! You almost hit that car!
AnnaYou said “turn!”
JohnLook first! There were cars in the street.
AnnaPlease don’t yell at me!
JohnI’m sorry! I was afraid.
AnnaYou were yelling.
JohnLook out for that car! Brake! Brake!!
Anna and JohnAhhh!
AnnaWhy is everyone honking at us?
JohnYou were driving too slow! Anna, stay on the street!
JohnHands on the wheel, Anna.
AnnaWhat’s that sound?
JohnThat, Anna, is the police.
MarshaThat sounds awful.
AnnaYes, it did not go well. But, I practiced and passed the second time!
MarshaDo you know where you want to take your first drive in Washington, D.C.?
AnnaYes! Let’s go!
AnnaThere it is … the White House!
MarshaAnna, you do know you can’t drive up to the White House, don’t you?
AnnaYes. No. I didn’t know. I guess we walk from here!
AnnaSometimes you can see more of Washington, D.C. in a car. If you want to see the White House, you need to walk. Until next time … !

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