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Let's Learn English - Lesson 29 : A Long Time Ago


Let's Learn English - Lesson 29 : A Long Time Ago
Let's Learn English - Lesson 29 : A Long Time Ago

This is the 29th episode of Let's Learn English. Anna and Marsha have a lot of work to do. An advertisement makes them remember their childhood dreams. What do you think they wanted to be?

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 29 : A Long Time Ago

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Let's Learn English - Lesson 29 : A Long Time Ago:

AnnaHello! In Washington, D.C., there are many places that bring history to life. But people who live here often do not have time to see them. They are too busy with work -- like me. Hi, Marsha!
MarshaHi, Anna! Have a seat.
AnnaThanks. This was a good idea. Working outdoors is nice.
MarshaUm-hum, it is.
AnnaI am tired. Today was a busy day at work. And I still have work to do!
MarshaHmm, that’s too bad.
AnnaHow are you these days?
MarshaI'm really busy too, Anna. Let’s get to work.
AnnaMarsha, look! That bus has a photo of Abraham Lincoln!
MarshaThat’s an advertisement for Ford’s Theatre. They have a new show.
AnnaThey have shows where Abraham Lincoln died?
MarshaYeah, it’s a working theater and a museum.
AnnaI love Lincoln. You know, Marsha, that advertisement reminds me of something.
MarshaUm-hum. What’s that?
AnnaWhen I was a little girl … When I was a little girl … I was not like other children.
MarshaUm-hum, I can believe that.
Anna's voiceI was tall, serious child. At the playground the other children played silly games. They played with dart guns. They played on the swings, the slide and the teeter-totter. They also played ball But not me. I loved to read serious books about U.S. presidents.
AnnaIn fact, I wanted to be … don’t laugh … President of the United States.
AnnaStop! I know it’s a silly childhood dream.
MarshaI’m sorry. It’s not silly. Guess what I wanted to be?
MarshaI wanted to be... an astronaut.
Marsha's VoiceWhen I was a kid, I studied the stars and planets. I wanted to fly into outer space!
AnnaYou know, Marsha, childhood dreams are really important.
MarshaThey are. And it’s good to remember them.
AnnaHey! I have an idea. Let’s go.
MarshaGo where?
AnnaLet’s go make our childhood dreams come true.
MarshaWe’re going to the Air & Space Museum! Yes!
AnnaNo. We’re going to see a show at Ford’s Theatre just like Abraham Lincoln! It’s not far from here.
MarshaUh huh. That is your childhood dream.
AnnaGood point. Okay, next week, we'll come here and be astronauts.
AnnaTonight we are seeing a show at Ford’s Theatre, where a man shot President Abraham Lincoln. This is history come to life … and a childhood dream come true! Until next time ...
MarshaDo you know where you want to take your first drive in Washington, D.C.?
AnnaYes! Let’s go!
AnnaThere it is … the White House!
MarshaAnna, you do know you can’t drive up to the White House, don’t you?
AnnaYes. No. I didn’t know. I guess we walk from here!
AnnaSometimes you can see more of Washington, D.C. in a car. If you want to see the White House, you need to walk. Until next time … !

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